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Note: The Firearm below is a gift from a great friend and is in our private collection and NOT for sale. This Colt Single Action Army was tuned by the late, Great Bob Munden and is in wonderful condition! It's a joy to own such a historic firearm timed and tuned by the Fastest Gun Alive! Check out Bob's YouTube videos! He's outstanding!!! Thanks!


Here's our latest offerings!!



Here we have a Italian Carcano 1891 Cavalry bolt action carbine chambered in 6.5 Carcano Caliber (6.5x52mm, not 6.5x52R). This Cavalry carbine has a under-folding bayonet, and a 17.7_ barrel. The blued metal finish and the beechwood hardwood stock shows service wear but not bad at all. This is an import from C.A.I. (Century Arms International) and so marked on the barrel. It has been stamped lightly and is a little hard to see. The overall condition of the firearm is very good and the bore is serviceable with deep lands and grooves. Carcano is the frequently used name for a series of Italian bolt-action, internal box magazine fed, repeating military rifles and carbines. Introduced in 1891, the rifle was chambered for the rimless 6.5×52mm Carcano round (Cartuccia Modello 1895). It was developed by the chief technician Salvatore Carcano at the Turin Army Arsenal in 1890, and was originally called the Modello (model) 91 or simply M91. Successively replacing the previous Vetterli-Vitali rifles and carbines in 10.35×47mmR, it was produced from 1891 to 1945. The M91 was used in both rifle (fucile) and shorter-barreled carbine (moschetto) form by most Italian troops during World War I and by Italian and some German forces during World War II. The rifle was also used during the Winter War by Finland, and again by regular and irregular forces in Syria, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria during various postwar conflicts in those countries. Used by Italy until 1981 and still used in some countries. This is a nice one!. No breaks or cracks to the wood and the action works great! Take a look at the pics! $225.00



Original French Mannlicher Berthier Mle 1892 8mm Carbine by St. Etienne. The Berthier rifles and carbines were a family of bolt-action small arms in 8mm Lebel, used in the French Army, and French Colonial Forces, from the 1890s to the beginning of World War II (1940). After the introduction of the Lebel rifle in 1886, the French Army wanted a repeating carbine using the same ammunition as the Lebel to replace their single shot carbine based on the Gras rifle. At the time, many armies based their carbines on their standard rifle model, however the Lebel rifle's tube magazine made it difficult to follow this approach. The Modele 1890 Berthier Cavalry Carbine addressed this issue by combining a modified Lebel action with an en-bloc clip magazine. With its successful cavalry introduction, the Berthier would go on to be produced in many different carbine and full-length rifle versions. This particular carbine is in good overall condition and obviously had been used for a long time. It's got ding and dents over the stock and is missing a piece of the upper fore stock but it still looks great and it functions very well. The metal parts are in very good condition and it looks like all the serial numbers match. The barrel has a nice deep bore in it. The circular stamp on the obverse buttstock says J.C.SEPTEMBER 1921. It's a good one! $475.00


DM Stevens 12 ga

Here we have an old Stevens 12 gauge single shot shotgun. It's seen better days but would look great over the fireplace next to a vintage box of 12 gauge shells and perhaps a duck decoy or two! It could still probably be shot as the barrel is nice and tight next to the receiver block. This is an old Stevens made in Mass probably in the 1940's or so. The stocks have seen lots of use with quite a few dings on the obverse buttstock and a large M carved into the buttstock on the reverse. There is a crack in the reverse buttstock at the receiver and a chunk missing at the top. Check out the pics. The forearm is very nice. Both stocks are walnut. The 30 1/4 inch barrel has some surface rust about 4 inches from the end and is missing the bead sight, easily replaced if you want to. The bore is about good. The breech block swivel has had a different rod put in it and peaned over on both sides. It does't look the best but its a solid fix and it won't come apart anytime soon! The old original rubber buttplate is still present. For this old war horse $75.00


DM Savage Model 755A Semi Auto 16 Ga shotgun

Here we have a real nice Savage Model 755A Semi Automatic 16 gauge shotgun! Manufactured between 1948 and 1959. This shotgun is in really nice condition and has a great looking walnut stock that is checkered both forearm and buttstock. The receiver is aluminum and is etched. The receiver has a few minor dings on the lower front reverse receiver that you can see in the pics. There are a few minor dings in the stocks but not bad at all. The barrel is a full choke 28 inch barrel. This is really a nice looking shotgun!!! Take a look at the pics! You'll be pleased! $325.00


DM Remington Model 6 .22 rifle

Here we have an old vintage Remington Model 6 .22 caliber rolling/falling block rifle. Here is some stats on this old rifle:

Description: Take Down Rifle

Introduction Year: 1901

Year Discontinued: 1933

Total Production: Approximately: 498,000

Designer/Inventor: W. Hartley, E. Rivers, E. Beach – Model 6, C.C. Loomis – Improved Model 6

Action Type: Single Shot

Serial Number Blocks: Starting: 00001 - Ending: 498,000

Caliber/Gauge: 22 short, 22 long, 22 long rifle, 32 short, 32 long

Grades Offered: Model 6: 1901-1903

New Model Improved: 1903-1929

Improved Model 6: 1929-1933

This is the original Model 6 in .22 short, long and long rifle. The finish is all gone and there is scattered minor pitting over a great deal of the metal. All the metal is a king of mottled gray color. The action works just fine and surprisingly this old rifle has a pretty nice bore! The wood stocks are good but there is a crack in the buttstock so take a look at the pics. There is no buttplate on this one but there is supposed to be. The markings are light but there are all there! Every kid wanted one of these!!! For this old C&R piece $225.00


DM 1898 Krag

Here we have either an old wall hanger or a parts rifle. This is a model 1898 Krag 30-40 rifle that, according to the serial number, started out as a rifle but was sporterized at some point into a carbine. There are still plenty of parts here for restorations of other Krag rifles. The serial number on this piece dated it to 1900 or 1901 so it will either have to go to a Curio and Relics license or it will have to be transfered. The barrel has been shortened but this old rifle still has good front and rear sights, trigger guard and trigger group, sling swivels, buttplate and receiver. The bolt is missing all the internal parts and the bolt handle is wrong. The stock is toast I am afraid. Still, for a restoration parts gun we have priced it very well. It would still make a great wall hanger too! Take a look at the pics! For this piece $225.00


DM Ruger .22 Single-Six revolver

Here we have a pretty Vintage nice Ruger .22 Single-Six revolver with 2 cylinders and a belt and holster. The cylinders are a .22 magnum and a .22 long rifle. The Ruger Single Six was inspired by the popularity of TV and movie Westerns in the 1950s. Given Colt discontinuing the SAA, the revolver gained a part of the market. Originally the .22 LR had a 5 1/2-inch barrel, and 4 5/8, 6½ and 9½-inch models were later added. This particular revolver has the 9 1/2 inch long barrel. The main difference between the ‘Old' and ‘New' model Ruger Single Six was only safe to carry the old with the hammer down on an empty chamber. This one is one of the 'Old" Model Ruger SIngle Six revolvers without the transfer bar. These revolvers were made from 1953 to 1973. These old first model Ruger Single-Six's have a following of their own. This particular revolver, as previously mentioned, has two cylingers and comes with an old belt and holster. The revolver itself is in excellent condition and does show signs of firing but little wear except to the reverse side of the barrel tip which is lacking the bluing because of putting it in and out of the holster. The belt and holster shows wear from use with rust on the buckle of the belt but it did it's job of protecting this vintage revolver! The action works perfectly and the rifling is bright! Take a look at the pics!! $350.00


DM .44 mag ruger

Here we have a pretty nice, excellent Ruger .44 Magnum 6 shot revolver in original plastic Ruger box! We are happy to offer this Ruger New Model Super Blackhawk 44 Rem Mag Single-Action Revolver. Packed with all of the features of the New Model Blackhawk, the New Model Super Blackhawk boasts the power of the 44 Magnum chambering, and features a traditional western-style, hand-filling grip, which has been long acknowledged as one of the most comfortable and natural pointing of any grip style.

This revolver exhibits traditional western-style, hand-filling grip has long been acknowledged as one of the most comfortable and natural pointing of any grip style. Patented transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock provide an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. Reliable with coil springs throughout for durability. Adjustable rear sight and fixed, replaceable insert ramp front sight. Models chambered in the powerful .44 Magnum, also accept factory .44 Special cartridges, which deliver superb accuracy and milder recoil. Cold hammer-forged barrel results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning. Here are some specs:

Caliber: 44 Rem Mag

Grips: Hardwood

Front Sight: Ramp

Barrel Length: 4.62"

Material: Alloy Steel

Capacity: 6

Rear Sight: Adjustable

Twist: 1:20" RH

Finish: Blued

Overall Length: 10.50"

Weight: 45 oz.

Grooves: 6

The only wear to this revolver that I can see is a little finish wear to the top strap on the obverse side and a touch of finish wear on the obverse rear frame under and left of the loading gate and one tiny spot on the obverse frame beneath the cylinder. There is also a small amount of finish loss around the rear sight. Perhaps this firearm was carried in a holster There isn't much turning evidence on the cylinder. This is one nice piece! Take a look at the pics!!! For this one $650.00


jmf starr fighting knife

Here we have an original Model 1818 Starr Cavalry Saber that was turned into a fighting knife! Just came out of the woods and it sure screams Dixie! The blade has been cut down to 19 inches in length and the grip has been worn smooth, lacking all leather. The markings on the ricasso are all still there and in good readable condition being US P (PROVED) LS LUTHER SAGE, (INSPECTOR) AND N. STARR. The patina on this piece is very dark. This wasn't done yesterday! Take alook at the pics. $1,250.00


ec Palmetto PA-10

Here we have an outstanding Palmetto State Armory PA-10 .308 rifle! This fine rifle has an 18 inch stainless barrel with an outstanding 1/10 twist bore. The action works perfectly ! It's a great hunting rifle for deer. The barrel has the Lantac compensator installed. The cage has a full accessory rail running the full 21 inches down the top of the cage to the charging handle. The rifle has an excellent P-308 Ballistically matched Precision AR optic installed and it's a NIKON! Excellent! You cannot go wrong with this one! Also this rifle has the fully adjustable Magpul adjustagle stock installed on it. This rifle comes with a sling and 1 - 10 round Pmag as well as 3 - 20 round Pmags! Check out the pics! $1100.00


ec Palmetto PA-15

Here we have an excellent Palmetto PA-15 in multi caliber (.223 and 5.56) with a 1:7 twist Freedom 16 inch barrel with threads and a flash hider. The bore is perfect! The PA-15 firearms line is Palmetto State Armory’s version of the highly versatile AR-15 platform. The barrel cage has a full length accessory rail down it's length on top. A front and rear Magpul flip up sight has been added to the front and rear of the accessory rail. The Magpul buttstock is the adjustable 6 position buttstock. This carbine comes with one 30 round Thermold magazine. Take a look at the pics! This is one great AR-15 family firearm! $399.99


ec Ruger LCR

The Ruger LCR-X is a compact revolver built by Sturm, Ruger & Co. and announced in January 2009. LCR stands for "Lightweight Compact Revolver". It incorporates several novel features such as a polymer grip and trigger housing,monolithic receiver, and constant force trigger. At 13.5 oz (380 g), the LCR is nearly 50% lighter than the stainless steel SP101, as only the barrel and fluted cylinder are made of stainless steel. The LCR frame is aluminum alloy and synthetic glass-filled polymer finished in matte black with Synergistic Hard Coat. Per the Ruger website, the "monolithic frame is made from aerospace-grade, 7000 series aluminum in .22 LR, .22 Magnum and .38 Spl +P models and from 400 series stainless steel in the powerful .357 Magnum, 9mm Luger and .327 Federal Magnum models". The small but powerful LCR revolvers have won their way into American hands and Ruger holsters for years, and their immense popularity has resulted in the inevitable: An all-new model—the LCRx—that gives carriers the option of adding an external hammer to the tried and true LCR series model.This fine revolver is the .38 Spl +P model and is just in pristine condition! There aren't even any marks on the cylinder when you would normally see them as the cylinder turns! This one is 5 shot with a short 1 3/4 inch barrel. Comes in the sofe Ruger Case for it. Nice!!! Check out the pics! $450.00


ec Glock 21 Gen 4

Here we have an excellent Glock 21 Gen 4 in .45 acp with 3 - 13 round magazines in box with accessories! This one has seen little use and looks brand new! Glock 21 Gen4 is known for its accuracy and light recoil, the GLOCK 21 Gen4 delivers the power of the 45 Auto round with high magazine capacity. The Modular Back Strap system makes it possible to instantly customize its grip to accommodate any hand size. The reversible magazine catch makes it ideal for left and right-handed shooters The Gen4 system is the perfect complement to the 45 Auto caliber cartridge. Here are the stats:

Caliber .45 Auto

System Safe Action®

Mag. Capacity Standard: 13

Barrel Length 117 mm | 4.61 inch

Weight without magazine 745 g | 26.28 oz

Weight with empty magazine 830 g | 29.28 oz

Weight with loaded magazine 1100 g | 38.80 oz

Trigger Pull 28 N

This one is a real dandy! Take a look at the pics!!! $599.99


ec Glock 19 Gen 5

Here we have an excellent Glock 19 Gen 5 in 9mm with 3 - 15 round magazines plus the hard case and accessories! This one have seen little to no use! The GLOCK 19 Gen5 pistol in 9mm Luger is ideal for a more versatile role due to its reduced dimensions. The new frame design without finger grooves still allows to instantly customize its grip to accommodate any hand size by mounting the different back straps. The reversible magazine catch and ambidextrous slide stop lever make it ideal for left and right-handed shooters. The rifling and the crown of the barrel were slightly modified for increased precision. Here are the stats:

Caliber 9x19mm

System Safe Action®

Mag. Capacity Standard: 15

Barrel Length 102 mm | 4.02 inch

Weight without magazine 610 g | 21.52 oz

Weight with empty magazine 670 g | 23.63 oz

Weight with loaded magazine 855 g | 30.16 oz

Trigger Pull 26 N

This one is a dandy! $499.99


SC .38 halfstock

Here we have a nice contemporary made Unmarked .38 caliber halfstock percussion rifle in the Pennsylania or Kentucky style! The rifled octagonal barrel is 41 inches long with a buckhorn sight at the rear and a blade sight up front. The rifle has a 28 1/2 inch long maple stock with a pewter nosecap and a brass buttplate. There is a raised cheek piece on the reverse buttstock. The trigger guard is also brass. The set two trigger lock works fine. The lockplate is unmarked. There is some pitting that one would expect near the nipple from use but the wood is not burned. The overall length of this fine rifle is around 57 1/2 inches long. Take a look at the pics! $550.00


sc heavy barrelled .45 halfstock

Here we have a heavy barrelled contemporary .45 caliber percussion halfstock. The barrel is browned being octagonal and rifled and is 33 3/8ths inches long with a blade sight up front and a fully adjustable graduated sight mounted in the rear. The only markings on this piece is the .45 indicating the caliber on the barrel. The nipple is protected by a cone so there is minimal pitting to the metal due to corrosive powder. There is also no burning on the stock. The stock is a good walnut stock and exhibits no cracks or breaks. The double set trigger works just fine. This piece has a brass nosecap, brass furniture, brass butt plate and a brass trigger guard. This one wasn't made yesterday and I suspect perhaps 1960's or 70's. Could be a bench rifle. The entire piece measures 48 3/4 inches long with a fiberglass ramrod. Nice! $350.00


sc old percussion rifle

Here we have an old percussion rifle in approximately .40 caliber being a halstock in what looks like curley maple. The octagonal barrel is 36 3/4 inches long and is rifled. The front sight is a typical for the period blade sight while the rear sight is a more modern dovetailed elevated sight. The set trigger lock does not seem to work correctly but probably could with some tinkering. The lock plate is marked G. GLOUCHER. The Goulcher family made thousands of locks. They are found on plains rifles, late longrifles, pistols and shotguns of the 1840 to 1880 era and we believe this rifle to be from the 1840's. The stock has been broken at the center of the lock and has a brass plate on the reverse side to hold eveything together. There is a great deal of burning damage from the caps behind the hammer which is typical of rifles used a great deal. The furniture on this piece is brass and the nosecap is pewter. The ramrod is a modern replacement. Take a look at the pics! $395.00


TC ww1 vet grouping

Here is a small grouping that I picked up locally in central Indiana. The lot consists of two caps. One is the garrison cap in Red, White and Blue showing VETERANS - WORLD WAR 1 - U.S.A. size 7 1/8th with little war to it. The other garrison cap is the veterans American Legion Cap with the 45 in star designation and marked with the 133. THere are many small American Legion Membership year pins attached to this cap, actually 9 of them and 5 other pins designation dates from 1933 to 1959. The hanging medal is designated with Emery S. Conner's name and honors his for 36 years a member on 4-1-54 (1954). This cap was used quite a bit and has the initials of E S C stimple punched on the sweatband. I believe that the family removed the grave marker from his grave when a stone was installed. I will sell you the two hats and give you the grave marker. For the Hats along with all decorations on them $75.00 Check out the pics!


ds heritage

Here we have a 16_ Rough Rider® .22 LR, Black Standard, 6 Rounds, Cocobolo Grip Revolver! This legendary design is inspired by the 19th-century Colt Buntline, long-range, single-action revolver. Available in both fixed and adjustable sight models, this unique revolver provides accuracy at extended ranges and is sure to impress fellow shooters. The 16_ Rough Rider brings a new level of performance to the range or around the homestead.

This is from the Heritage website:

The Basics

Caliber 22 LR

Capacity 6 Rounds

Front Sight FIXED


Cylinders Included 1

Action Type SAO (single action only)

Frame Material ZINC ALLOY

Frame Finish BLACK OXIDE

Cylinder Material ALLOY STEEL

Cylinder Finish 16" BLACK OXIDE

Barrel Material ALLOY STEEL

16" Barrel Finish BLACK OXIDE


The Revolver does have a manual safety.

This one is new in the box but does have some finish wear to the extractor rod housing where it slide around in the box while being transported, other than they it's nearly perfect! Take a look at the pics! $199.00


jmf 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger

This is a piece of WW2 War Memorbillia. We do not endorse or condone Facist in any manner. Here we have a good 2nd model Luftwaffe Dagger with original scabbard and hangers. This one has seen lots of use! The 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger is a type of German military dagger that was used by the Luftwaffe, the air force branch of the German Wehrmacht during World War II. The 2nd Model Luftwaffe dagger was introduced in 1937 and was similar to the German Army’s officer dagger. It had a metal scabbard with impressed decoration and no leather covering. The crossguard bore a Luftwaffe eagle clutching a swastika. This one was carried much and shows it! The yellow/orange celluloid grip is in great shape as is the wire. The blade is in good condition being unmarked as to maker and does show some aging but no edge nicks so the vet that brought this one home kept it out of the kids hands! This piece, although worn, is 100% original and guaranteed to be all original as well. The scabbard is in good condition with some rust staining here and there but not bad at all. The wear is quite apparent on the cross guard and the top scabbard mount and ring. The hangers are in only fair condition but what the heck! Its still here! The top clip is missing the front part that spring hinged on it. One of the straps has a couple of staples added to hold it together. These usually run from $750 to $1100 or so (most have no hangers) and the top condition ones can sell for up to $2500 according to LakeSide Traders. We will price this one at $750 as it's an entry level dagger. Take a look at the pics!


AA WW1 gas mask

Here we have the English Type Box Respirator was adopted in October of 1917 to fix the multitude of issues present in the American Small Box Respirator (ASBR); the United States' first attempt of cloning the British Small Box Respirator (BSBR). Improvements to the ASBR's design present in the Corrected English include greater rubber thickness, reinforced lenses, superior lens frames, and a reinforced angletube with an exhale valve guard. Over 1,864,000 C.E.s were produced. Despite the adoption of the Richardson-Flory-Kops in February 1918, the C.E. was used by the A.E.F. until the end of the war. After the armistice, many C.E.s were repurposed for training, put on the surplus market, kept in storage, or modified for industrial use. This was one place in storage and it got too hot. This gas mask will never be used again but it can be displayed. The mask is stiff and cannot be unfolded without destroying it. The original cloth case has the marks on it of S-18-18 which I take to mean 1918. Take a look at the pics! $25.00


AA Leggings

Here we have several pairs of WW2 leggings ranging from very good to fair. Some are id'd and most are marked with makers markings. Take a look at the pics! $10.00 a pair.


aa practice mine

Here we have a Vietnam era M-33 Claymore training mine. The color is kind of greenish blue and has probably faded in time. The piece is not complete but will make a wonderful display piece! The Claymore mine is a directional anti-personnel mine developed for the United States Armed Forces. Looking at the photos you can see the condition of this practice Claymore. There is a piece missing in the back about the size of a quarter. The date is 3-1-74 on this piece. Guaranteed Safe for display. Inert. For this piece $35.00


aa gas mask

The US Army had no gas masks when the US entered WWI, and relied mainly on British supplied SBR's for most of the first year of the war. This is an original of the Corrected English Model, the first US made gas mask. It differs from the British SBR mainly by the addition of the guard for the flutter valve, and the yellow painted canister. This one has been used and abused but would make a good display piece. It'll never be worn again! It comes with the original Instruction, records and repair tape card! Usually always missing! On the back is stenciled LEROY LOWMAST ER. What ever that means! For this display piece $45.00


aa ww2 complete mess kit

This is a Genuine WWII Mess Kit! Each aluminum steel WWII mess kit is dated 1942. This WW2 mess kit is genuine military surplus items dating from when the United States entered World War II in 1941 to the end of the war in 1945. WWII mess kit comes in used condition and utensils are included. The M-1932 Mess-kit is the style that was in use during World War II. It was based on the aluminum mess kit that was in use before World War I, consisting of a pan with a hinged handle plus a lid that fits over the pan and is held together as one unit when the pan handle is folded over. This one was made by A.G.M. Co. while the utensils are marked U.S. they may be additions to this piece. The bakelite handle knife is marked L.F.&C. (Landers, Frary & Clark) 1941. I don't know the date of the spoon and fork. Take a look at the pics! $65.00


aa mess kits

Here we have 2 original aluminum WW1 mess kits minus the utensils. These US WW1 M1918 Mess Kits are scarce collectibles that have survived over 100 years. These kit bears the marks of its age, with scuffs and scratches, small dings and spots of rust & corrosion on top of handles. These are original pieces marked U.S. and dated 1918. For each $30.00


aa theroz mess kit 1918

Here we have a WW1 era Theroz Mess kit pat. in 1918. The Theroz Mess Kit used solidified alcohol cubes as fuel. The company owned a couple of patents for this fuel and was apparently an early user of this system. In 1922 they filed a lawsuit against Sterno for patent infringement. During WWI a great number of items were marketed for private purchase by officers who had to furnish their own kit, or family to send to serving soldiers. The Theroz Mess Kit was one of those items. Never an issue item, post-war it was marketed as a camping accessory. This one is in complete used condition! Not too many collectors have these units. Although I cannot attribute it to a particular unit or soldier we did get it in with other WW1 items. This little 6 piece kit allowed you to stack the inserts to allow you to heat or boil your food. There are 5 pieces in addition to the outer "pot" and cover, which is retained via the original fabric strap w/ metal hardware which loops around the entire kit and fastens via old plated metal hardware. There is a perforated insert which you can remove and invert and set atop the base for boiling, etc, as well as two separate "pots", a handled cup, and a folding device which is a combination tool that can be used as a handle which can attach to any of the inserts via a "pincer" type of motion, to allow you to pick up and handle the presumably hot components, as well as can be folded out into a practical spoon. The lid bears the logo "Theroz Mess Kit" as well as the patent information which reads "Patented Mar. 26 - 18 Other Patents Pending. Woolworth Tower New York". Check out the pics! $65.00


AA sword hangers

Here we have two Model 1902 Army Sword Hangers that go on the Sam Brown type officers belt. These are both leather with one having the sword attachment and one does not. The one that does not have the attachments looks fairly new while the other is well used. No makers markings found. For the pair $15.00


aa garand belt

Here we have an original US WWII M1923 USMC M1 Garand Cartridge Belt By BOYT 43. It has 10 pouches and is in generally good condition with a little soiling and rust staining that you can see in the pics. Check out the pics! $95.00


aa artillery pouch

Here we have a 3 pocket belt artillery pouch . Soiled but complete. Take a look at the pics. $5.00


aa compass case

Here we have an excellent Corps of Engineers compass case. If you have a loose compass but no case then here you go! $10.00


aa face paint

This is for display only! The Original Military Camouflage Face Paint Stick! We have one stick only. $10.00


aa syringe case

Here we have a WW1 Aluminum syringe case for the medical pack. Take a look at the pics! $10.00


Here we have 2 loose U.S. canteen cups. One is unmarked and the other is marked U.S. FOLEY MFG. CO. 1945 They are in generally good condition with no dents or cracks. $10 for the pair. Check out the pics!


aa leather puttees

Here we have a matched pair of Leather Puttees. They are in generally good condition. I see a stamp inside but I think it is a part number and not a manufacturers name. Also included is a belt pouch marked on the inside The Miller-Hexter Co. 1917. Take a look at the pics! $10.00


aa vietnam practice grenade

Here we have a Vietnam era MKII Pineapple practice grenade. This piece is dated 2-65 (1965). Good condition!! $55.00


aa ww1 Hand Grenade vest

Here we have a hand grenade vest used during WW1. The vest is marked on the back THE WARNER BROS. CO. MAY 1918. This piece may be unissued as it shows little use just being a little dirty from age and storage and a little rust staining on one compartment. This chest vest was made to carry 11 grenades of various types including the French type of VB and the US MKI pineapple type. Initially made for trench raiding parties and forward attacks. Very few saw any service, but many various manufactures do exist. They also manufactured these in 1942 for the Marines in the Pacific. Check out the pics! For this one $40.00


aa ww1 spurs

Here we have spurs that are the model M-1911 and were used until the end of the cavalry era. Spurs made before WWI were arsenal made and are found most often marked for RIA (rock island). With the coming of WWI, production was expanded to contractors and most spurs are found marked AB and WI for the contractors who manufactured them for WWI production. Production apparently ceased after WWI when stocks on hand proved to be adequate for all uses until the end of the mounted era. This set of spurs are complete with all straps. The staps looked to be stamp marked I H 3 while the spurs themselves are mared in the usual way of U.S A.B. August Buermann, maker. There are a few surface cracks in the leather but still nice. Take a look at the pics! $85.00


aa red cross ditty bag

Here we have an original WW1 Red Cross ditty bag used to carry anything the soldier desired in it. This WW1 US Ditty Bag is in good aged and soiled condition showing that it was actually used and not military surplus. Ditty bag has an American Red Cross label to front but faded and kind of running the colors. Bag shows some soiling. No holes or other damage. Folded for storage. The Red Cross label in the centershows that it belonged to J.A. Royse A.E.F. 6-18-1919 s/n 713766. This would be great to research! $30.00


tc 3 sets of antique/vintage knucks or knuckle dusters

Here are 3 sets of late 1800's through WW2 iron knuckles! They are very well made! Check out the pics! $120.00 for each set.


tc 3 magazines

Here we have 3 new/old stock 7 round magazines! Two of the magazines are for the .22 Caliber Marlin Firearm models: 25N, 70, 70P (Papoose), 70HC, 880 and 995. These magazines will also fit the Marlin Models 989 and 989M-2 as well as the Glenfield Models 989G and 70. They will also fit the Coast to Coast Models 42 and 440 as well as the Westpoint Model 701, Big 5 Model 700 and the Montgomery Ward Model 45. Brand new in the package! $22 each! Check out he pics!

The last single magazine here is for the Taurus PT-22 pistol and is model PT22B-M .22 caliber 8 round magazine. Check out the pics! $20 on this unused magazine.


tc 18 card case

Here we have a MTM Case Card 18! This one is holding a quanity of 18 different .38 caliber ammo types. There are 7 full metal jacket rounds, 8 semi wad cutter rounds and 3 shot rounds for rattlesnakes and other critters! For the case $25.00 Check out the pic!


tc 30 card case

Here we have a MTM Case Card 30! This one is holding 30 .22 rounds of different types such as: 3 .22 magnums, 1 hollow point, 13 coated rounds of various types and 6 birdshot rounds. For the Case with rounds $20.00 Check out the pic!


tc salesman sample

Here we have something that I just couldn't pass up. This is a diminutive axe made for working on roofs with wood shingles that I believe is a salesman's sample as it's so small!! I am using my hand and a quarter for comparison! I believe these type hand axes were introduced in the late 1800's and were used up until wooden shingles went by the wayside for asphalt shingles. This one here is about 9 3/4 inches long overall with the head being 3 inches long from the bit to the poll and the bit is 2 inches long and does show a little use, probably from the salesman's kid! This little roof axe has the original handle with a great deal of the original finish on it. The head is a little loose on the handle but it has never been messed with and I don't intent to tighten it up either. This is a real dandy! Look at the pics. $225.00


SAW Taurus PT 740 slim PENDING

Here we have a really nice Taurus PT740 slim with 5 (FIVE) magazines! The firearm has not seen much use besides shooting a few rounds through he magazines to make sure that everything works fine and it does. This firearm operates flawlessly! The piece comes in the original box with 2 rear sight adjustment keys and several different magazine floor plates according to your preference. The Taurus PT 740 is a subcompact, single-stack pistol chambered in .40 S&W. It holds six rounds in the magazine, plus one more in the chamber for a total of seven rounds. The unloaded weight of the gun is only 19 ounces. So even with seven .40 caliber rounds, the weight is still pretty light.

The frame is made of polymer and the Taurus 40 cal SLIM slide is made of steel. The frame is black and the slide has a matte black finish, though Taurus calls it blue. This dynamic semi-auto gives nothing away under the lightest T-shirts or polos with its remarkably lean, lightweight design, but still steps up with big firepower, remarkable features and top-end performance. It has a crisp trigger pull, adjustable rear sight, loaded chamber indicator, finger-indexing memory pad, manual safety, and the Taurus Security System.

Caliber: .40 S&W (Smith & Wesson)

Capacity: 6+1

Fixed Front Sight / Adjustable Rear Sight

Manual Safety

You are getting a lot for your money here! Each magazine cost from $30 to $35 ! The new in the box firearm usually comes with 2 magaines and each extra magazine sells for around $30 to $35 each so you are getting at least $90 worth of extra magazines! For the firearm and the 5 magazines $250.00 Check out the pics!!!


tc mags

Here are some magazines that just came in:


tc paratroopers knife

Here we have a Vietnam era Pilots / Paratroopers knife. This is an excellent service used example of a Vietnam War issue Schrade Paratrooper and Pilot knife, with correct orange plastic "jigged bone" handles. These differ from the WWII and Korean war issue knives in that they have a second blade, specifically designed to cut cords. This would be used to help free the owner from tangled parachute rigging, or even their harness if they were a helicopter pilot. The black plastic was replaced with orange to make the knife easier to see in low light conditions. During my years on the Fire Department here locally our Fire Chief, who was a Vietnam veteran who served in the Air Force and did several parachute drops, carried one of these on him. He showed it to me proudly one day and I thought this was one neat knife!

This example is in fully functional condition and comes complete with a bale (ring) on the end for a lanyard. This would ensure it wasn't dropped when being used to cut through parachute rigging. This knife is in excellent condition and doesn't look like it was used at all! The blade is brite with the correct deep markings and has not been sharpened. The cord cutting blade shows no use at all! If you want an excellent example then this is for you! You won't find better! Check out the pics! $175.00


saw taurus pt 940

Here we have a very nice used Taurus PT-940 .40 caliber pistol in stainless steel with an aluminum alloy frame. The PT-940 is a medium frame pistol that relies on the modified SIG-type Colt-Browning tipping-barrel locking system. Although part of the Taurus 92 series, this more compact model features an enclosed slide, straight backstrap and frame mounted decocking lever. Here are the specs:

Gun Specifications

Type: Pistol

Produced:1996 - 2010

Caliber: .40 S&W

Action: recoil operated semi-automatic

Trigger: double-action (DA/SA)

Safety: frame mounted decock/safety lever

Magazine: 10-round

Frame: aluminum alloy

Grip: black rubber

Sights: 3-dot fixed

Notes: stainless slide

The pistol is in excellent used condition. It functions just fine and has one magazine with it. The bore is excellent as well. I have taken two sets of pics due to the glare showing the pistol under bright lights and under normal incandesant lighting due to the stainless steel and bright aluminum alloy frame. The white paint in one of the rear sight dots needs replaced but that's a minor thing. Take a look at the pics! $325.00


dm Auto Ordnance Thompson

Here we have an Auto Ordnance Thompson semi auto firearm with 2 stick magazines, one is auto ordnance and the other is Seymore Products Co. Auto Ordnance's Thompson Stick magazine is designed to hold 30 rounds of.45 ACP ammunition and is made of steel and I believe the other one is a 30 round steel magazine as well. The Auto-Ordnance Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe semi auto carbine is produced in Worcester, MA. These faithful semi auto replicas are produced with only the highest quality parts and processes which result in high quality firearms. Often referred to as the "Chicago Typewriter" the 1927A-1 is an iconic piece of American history. The 1927A-1 operates from the closed bolt position as is the closest representation of a classic firearm that would be otherwise unobtainable. This particular model comes with the two stick magazines.

Specifications and Features:

Auto-Ordnance Thompson 1927A-1 Semi Auto Carbine

.45 ACP

16" barrel

Blade front sight

Open non-adjustable rear sight

Walnut fixed buttstock (non detachable)

Walnut horizontal foregrip

two stick magazines

Overall length 38"

Overall weight 13 lbs

Blued metal finish

Made in the USA, in Worcester, MA

Comes in a Thompson Hard case.

The action works well and the bore is great. All of the wood furniture is in excellent condition as well! Take a look at the pics!!! $1695.00


dm win 94 AE XTR

Here we have an excellent Winchester 94 AE XTR lever action rifle! The Winchester Model 94AE XTR is a modern production example of one of the most iconic rifles in American history. First invented by John Browning, the Winchester Model 1894 has been a continuous favorite since its introduction among hunters and shooters.

This model is chambered in 30-30 with no tang safety.

From the Winchester website:

Caliber .30-30 WIN


Capacity 6 ROUNDS

Barrel Length 20 inches

Weight 6.2 LBS.

Finish bright black

The action works great and the bore is excellent! The rifle appears to have had little use. The stock has a beautiful grain in it and of course, it's checkered on the forearm and the wrist. This is one beautiful rifle! Check out the pics! $1195.00


tcII puma knife

Here we have a nice Puma Hunting knife in sheath made since 1977! This Puma 6393 Skinner has been used for its intended purpose so it has wear to it. The sheath and knife shows normal signs of use associated with previous ownership and years of service use and long term storage. The blade is true and the full tang handle is very tight with no signs of structural damage. The finish to the blade has been scuffed somewhat and we feel that could be worked/buffed out if desired. The number is clearly legible on both the blade and sheath. This knife is a rare vintage find and is being offered at a good price point considering its collectability and age. The stag grips are in good condition with no cracks or breaks. The sheath is marked on the front with a logo and is marked Geniune Fred Macoverland-Soligen Germany and the sheath is also marked where the handle of the knife rests "Made in Germany". Puma was started in 1769 and exist today. They even made daggers for the 3rd Reich. Take a look at the pics!! $225.00


tcII m1 garand dress bayonet

Here we have a M1 Garand dress bayonet with a chrome blade and grip hardware. This was mfg by PAL and so marked. The drawn bayonet meas. approx. 14 3/8ths inches from point to pommel. The blade is approx. 9 3/4 inches long with a central fuller. Blade is marked at the ricasso on one side with “PAL” in an oval over “US” with a bursting bomb at center. Markings are strong. The other ricasso is blank. Blade has been chromed for parade use. Edge has been lightly sharpened but may be able to be buffed out mostly. Grip is black Bakelite type material that is in good condition with no cracks. Metal surfaces match the blade. The bayonet is the original style bayonet in od green with a fiberglass body. The top steel mount is marked U.S. in the center of an ordnance bomb. The name ASHBURY is mared on the scabbard in felt marker and may be able to be removed if you so see fit. Overall It's nice! Check out the pics! $125.00


tcII 1911 grips

Here we have a set of plastic 1911 Govt. Model grips with the star in them. Checkered walnut grips w/28 rows between the screw holes were used from 1924-1941. By 1941 checkered plastic grips were phased in. These are the checkered plastic grips with the star representing Keyes Fiber Co. grips with ribs and star with "K" in center of the star and mold 1 thru 28, and the reinforcing ring around screw hole. These are standard for Remington Rand. Keyes contributed to the United States's World War II effort by taking advantage of its patented KYS-ITE fibrous plastics process, which was developed in the late 1930s. KYS-ITE was used primarily to manufacture plastic cafeteria-style serving trays, which were in high demand when war rationing limited the use of rubber and aluminum, traditional tray materials. The company also manufactured shell caps, pistol grips, and valve wheels during World War II. These particular grips were never installed and remain perfect. Nice set! Take a look at the pic. $30.00


tcII M5 Bayonet

During the Korean War, the M1 bayonet, which mounted to the M1 rifle, was found difficult to remove while wearing heavy gloves. As a result, the M5 bayonet was designed and issued in 1953. This was a total redesign based on the M4 bayonet used by the M1 carbine. The M5 bayonet looks nothing like the original M1 bayonet, and is the only U.S. bayonet without a barrel mount ring on the crossguard, making it look more like a fighting knife than a bayonet. This bayonet comes in the original US M8A1 2nd variation scabbard. The bayonet is in excellent condition as is the scabbard. The bayonet has never been sharpened and has full finish on it. The crossguard has on it US M5 and AERIAL. The grips are checkered black molded plastic and all metal parts are a dark gray parkerized finish. There are no markings on the blade. The manufacturer name or initials and "US M5" (or other model) will be found stamped under the cross guard. Many M5 family bayonets were made in Korea after the Korean War and these will have "K" stamped in place of the "US". Manufacturers included Aerial Cutlery, Jones & Dickinson Tool, Imperial Knife, Utica Cutlery, and Columbus Milpar & Mfg. This one is marked U.S. Excellent overall condition! Check out the pics! For this one $120.00


tcII cs knife set

Here we have a mint in the box CS Flag Knife set with Nathan Bedford Forrest on one side of the knife and James Longstreet on the other side. "An uneducated farm-boy who became the Civil War’s most brilliant cavalry officer, Nathan Bedford Forrest reportedly had 29 horses shot out from under him. Enlisting as a private in a mounted rifle company, Forrest rose to command Confederate cavalry in three states as major general. But his tactical genius was clouded by his savage 1864 attack on Fort Pillow and his postwar career as a Ku Klux Klan leader who resigned from that post because the Klan became too violent." "James Longstreet's hesitancy and differences of opinion with Robert E. Lee have often marred his historical image. Although generally respected for his military prowess, he is often blamed for the Confederate defeat at Gettysburg for allowing Pickett's charge to occur. Yet Longstreet remained a prominent national figure after the war. In 1880, the West Point graduate and prosperous businessman was named U.S. minister to Turkey." This set includes a handsome pocket knife with a 3 inch carbon steel folding blade in simulated ivory handle, adorned with a depiction of Nathan Bedford Forrest & General Longstreet. Wooden boxes with brass fittings are velveteen lined & include confederate flag as shown. Check out the pics! For this fine looking set $30.00



Here we have a pretty nice 1907 Wilkinson Bayonet . The Pattern 1907 bayonet, officially called the Sword bayonet, pattern 1907 (Mark I), is an out-of-production British bayonet designed to be used with the Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) rifle. The Pattern 1907 bayonet was used by the British and Commonwealth forces throughout both the First and Second World Wars. This one is in nice condition and apprears to have been lightly sharpened at one point. There are British proof marks on it as well as the Wilkinson markings. Nice wood grips with locking lug functioning. Check out the pics!!! $95.00


jmf csz bayonet

Here we have a WW2 Original Czech/German Occupied WWII VZ-24 Bayonet-A wartime Czech bayonet for the VZ 24 rifle without the muzzle ring, which the Germans had removed during production. The bayonet has a WaffenAmpt 63 on the scabbard frog lug, which dates this bayonet around 1943. Good condition with the frog. $165.00


Jmn Mics.






New Arrivals 240

Here we have a Stunning Grouping here of Weapons, Image, & Historic Archives of Lt. Col. John S. Griffith, Commanding the 6th Texas Cavalry and later the Entire Texas Brigade Commander before becoming the Texas Distric Brigadier General by Order of the Texas Governor! Lt. Col Griffith lead the famous raid into Holly Springs, Mississippi capturing Millions of Dollars of Grant's Main Supply base and personally Capturing Mrs. U.S. Grant himself! We also have many copies of historical Archive Information accompaning this most historic collection! Information on the Colonel came from the National National Archives and and as a bonus we have included a copy of Brandon Beck's Book Holly Springs which talks about the Colonel in there. Col. Griffith was first enlisted as Captain of the 6th Texas Cavalry in 1861 at age 31 but quickly promoted to Lt. Col. and Commander of the 6th Texas Cavalry on September 13, 1861 by election. He would later be promoted to Commander of the Texas Brigade itself for a short period of time towards the end of 1862, but would become so severly ill by February 1863 that he spent several months in a CS Hospital in Jackson, MS, suffering from "disease of the liver and bowels: as he would write and his physician would call it as being "sorely afficted with Bronchial irritation of the upper lobes of his lungs and dysentery". He would tender his "unconditional resignation" on April 29th, 1863, which was accepted, and he would return to Texas. The Governor of Texas, a friend of Griffith, would actually later promote him to Brig. Gen'l over a District in Texas, although his health really kept him confined in his roll. We have included with the pics different photos of muster rolls, letters, medical affidavits as to his health condition that let him to resign and go back to Texas, Southern Telegraph message, pay vouchers, unit equipment requisition forms etc. The purchaser will also get copies of the regimental history etc. Colonel Griffith is credited for leading the charge into Holly Springs for the most famous raid capturing at the supply depot millions of dollars of Grant's main army stores were captured or destroyed! Colonel Griffith also captured Grant's Wife at Holly Springs who was there visiting her husband! Rumor is that she was there to keep him sober! Lt. Colonel Griffith ordered him men to now bother the women of the north including General Grant's wife and that "not a hem to be touched" even though the ladies treated the Confederates rather cooly. When Mrs. Grant asked if the Confederates were now waging war agaoinst women, he kindly but curtly replied "No ma'am, we leave that to our enemies!"

As you can see with his surviving rig and image, he has a very nice pre-war Model 1851 Officers Eagle sword belt rig that has original and extremely rate solid cast Texas "STAR" sword leather strap hanger studs that are believed to have been made by T. Miller, as they look identical to his stippled background Tesas "Star" button he would made for soldier's and officer's use. These buttons are ultra rare and only a handful have been excavated in the Virginia and in the Trans-Mississippi Theater. The belt is 100% intact and solid, as is his Gaylord marked holster. The small thin finial closure tab did require some backing repair to allow it to close properly which was professionally restored from behind so you can't see it. His side arm is that of a prewar early war Whitney Navy revolver with all matching early serial numbers and is undamaged , complete, and fully functional with the exception of one replace screw that you can see in the pics. The Colonel's sword is a classic Dragoon officer's saber with polished bone grip, some fancy blade etching and his name and rank hand carved into the soft brass. It' reads "Lt. Col. John S. Griffith". This sword has a solid blade with brass scabbard and shows no damage or repairs. His 1/9th plate ambrotype image shows a full waist up shot of him in his officer's frock coat with the buttons being gold gilted by the photographer and there are 2 stars on his color to indicate his rank but they are hard to make out as they have been gold guilded as well indicating the rank at Lt. Colonel. Behind the image on the back of the full case iw written in what looks like pencil is his name and "Affectionaly Yours" above his signature. If you compare that signature with the ones written on the documents it's most definitely his! This ambro went to either his wife or someone he was close to. Ambro's are one of a kind photographs!

Lt. Col. Griffith fought bravely in the bloody 2 day battle of Corinth, nearly destroying Rosecran's Army, and followed soon after by the massively successful raid and capture of Grant's supply base in Holly Springs. Due to that successful raid Grant had to withdraw and cease all offensive operations against Pemberton's Department in Mississippi as Grant was being ordered to take Vicksburg and Jackson. Below is his info from

John Summerfield Griffith Residence Rockwell TX; a 32 year-old Shop Keeper. Enlisted on 9/1/1861 as a Captain. On 9/1/1861 he was commissioned into "B" Co. TX 6th Cavalry He Resigned on 2/1/1863 (Estimated date of enlistment & resignation) Promotions: * Lt Col * Brig-Gen 12/16/1863 (TX State Troops District #2) Intra Regimental Company Transfers: * from company B to Field & Staff Other Information: born 6/17/1829 in Montgomery Co, MD died 8/6/1901 in Terrell, TX Buried: Oakland Cemty, Terrell,TX (Son of Michael Griffith and Lydia Crabb . Wife: Sarah Emily Simpson) After the War he lived in Terrell, TX Sources used by Historical Data Systems, Inc.: - Index to Compiled Confederate Military Service Records - Field Officers, Regiments & Battalions of CS Army - Research by Herb Shemwell - Research by Patricia Adkins-Rochette - Research by Dick Pielin - Photo courtesy of Dick Pielin (c) Historical Data Systems, Inc. @

Below here is the history of the 6th Texas Cavalry

The 6th Texas Cavalry Regiment was a unit of mounted volunteers that fought in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. The regiment fought at Chustenahlah in 1861. The following year the unit fought at Pea Ridge, First Corinth, Second Corinth, Hatchie's Bridge, and Holly Springs. The 6th Texas Cavalry participated in the fighting at Thompson's Station in 1863, the Atlanta campaign, and the Franklin–Nashville Campaign in 1864. The regiment formally surrendered to Union forces in May 1865 and its remaining soldiers were paroled.

The 6th Texas Cavalry mustered into the Confederate Army at Camp Bartow near Dallas on 6 September 1861. The regiment counted 1,150 officers and men formed into 10 companies. The soldiers enlisted for one year, but the Confederate Conscription Act of 1862 extended this term of service. The field officers were Colonel Barton Warren Stone, Jr., Lieutenant Colonel John Summerfield Griffith, and Major Lawrence Sullivan "Sul" Ross. The companies were organized as follows. In November 1861, the Ladies' Aid Society of Lancaster, Texas provided $1,676.50 worth of clothing, footwear, and blankets for soldiers of the regiment.

This grouping was purchased by my consignor many years ago from a well known Southern Dealer and comes along with his Notarized Statement as to the authenticity of these items. This grouping was acquired by an attorney from the family in the 1950's.

Fun research project! For this fine grouping WAS $7,250.00 NOW $5500.00 !!! FOR THIS FINE GROUPING!!!


Jmf Nashville Plow Works sword

New Arrivals 239

Here we have a very nice original Nashville Plow Works Sword. The history accompaning this piece came from the family. As it is we cannot 100% guarantee the history but we do guarantee the sword to be original.

George Wasington Hunter was born July 24, 1838 to Sherd (Sherrod) and Littie, or perhaps Lottie, Hunter in Sumner County, Tennessee which is n/e of Nashville, TN. He was one of 7 children being the oldest. George's father was a farmer and Sherd followed in his father's footsteps. After the War between the States broke out George joined the 30th Regiment Tennessee Infantry having enlisted on 10/1/1861 as a Private in Company E of the 30th Tennessee Infantry. The 30th Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Red Springs, Macon County, Tennessee, in October, 1861. Men of this unit were recruited in Sumner, Robertson, Smith, and Macon counties. Serving in the Western Department, it was captured in the fight at Fort Donelson in February, 1862 however George eluded capture as he was not there having been relieved of duty and sent to Clarksville due to being sick. George had rejoined his regiment when he was captured on May 12, 1863 at Raymond, Mississippi. The Battle of Raymond was fought on May 12, 1863, near Raymond, Mississippi, during the Vicksburg campaign of the American Civil War.

Initial Union attempts to capture the strategically important Mississippi River city of Vicksburg failed so the battle at Raymond was instrumental in setting up the Union Victory at Vicksburg in July, 1863. After George was captured he was sent to Camp Morton in Indianapolis, Indiana where he endured the remainder of the Civil War only being released after taking the Oath of Allegiance on May 12, 1865 having spent two full grueling years in prison that left his body ravaged with illness. George and another friend from Prison who was also a soldier from Tennessee decided not to wait on any transportation back home to Sumner County, Tennessee so they started walking which was about 272 miles as the crow flies. Family history says that they did not have any shoes and darn near starved making their perilous journey back home. Family history also states that George may have picked up a Nashville Plow Works Sword on his way along the road and kept it for protection and a souvenir of the terrible fighting. George married and remained in Tennessee for a time before moving to Arkansas which is where his wife was from. His wife was Nancy L. Roark and from that union they had two children, a daughter and a son named John William Hunter. George had a terrible lifelong disability of inguinal hernia with much pain and eventually moved back to Tennessee in July of 1903. His wife owned 134 acres of farmland but due to his medical condition could not work it so he became a merchant. His wife earned a living working in a Cotton Mill. George died on December 18, 1922 in Sumner County, Tennessee where he was born and is buried there in Old Brush Cemetary. The Nashville Plow Works Sword was kept in the family until purchased by a good friend in 1994. The sword had gone down through the family and sons to a great Grandson in Kirkin, Indiana. This old gentleman's son, George Washington Hunter's Great Great Grandson lived in Sylvania, Ohio and provided us with copies of the Tennessee Soldier's Application for Pension as well as death certificate and Confederate muster rolls and Camp Morton Muster Rolls which will be passed on to the purchaser.

The Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Sabre is in excellent condition for it's age. Prior to the Civil War Sharp & Hamilton, who also manfactured swords under their name during the war, operated a farming implement company under the trade name of Nashville Plow Works. With the war quickly approaching, the owners converted their establishment into an armory. The Nashville Plow Works continued operations from 1861 until April 1, 1862, when the city was taken by Federal troops making these swords highly prized by collectors. The brass guard has a wonderful dark patina and most of the original leather is on the grip albeit the finish is flaking. All of the original fine twisted brass wire is present as well. The casting is the stimpled type with NASHVILLE PLOW WORKS showing some imprefections as well as the CSA on the bottom. The unstopped fullered blade is nearly 34 inches long with an overall length of the sword of 39 1/2 inches. The scabbard is iron with brass mounts and is top brazed. One attachment ring has been replaced and an old chain, looks like a watch chain, was placed between the two rings to hang on the wall. The scabbard has been painted gold at one time but now nearly worn off so perhaps this sword was loaned to a GAR hall at at some point in it's life it may have been loaned to a GAR post but we cannot guarantee that. There are no markings on this sword that would not have been on it when manufactured. Even though Pvt. George Washington Hunter was not issued this fine old Cavalry Sword it's quite apparent that it was cherished by the family. As with all items with a family history we cannot guarantee the story. Take a look at this fine old sword. It's quite a piece!!! $17,500.00


SC old percussion rifle

Here we have an old halfstock percussion rifle probably made in the 1840's - 1850's. This long rifle has seen lots of use and has experienced lots of love from it's previous owner as evidenced in the pics! The piece is 57 inches long overall with a 41 inch long rifled octagonal barrel. The entire length of the barrel shows moderate pitting which is equal down it's entire length. Almost like it was supposed to look like this. The lockplate is also pitted in the same manner and I can't quite make out any markings on it. The hammer looks better with a replaced screw. The bolster is also pitted and the nipple is hammered by dry shooting the piece. The thimbles are iron and hold the ramrod which is probably a replacement as most are. The nose cap is pewter. The trigger guard is brass and it sports a double set trigger which works just fine. The stock shows various spots of wear on it with some age cracks in the buttplate and the toe of the buttplate has been repaired many years ago. The cresent butt plate is brass as well. The caliber appears to be .38 to .40 caliber. The action works just fine. This is a great old piece! Look at the pics!! $395.00


tcII mac90


Here we have a brand new never used Norinco Mac 90 in 7.62X39MM. The consignor purchased the weapon but never used it! He has misplaced the original magazines but I have included a metal 30 round magazine so it can be tried out as soon as you acquire it! This Sporter is perfect in every way! The MAK 90 or “Modified AK, 1990”, is a semi-automatic Type 56 assault rifle, chambered in 7.62×39, and produced by Norinco beginning in the year 1990. Generally, these guns were imported with 3, 5-round magazines and wood furniture including a thumbhole stock. They are by official definition, sporting rifles. But, if you look at it, it sure looks pretty much like an AK47. From the Chinese perspective, these guns are, in effect, AK47s. Many MAK90s were made on the stamped Type-56 receivers, which are the Chinese variant of the AKM. These came in about any configuration you can think of, from unfolding, short-barreled models for tank crews to long-barreled versions sporting big stocks and bipods. The main distinction of the MAK-90 is that it was only ever made in semi-automatic, making it eligible for importation, for example, into the lucrative private firearms market in the USA. This one is one of those and has the US Import markings on it as well. Looks like those marks are hand made which is kind of crude. As previously mentioned it's just beautiful with no use on it what so ever! Take a look at the pics! For this one $1195.00


JMN rossi m-62 SS


Here we have a very nice Rossi Model 62 .22LR/L/S pump action rifle, made in Brazil. This rifle is designed to emulate the classic Winchester gallery gun, with a hammer fired pump/slide action mechanism and a handy little size, suitable for any age group to use. The rifle is constructed with stainless steel with very nice hardwood furniture, and features a takedown feature via the thumb screw on the receiver, allowing the gun to be easily broken down for storage or transport. The rifle is in great working order with a smooth action and a nice bore and is equipped with stainless sights both front and rear. I don't see many of these and certainly not in this condition! This is a great little plinking rifle! If this rifle was used at all it certainly doesn't look like it. The grooves on the forearm slide are sharp and deep with no wear on them at all and the buttstock doesn't have any wear on it either. This rifle looks to be new! Sold as used with no box. Take a look at the pics!! $875.00


tc spare mags

Here we have (2) two spare magazines. They are:


tc norma .270 ammo

Here we have 2 brand new 20 round boxes of Norma .270 Win. Whitetail ammo. Here are the details:

$35.00 each









tc 10-22


Here we have a good Ruger 10-22 rifle in .22 caliber in poly stock. We do have replacement wooden stocks as well. The Ruger 10/22 is a series of semi-automatic rifles produced by American firearm manufacturer Sturm, Ruger & Co., chambered for the .22 Long Rifle rimfire cartridge. It uses a patented 10-round rotary magazine, though higher capacity box magazines are also available. The standard carbine version of the Ruger 10/22 has been in production continuously since 1964, making it one of the most successful rimfire rifle designs in history, with numerous third party manufacturers making parts and accessories for upgrading and customization. The 10/22's aftermarket is so prolific that a complete 10/22 can be built without using any Ruger-made components. We sold one in the last two years with a custom laminated stock, carbon fiber barrel and many other options for well over $1,000.00! There are so many options that you can put on this Ruger 10-22. This one has been used but seldom and is in good overall condition with a nice bore. $195.00


tc iscc

Here is a ISSC Modern Sporting Rifle in .22 caliber with 1 (one) magazine in very good condition. Shooters will welcome ISSC's Modern Sporting Rifle MK22, the first rifle to incorporate military-style handling into a modern sporter that performs equally well on the range of the great outdoors. Equipped with a 22-shot magazine and folding stock, the MSR MK22 performs flawlessly with all types of 22LR ammunition and is accurate at both close-range and target-range distances. The MSR MK22 can be aimed either with its integral folding sights or you can attach any kind of aiming device to the Picatinny rails that come standard on all sides of the barrel. This firearm was engineered in Austria and Made in Germany and sold by LSI in Reno, Nevada. This firearm has a folding and extendable rear stock and a front folding hand stablizer for stability for the shooter. It has folding front and rear sights. It also comes with a remotely operated flashlight on the Piatinny rail on the obverse but there is no battery in it and I am not sure what battery it takes. This piece operates as it should and looks great! Take a look at the pics! $399.00


BW ammo

Here we have some new OLD stock ammo. The first offering is for 25 shell boxes of 20 GA 2 3/4's 7/8 oz. shot- No. 8 shot shells by Federal. These have lead shot. For each new unopened box $10.00 Check out the pic below!

The next offering is some new old stock .410 shells that came in. Everything is unopened in the box. There are 25 shells in each box. They are marked AAHS Target Load Limited Edition and are 2 1/2 inches long being 1/2 oz and 9 shot. The boxes are also labeled "High Strength". For each box $15.00. Take a look at the pic below!


tc model 80

Here we have a V. Bernardelli Model 80 made in Italy .380 acp pistol! This pistol comes with one (1) 7 round magazine. This fireare was imported by Interarms of Alexandria, VA. and has a 3.5" barrel and adjustable sights. The firearm is blued, with great plastic grips. Imported between 1968 and 1988. I found the code on it of AC in a box and I believe that to be a date code which dates this one to 1977 which makes it ineligible for a C&R so it must go to a FFL for transfer. This firearm is in generally good condition overall and functions very well! It also has a very good bore. For this nice pistol $275.00 Take a look at the pics!!


tc rock island

Here we have a Rock Island M206 Revolver in a modified Glock holster to fit the occasion The Rock Island M206 Revolver is ideal for self-defense and concealed carry. With a 2" fully shrouded barrel and spurless hammer along with a fixed front sight with smooth channel frame-cut rear sight, it's designed to perform when it counts. Chambered in 38 Special, this firearm comes equipped with a grip formed rubber grip and a parkerized/dull black finish. Here are the stats:

Caliber: .38 Special

Action: SA/DA

Capacity: 6 Rounds

Barrel Length: 2"

Overall Length: 6.75"

Weight: 1.59 lbs. (Unloaded)

This is a pretty nice piece and looks nearly new, functions great and has a great bore! Take a look at the pics!!! $295.00


tc omega

Here we have a German made Omega Model 32 six-shot revolver in .32 caliber. The revolver has a 2" barrel and is in good condition with age and use wear. The external ejector rod is missing which has no bearing on the functionalbility of the item and the closure snap on the holster is missing one end. Omega is a trade name used on the HW3 Arminius revolver made by Hans Herman Weihrauch of Melrichstadt, Germany. They were inexpensive handguns of the era prior to 1968. These revolvers are made of inferior materials and poor workmanship and were banned from importation as a "Saturday Night Special" by the 1968 Gun Control Act hence now they are collector's items! This one is nickeled with white plastic grips. I couldn't get a good pic of the bore but I could visualize it and it's pretty good with nice rifling and shiny. This piece is marked "Made in Germany" which mistifies me as Germany was not reunified until October 3rd, 1990! The firearm functions in both single and double action. Take a look at the pics! Still pretty nice for a "Saturday Night Special!" For this piece $95.00


aa practice ordinance

Here we have several examples of practice ordinance. Here they are:

1. Here we have a Grenade, A.T., Practice , M11A2 Lote-18-12-43. This is a WW2 Practice Anti-tank grenade that is rifle launched. It's in really nice displayable condition. With the appropriate launcher it could be fired off the M1903, the M1 Carbine, and the M1 Garand. A great addition to anyone's WW2 collection. This is a training tool and no live ordinance. $85.00

2. Here we have a WW2 through Vietnam 60MM M-69 Practice Mortar round in excellent uncleaned condition! Totally inert and demilitarized according to BATF guidelines with a solid body and the propellant charge removed. This mortar round cannot be converted to an explosive device. This is a hard to find WWII Era M69 Training / Practice round, as used with the U.S. WWII issue M2 60 Mortar. This mortar also continued to be used during the Korean war, and into the Vietnam era. The training cartridge itself is a shell with a cast iron body and detachable fin assembly used to train recruits in firing. The cast iron body is reusable and the fin assembly can be replaced if damaged. It is a training tool and not live ordinance. This example is in very good shape, with a great patina, and intact fins which unscrew. It's a nice one! These usually sell for around $200 but this one is $125.00.

3. US M61/M26 Grenade RFX55 M12 This is a Post WWII, Viet Nam to Cold War era practice grenade simulates the M61/M26 series fragmentation grenade for practice purposes. This grenade is empty and inert, M228 fuze is also fired and inert. Totally Safe display item. These usually go for around $295.00 or so but you can have this one for $145.00 Nice safe condition! Makes for a great display!!

4. US M67 baseball grenade. The M67 grenade is a fragmentation hand grenade used by the United States military. The M67 is a further development of the M33 grenade, itself a replacement for the M26-series grenades used during the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and the older Mk 2 "pineapple" grenade used since World War I. This one is in nice condition with a nice fuse! Totally Safe! $145.00

5. I got this piece in with the other practice grenades but I'll be darn if I know what it is. It's about the same size of the one above but with no fuse and has light stimpling over all it's body. Tell me what it is if you know. Thanks! Ted

6. Here is another one that I am not quite sure what it is. It's similiar to both Russian or Chinese practice grenades but not quite the same. There are no markings on this piece anywhere. If you know let me know on this one as well. Thanks! Ted

7. This piece is an inert U.S. M385 A1 training practice round. This practice cartridge is fired from 40mm Grenade Launcher M75 and 40mm Grenade Machine Gun Mk 19 Model Three. The cartridge is designed only for practice or for proof testing weapons. Not authorized for use in M129 Grenade Launcher. This one is totally inert and safe to display! Usually a short belt of 3 to 5 of these dummy cartridges were issued with each MK-19 grenade launcher, but only used to practice loading the belt into the gun, not actually for cycling rounds through it. This round still has the link on it. I have seen these for around $295 for a replica! This safe original is $95.00

8. Here we have a set of 2 original US Pineapple type training hand grenades! The fuze handle has on it FUZE 228 as well as other letters and numbers. This is a great example of the M21 Practice Training grenade, an inert version of the iconic U.S. fragmentation pineapple grenade issued during WWII. The Mk II was standardized in 1920 replacing the Mk I of 1917. It was phased out gradually, the U.S. Navy being the last users, and on 2 April 1945 the Mk II and Mk IIA1 were re-designated the Mk 2 and Mk 2A1. The Mk II was commonly known as a pineapple grenade, because of its shape and structure. Grooves were cast into the cast iron shell, which was believed at the time to aid in fragmentation and had the side benefit of aiding in gripping the grenade: this provision gave it the appearance of a pineapple fruit. The Mk II was identified with an all yellow body prior to 1943. They were then painted olive drab for camouflage purposes with a narrow yellow band below the fuse. There are numerous variations in the fragment and groove details that can be found, which seems to depend on the particular manufacturer. One of the examples is totally complete and the other example is the body only with part of the blue paint remaining. Take a look at the pics! Totally safe and inert. These are not reproductions! These are originals!!! For the pair $125.00

9. Here we have a linked belt of 10 U.S. 20mm dummy rounds. 20 mm caliber is a specific size of popular autocannon ammunition. Weapons using this caliber range from anti-materiel rifles and anti-tank rifles to aircraft autocannons and anti-aircraft guns. The M61 Vulcan uses these 20mm rounds and is a hydraulically, electrically, or pneumatically driven, six- barrel, air-cooled, electrically fired Gatling-style rotary cannon which fires 20 mm × 102 mm (0.787 in × 4.016 in) rounds at an extremely high rate (typically 6,000 rounds per minute). Very nice display item! Check out the pics! For the lot $90.00


jmn H&R 929

Here we have an excellent Harrington and Richardson 929 Revolver! It holds 9 .22 caliber shells in s-l-or lr. This one has the shorter 2 1/2 inch barrel! The revolver has just a tiny bid of wear to some of the high spots and a tiny spot of inactive corrosion shown in the pics. The grips are perfect and the finish is 90% or better. All the markings are sharp, the bore is great and the mechanics are perfect! This is one nice revolver! This revolver was made in 1977! For this fine little vintage revolver $325.00


DS Win 1200 pump

Here we have a pretty nice Winchester 20 ga pump shotgun that was made in 1976. The gun has seen use with the usual minor dings and such and a couple of minor scratches on the receiver but it's still in nice condition and operates well and the bore is still very nice. The wood is still pretty nice with the checkered stock. The Model 1200 is a pump-action shotgun that was manufactured by the Winchester-Western Division of Olin Corporation, starting 1964. It was redesignated the Model 1300 in 1978 (this was was made near the end of the 1200 designation) with minimal changes. Production ceased in 2006 when the U.S. Repeating Arms Company, the subsequent manufacturer, went bankrupt. Check out the pics! It's still pretty nice! $295.00


DS Dahlgren bayonet

Here we have a RARE Civil War US Navy "Dahlgren" Bowie Bayonet for the Whitney Rifle M1861 - variation #3 which is in Good to Very Good Condition. The US Navy "Dahlgren" Bowie Bayonet was named after Admiral Dahlgren who designed this weapon. The bayonet has a great aged mellow patina and is 17 inches long overall in the scabbard and is a little over 16 1/2 inches long out of the scabbard with a very rugged 12 inch, single edge, clip point blade that is 1 5/8 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick at the thickest point! The bayonet has a cast brass hilt and wooden grip with a handsome aged patina. The rifle-bayonet locking mechanism is complete and works great. The markings on the obverse side of the blade include U.S.N, D.R. and 1863 on the reverse side of the blade. Ames Mfg, Chicopee, Mass with some of the markings being light and worn. Inspector initials "DR" in script and stamped onto the rear of the pommel. Blade is very nice with virtually no pitting. The blade looks to have some old tin plating on it. This piece comes with the original brass mounted sheath and is in great used condition. The brass shows excellent patina with some dents to the distal mounting. I see no markings on the sheath. The leather on the sheath shows aging but no fractures or actual cracks except in the finish. This is one nice piece and 100% authentic! Take a look at the pics!!! $2,200.00


aa iw belt

Here we have an Indian Wars through Spanish American War Officers sword belt and Eagle buckle! The belt is the patent leather type being folded with fabric sewn to the outside of the belt. Some of the stitching in the fabric has came loose but it's still a pretty nice belt and belt plate. The leather is still fairly supple. The sword hangers are still in fair to good condition with no breaks and they are complete. For this set $175.00 Check out the pics!!!


aa spanish american war knapsack/blanket bag

Here we have a Spanish American War Model 1878 Blanket Bag that is id'd to H. Jordan Co. L, 14th Reg. N.Y.V. The 14th was mustered in for the Spanish American War but I don't believe that they left the states. The front of the knapsack is marked with a handdrawn Infantry insignia which I believe that a brass insignia was laid down on the knapsack and drawn around . There is another on the back but it is backwards! All kinds of stencils on the back! The blanket bag is complete, less shoulder strap and looks great! Check it out! $65.00


aa mills belt with cartridges

Here we have a nice double row Mills type cartridge belt (not marked) with 50 rows (100 cartridges total) for cartridges and 6 double rows for 12 handgun cartridges. The woven belt appears to be either dark blue or black and is in nice overall condition. It is the 'C' type closure so no buckle was used. There are 18 30-06 cartridges still in the belt and I'm going to leave them there. The first time that the 30-06 was used was with the 1903 Springfield so I am confident that this belt was used then. The belt also has one hook still attached. Nice piece! $85.00


aa u.s. garrison belt

Here is a nice US Model 1910 Mills Garrison belt with 2 piece U.S. buckle. The brass adjustment pieces are both marked Mills. Enlisted members wore the “U.S.” buckle. This one is really nice with the buckle being patinated very nicely! The belt has one small tear in the fabric and there are no pouches but does have the bayonet attachment piece. The Take a look at the pics. $95.00


aa headquarters belt

Here we have an original era manufacture M-1910 green/brown canvas MILLS mfg Garrison belt with an interlocking buckle with the letter H at center, certainly more difficult to find than the normally encountered US. The belt comes with two MILLS marked clip pouches and a rather suspension loop for the bayonet. Normal age and wear with a little rust toning is a couple of spots. The 2 piece H buckle has a wonderful dark bronze type patina on it. For this set $125.00


AA id'd map case

Here we have the U.S. Army map case belonging to Colonel Karl W. (William) Hisgen who was an aid to General MacArthur during WW2! The map case is in overall good condition with U.S. stenciled on the front flap. The initials K.W.H. are hand printed above the U.S. markings. There is nothing remaining in the case. There are 3 compartments for maps and papers as well as provisions made for the pens and pencils. The id is prominately stamped on the inside flap as well as the numbers 3387. I cannot find any makers markings on the piece. The back flap has a stiffener in it. The Colonel started in WW1. He was born in 1899 and passed away on August 25, 1974. For this historic piece $145.00


AA Mass Canteen

Here we have an Original U.S. Indian Wars and Spanish American War M1878 Canteen Marked to Massachusetts Unit which is the 8th Headquarters. This is a very nice used condition U.S. M1878 Canteen with standard a tan canvas cover and shoulder strap. It is marked on the front with a clear MASS stencil, and the rear is marked with an 8 over crossed rifles over HQT for Headquarters. This a nice research opportunity. The canteen is complete with the original cork stopper, which is stuck in the spout and I don't want to break the cork getting it out, and is still attached by a chain to a loop around the canteen's neck. The attachment points for the shoulder strap are similar to a Civil War era canteen without the bottom loop, so this may be an early or transitional model. The body does not appear to have any major dents or issues. There is some very minor staining to the canvas but it looks very good. The shoulder strap is in excellent condition. A great chance to pick up a great example of a canteen marked to a Massachusetts Unit! Check out the pics! $125.00


AA canteens and covers

Here we have 6 canteens with covers. Most are WW1 with one being WW2. They are all marked to some degree and some have cups. They are all in good condition and would enhance any collection! For numbers 1 through 5 are $55.00 each and for number 6 it is with the web belt and two pouches $85.00. Take a look at the pics!








DS 322


Owner motivated to sell! Here is a Great sword that recently came in. The sword is a Japanese WW2 mounted sword that were captured/obtained by an Army Cook in New Guinea. The New Guinea campaign was one of the hardest-fought of World War II. ... And it lasted a long time: From March 8, 1942, when Japanese forces first landed on the island, to the end of World War II in the summer of 1945, fighting took place across the island of New Guinea and in its nearby island chains. These two swords were purchased from the Daughter of the Soldier. She lives near Lake George, IN but lived in Dayton, Ohio during WW2. Now on to the swords:

! Check out the evaluation sheets on this one lower down in the pics. This one probably had a leather covering over the wooden scabbard but now lacking. This one is probably quite old from the early Edo period being made from 1603 to 1868. Nothing needs repaired here-just the blade needs polishing by someone who knows how. Take a look at the pics! Nice!! The consignor says "Sell It"! $1499.00


tc2 03-A3

Here we have a very nice U.S. Model 03-A3 Rifle! The U.S. Model 1903 Springfield Rifle replaced the Krag-Jorgensen and was the primary U.S. battle rifle until 1936, when it was replace as the primary battle U.S. battle rifle by the M1 Garand. In 1942 Remington Arms redesigned the 1903 rifle using some stamped parts and designated it the U.S. Model 1903A3 (Model 03-A3). This particular rifle was produced in August 1943 and the barrel is stamped RA with flaming bomb and 5-43 indicating mfg in May of 1943. The rifling is excellent down the entire length of the barrel and what also is nice, I see no import markings whatsoever. The wood is very nice and very pretty with a couple of minor dings and some chipping on the obverse buttstock near the buttplate that you can see in the pics. The action works just fine and there is most (85% or more) of the finish remaining. The left side of the stock was stamped “FJA” (for Col. Frank J. Atwood and is somewhat light). I do not see the “RA” (Remington Arms) or the “crossed cannons” Ordnance Department escutcheon that you usually see on that side of the stock as well. A circled “P” proof mark is stamped on the grip behind the trigger guard, and various cryptic Remington internal inspection markings are stamped on the stock forward of the trigger guard. All in all it appears to be an excellent example of the Remington 03-A3 in .30 caliber. There is no sling and no cleaning kit in the buttstock. It's used but the best example of one that I have seen. For this piece $1800.00 Check out the pics!!!



3 pcs from same group

Here we have three Civil War era/ 19th century pieces that came in together and they could have been all carried by a cavalryman. They are:

1. A single shot percussion pistol from the 1840's through 1860's in approximately .44 caliber. This piece has no markings except for a small proof mark on the bottom of the barrel which I think to be Belgium in nature. There are also 3 notches on the barrel lug that is used in conjunction with a barrel wrench to unscrew the barrel for loading. I do not have the wrench and the barrel has not been removed. The barrel is 2 3/4 inches long and looks to be a smoothbore. There is some floral engraving to the frame of the piece as well as on the trigger guard and tang. The tang screw is a replacement. The action works but you must hold the pistol barrel down to cock the hammer so the trigger return leaf spring is probably broken but, heck, it still cocks and the hammer falls as it should. The nipple is bashed some indicating that someone has dry fired it in the past. The bag type grip is maple we believe and in really nice condition, not perfect but nice with no cracks or breaks . This is a nice representative piece that was used as a boot pistol or a vest type pistol, perhaps for backup. Take a look at the pics! $225.00


Here is a cavalryman's folding hoof pic of the type that was issued to each and every cavalryman. This piece measures 3 1/8 inch closed and 5 5/8 inches open making it perfect to put in the saddle bags to carry. It consists of a hooked stone remover, hammer and nail claw puller and a rasp on the side. There are no markings on this piece. It's in really nice aged condition! Check out the pics! $125.00

3. Lastly, here is a lead filler leather sap that was used in combat or enforcement to control the other guy with a sharp rap to the skull ! This piece is about 8 1/2 inches long not counting the wrist strap and is quite heavy. The rivits holding the piece closed and the wrist strap are the typical Civil War type rivits seen on other pieces of leather gear. The 5 inch wrist strap is still intact but should not be used as it's a bit fragile. The rest of the sap is in good aged condition with some age cracks in the leather covering. The stitching may be early machine stitching but there are some irregularities in the way it was done so I don't know. All the stitching is intact and strong. Check out the pics here! For this piece $125.00


tc 1907 Bayonet

The Pattern 1907 bayonet, officially called the Sword bayonet, pattern 1907 (Mark I), is an out-of-production British bayonet designed to be used with the Short Magazine Lee Enfield (SMLE) rifle. The Pattern 1907 bayonet was used by the British and Commonwealth forces throughout both the First and Second World Wars. This particular bayonet has the clearing home on the pommel. This hole made it possible to see the forward edge of the bayonet boss indicating the effectiveness of the bored hole in allowing an egress for fouling that may otherwise prevent correct fitting of the bayonet on the rifle. The blade has been sharpened as seen in the pics. There are many markings on the ricasso as one would expect. The scabbard is in good original shape showing wear consistent with the bayonet. The scabbard is complete. The wooden grips are very nice and this bayonet is complete. For this WW1 Bayonet $125.00


TC German Bayonet

Here we have a S84/98 bayonet for the Mauser rifle with the S Code of S155G. This info is from the internet showing S codes used on bayonets between years 1934 - 1937. S/155 was for E.u.F. Hörster Waffenfabrik, Solingen. Some other info shown indicated that they thought the G mark was used in 1938. No matter this is a WW2 German Bayonet. There are no waffenmark Eagle markings on the pommel. The bayonet and scabbard have different numbers on them so they may be a marriage. The bayonet is in good condition with some crude but non successful sharpening marks on it. I got a good angle on the blade to show you the marks but in person without the glare they don't look nearly as bad. The scabbard is in nice condition as well. Take a look at the pics! $145.00


tc American Gun Co 12 Ga shotgun

Here we have an American Gun Co "KNICKERBOCKER" 12 ga double barrel shotgun being the internal hammer type with no exposed hammers. The American Gun Co. Knickerbocker was a lower priced American made hammerless double of its day. They were introduced around 1905 --An ad ran in sporting magazines in March and April 1905.

They were made by/for H&D Folsom Arms Co. of New York City at their factory in Norwich, Conn. which produced thousands and thousands of guns for them under their American Gun Co. and Crescent Fire Arms Co. names. They also produced thousands and thousands of the same guns under myriad "trade names" for hardware stores, dealers, and jobbers throughout North America. This old shotgun has seen lots of use and has a few dings and dents on the stock. It still looks great with a couple of age cracks and a small chip on the bottom just behind the box lock. The markings are great and all three serial numbers match on this piece. The barrels have only a poor to fair bore. The barrels have a light wobble to them so if you would intend to shoot this shotgun (I suggest not) I would suggest that you take it to a competent gunsmith for evaluation. Perhaps you could shoot low brass but I wouldn't try high brass in it. There is a safety on this old shotgun as well. Qualifies for a Curio and Relic license. This old shotgun would look great over the fireplace with a box of old shells and perhaps a couple of duck decoys. Take a look at the pics! $99.00


tc H&R the American

Here we have an old H&R THE AMERICAN-DOUBLE ACTION .38 S&W caliber 5 shot revolver in excellent condition! The timing is perfect on this old girl. On these old double action revolvers the cylinder rotates freely until you pull the trigger then everything lines up as it should. This is a Harrington & Richardson "The American" double action revolver which is chambered for the .38 Smith & Wesson caliber. The revolver is a first model third variation 1898-1904 octagon barrel with company name and address on left side of barrel. The revolver features a beautiful nickel finished steel full octagon 2 1/2" barrel, frame and 5-shot cylinder with hard rubber,perfect grips! The top strap is marked "The American Double Action" and the side of the barrel is marked ?38 S&W CTGE?. The bore is good. The serial number is fairly high on this one and is stamped on the bottom of the buttgrip frame so made after 1906. This revolver qualifies as a Curio & Relic firearm. The hammer, trigger and trigger guard have the original bluing remaining. The nickel finish is quite nice being well over 90% I believe. Nice old revolver! $125.00


tc moccasins

Old 20th Century Ojibwe/Chippewa Reservation Moccasins

The Ojibwe call themselves "Anishinaabeg," which mean the "True People" or the "Original People." Other Indians and Europeans called them "Ojibwe" or "Chippewa," which meant "puckered up," probably because the Ojibwe traditionally wore moccasins with a puckered seam across the top like the ones shown here. These moccasins are soft tanned Deer hide with soft soles ideal for walking/hunting in the woods without making a sound. They are in excellent used condition with just a couple of missing beads.

Excellent hand sewn bead work!!! Check out the pics! $450.00 The display case is not included in the sale but is available. Thanks for looking!


GE Colt Match

Here we have a very nice Colt Match Target HBAR AR-15 with .223 marked lower receiver with a 5.56 barrel. This Colt Match Target HBAR is a semi-auto tactical rifle in 5.56 NATO Cal. It has a 20 inch matte black barrel with a 1/7 twist and an excellent bore. The rifle has a post front sight and rear adjustable sight. It has a fixed black polymer butt, textured black polymer AR pistol grip and a ribbed and an adjustable rear sight on the carry handle that is intregal with the upper receiver. The rifle also has the vented black polymer forearm and the non adjustable rear stock reminiscent of the vietnam era rifles. The rifle is marked to having belonged to IMPERIAL COUNTY SHERIFF located in El Centro, California. This rifle comes with 2 magazines- one 5 round COLT marked magazine and one 10 round Montezuma marked magazine. Also included is a shoulder strap. This is an excellent representative of the law enforcement AR-15 platform. Check out the pics!!! For this piece $1195.00



Here we have an excellent very lightly used DMPS Panther Arms AR-15 Model DA-15 in Multi caliber! This flattop piece is topped with an adjustable Honestill peep sight. This fine rifle also comes with one USA made 30 round Magpul poly magazine. The rifle is equipped with a DPMS 5.56 16 inch Nato barrel with a 1/7 twist with outstanding rifling and the standard birdcage on the barrel end! The buttstock is a 6 position stock. Take a look at the pics! $565.00



Here we have a highly customized Remington "HEPBURN" pat. single shot falling Block Rifle dated Oct. 7th, 1889 in , what mics out to be 40-70 Caliber with a set trigger. Designed by Lewis Hepburn the mechanical department superintendent for Remington, the Hepburn rifle was patented in 1879 and produced from 1880 until 1907 in several variations including the Sporting Rifle, Mid-Range No. 3 Target Rifle, and a Long-Range Creedmoor Rifle. I do not see any Remington markings on this piece. The barrel The Hepburn rifle incorporated two unique features that were patented by Mr. Hepburn: a rebounding hammer system (No. 162,473) and a side lever (No. 220,426) to lower and raise the breech block. The Hepburn rifle enjoyed an excellent reputation both on the target range and in the game fields. This rifle is in pretty good condition overall for it's age. It was lovingly cared for as you can see in the pics. Serial number is 4299 making it an antique as rifles with the numbers starting with 6000 was made after 1898 The 30 inch half round, have octagonal barrel shows a great bore with deep lands and grooves! The two holes you see in the bottom of the barrel are for a palm rest attachment that we do not have. The wood is in pretty good condition having forearm wear with nice steel nosecap and the buttstock has a nice patch box installed. There are also German Silver hearts on the wrist and on the reverse side of the buttstock is marked with german silver initials of J.W.S. and a cresent with a native american profile on it. The cresent buttplate is brass. This is a beautiful rifle! It seems to function correctly although I have not shot it. For this wonderful piece $2,899.00. Take a look at the pics!!


TC Taurus G3

Here we have a new in the box Taurus G3 9mm pistol with hard Blackhawk holster. The suggested MSRP for the pistol alone is $339.99 and this one has extras. Here is what Taurus has to say about this pistol.

The G3 continues the proven polymer-frame profile now in a full-frame configuration, with generous stippling patches across the grip for maximum control and retention in any shooting condition, an ergonomic palm swell and side-frame Memory Pads that provide quick, positive hand positioning. The frame has an integrated Picatinny rail. A manual safety and slide release lever are optimally positioned above the thumb for easy manipulation. A refined element of the G3 is the 6-lb. trigger, designed with a smooth take-up and a surprisingly crisp, clean break exceeding that of typical striker-fired pistol trigger performance. A short reset promotes quick, controlled follow-up shots. This sighting system now includes a serrated steel rear sight along with a white dot steel front sight.

This pistol comes with two 18 round magazines, the paperwork and a gun lock. A gentleman has purchased this firearm but never got to use it as he got laid off on his job. It's in excellent new condition with a slight ding on top of the slide and a little finish wear to the top of the exposed part of the barrel where it was racked a few times. The working insides of the firearm along with the barrel has no residue on them at all and I do not believe that it has been fired other than a test fire at the factory. The firearm has the 4 inch barrel which shows no internal wear. If you purchase this firearm at the shop I will throw in a box of 50 rounds of 9mm FMJ MAXX TECH 115 gr Non-corrosive steel case ammo at no extra cost! For the lot $285.00 Check out the pics!


TC taurus pro mag

Here we have a brand new Taurus PT 111 G2 32 round steel magazine. This magazine has a lifetime warranty. Usually these sell for $29.95 up but this one is $25.00. Take a look at the pics!


Here is a rather large WW2 Grouping that we will sell as one unit but list as four separate sections. These items belonged to Jack E. Skirvin of Bloomington, Indiana. Jack served in the 91St Division. The 91st Infantry Division (famously nicknamed as the "Wild West Division" with a "Fir Tree" as its Division insignia to symbolize its traditional home of the Far West is an infantry division of the United States Army that fought in World War I and World War II. As the early battles of World War II involving the United States were being fought, the division was reactivated at Camp White, Oregon on 15 August 1942, under the command of Major General Charles H. Gerhardt. After initial training at Camp White, the division participation in the Oregon Maneuver combat exercise in the fall of 1943. Order of battle

Headquarters, 91st Infantry Division

361st Infantry Regiment

362nd Infantry Regiment

363rd Infantry Regiment

Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 91st Infantry Division Artillery

346th Field Artillery Battalion

347th Field Artillery Battalion

348th Field Artillery Battalion

916th Field Artillery Battalion

316th Engineer Combat Battalion

316th Medical Battalion

91st Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized)

Headquarters, Special Troops, 91st Infantry Division

Headquarters Company, 91st Infantry Division

791st Ordnance Light Maintenance Company

91st Quartermaster Company

91st Signal Company

Military Police Platoon


and the 91st Counterintelligence Corps Detachment

Then, the division, now under Major General William G. Livesay, departed for the European Continent on 3 April 1944. There, on the Italian Front, the 361st Regimental Combat Team was detached to participate in the battles for Rome and the Arno River. It became the first formation of the U.S. Fifth Army to reach the river. In September 1944, the division crossed the Sieve River, outflanked the famous Gothic Line, and captured the Futa Pass. For its part in combat, the division was awarded the North Apennines, Po Valley and Rome-Arno campaign streamers.

The division returned to the United States where it was inactivated at Camp Rucker, Alabama, in December 1945.


Rome-Arno (22 Jan 44 – 9 Sep 44)

North Apennines (10 Sep 44 – 4 April 45)

Po Valley (5 Apr 45 – 8 May 45)



Total battle casualties: 8,744

Killed in action: 1,400

Wounded in action: 6,748

Missing in action: 262

Prisoner of war: 334

Jack was also an artist for the group and had his cartoons printed in several publications of which a few are included in this group. Jack also wrote a novel based on a true story (I suspect it was his! Lol!) We do not have the book but it can be purchased on Amazon, Walmart and such. Here is a pic of the book.

When World War II became history, there was a big reception in Boston Harbor followed by a heartwarming celebration at home. Jim would now be able to keep the promise he made to his four sweethearts residing on the west coast; a mighty long way from his bailiwick. Sweethearts Miriam and Loretta were waiting in Oregon and he would board the Great Northern Railway to see them. Rita and Connie were sitting on pins and needles in Los Angeles. His cousin Andy returned home from the War, bought an old Ford, and wanted to go along with Jim to see Hollywood and swing at the famous Palladium. Two of their high school buddies were hitching rides to the north woods and they wanted to go along. So, Jim made arrangements to visit Miriam and Loretta in Oregon; take a semester of classes at Indiana University; and then begin the long journey to Hollywood in his cousin.

I suspect that this book is very entertaining!!!

Now on to the groups:

1st group:

This group consists of a good K98 Mauser bayonet in sheath with marked frog. The bayonet is missing the button to lock it onto the rifle but still in nice condition with good markings and grip. The frog is marked in a rectactle KMZ 1943. Also included is a K98 Rifle cleaning kit in good condition overall and seems to be complete, a 91st Division history booklet from August 1917 to January 1945, several negatives that can be processed of soldiers and sailor (not all are pictured here), a good conduct medal, a 1st place Soap Box Derby medal (I know it doesn't belong here but it's with his stuff), 2 WW2 WWII European African Middle Eastern EAME Campaign Ribbon Bar ETO Pin Back with 3 battle stars (one is not in great shape but the other is), collar brass, a Starr shaving kit, a 1939 WW2 German Merit Cross minus ribbon in box with crumpled up German news print, a piece of chalk with a mans face carved into it, a Johnson's TravelKit Pocket first aid kit and a copper cup commerating a 3 man team championship of unknown use but dated March 30th, 1941. Check out the pics!

2nd Group:

Here we have a small grouping of patches and other items. They are 5 tank destroyer patches, 2 master sgt shoulder patches, one 91st Division Unit patch, and 2 Ruptured Duck Discharge patches. Also included is a European/African/Middle Eastern Campaign medal with 3 battle stars, a WW2 lighter, 2 ruptured duck collar pins, a US Naval reserve collar pin, a plastic army button, a 1942 and 1943 Italian coin and 3 rings. The rings are silver finished (cannot tell is actual silver or not) with one being marked with NAPLES and showing scenery, one is marke ORAN AFRICA 1944 and the last one is marked with what appears to be Mercury on the top ORAN 1944 on one side and AFRICA on the other side with decorations. Oran is a major coastal city located in the northwest of Algeria. These rings were sold as souvenirs to Allied soldiers after the Operation Torch landings in 1942. Check out the pics for these items!

3rd Group:

Here in the 3rd group of items beling to Soldier Jack E. Skirvin is a single canval WW2 legging, an WW2 Army Artillery overseas cap made in 1942, a new Testament given to Jack in 1942, a celluloid soap dish, a WW2 Victory Medal that was acquired in 1994, a web belt with brass buckle and an extra buckle, an Honoring the American Veteran gold colored large coin produced later, a Coin History of the U.S. Presidents being minted in brass with the latest president being Jimmy Carter, and a couple of Japanese items that were probably given to Jack after the war. One is a printers block of a Geisha girl but is marked on the back for Howard and Family and one item is a used 10 Peso Note issued by the Japanese Government. Check out the pics!

4th Group:

This 4th group is all paper items. Jack was an artist and included here is some of his art work as well as some of the publications with his art work in them and letters from the Military newspaper. There are also several newspaper clippings dealing with the war. There is even a warning and repair order from the Arizona Highway Patrol for Jacks 1936 Ford Sedan. We have the paper showing Jack was promoted to Private on July 12, 1943 for the 670 Tank Destroyer Divisioin. Jack furloughed in San Francisco in 1943 and we have his guide and when he stayed in the Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles. We have a letter written from the Congress of the United States recommending Jack for Officer Training signed by Gerald Landis from the 7th Distric of Indiana. Also are 2 of Jack's original drawing pencils! We could go on and on and on! Many things we did not take pics of. Check out the pics below! For the entire grouping of 4 lots $495.00!


TC New Arrivals 271

Here we have a Palmetto State Armory AR-15 model PA-15 in multi caliber .223/5.56. The barrel is 16 inches long and is marked 5.56 NATO 1-8 (twists). The upper is in the M4 Style. The piece has a magpul grip and adjustable butt stock. The piece is topped off by a very nice adjustable display red dot scope. The rifle is used but little. Only 1 30 round magazine was ran through it. A 30 round metal magazine is included with the gun. This firearm functions flawlessly and is very nice looking! Take a look at the pics! For this piece $595.00


SAC New Arrivals 270

Here we have a Palmetto State Armory AR-15 PA-15 Multi Caliber with a 5.56 1/7 twist barrel being 16 inches long. This rifle has the M4 type upper with handguard and a Magpul flip up rear sight. The multi adjustable buttstock is a VLTOR stock. This piece was assembled in our shop and has one magazine of 30 rounds .223 ran through it. It operated flawlessly! Comes with one aluminum 30 round magazine. CHeck out the pics!!! For this very nice rifle $495.00


Back up for sale!

New Arrivals 268

Here we have a good Model 1818 U.S. contract, Militia Cavalry Saber by Nathan Starr. Nathan Starr was the first U.S. Contract maker for the U.S. Government. They also made muskets. Before the end of the first quarter of the 19th Century, America had established itself as a nation. It had fought in two wars, engaged in treaties, engaged in international business and expanded its territory.

Nathan Starr, Sr., manufactured arms for the fledging United States military was early as 1798 out of his shop in Middleton, Connecticut. His company produced swords until 1837 under various names all in the same New England town.

This particular sword is the pattern 1818 and is in good condition. The grip has been repaired and wrapped with what looks like a fabric or oil cloth. The handguard has been cleaned some as has the blade. The blade is in great shape except for where it looks like someone used a dremel tool to remove rust or something. Most of those marks could be taken out with a little effort. The dremel too cleaning is only around the markings. The markings are mostly clear with one of the r’s in Starr lacking. Other markings include what you can see in the pics. The scabbard is really nice and has been painted black at some point but it wasn’t recently for sure. The rings are present on the scabbard. All in all this is a historic sword and had been in my collection for awhile and when it became available again I purchased it again. Nice old piece! $650.00


TC SHG1 Enfield

New Arrivals 267

This very attractive attic condition example of a Confederate used Pattern 1853 Type III “Enfield” rifle-musket bears the (CROWN) / SH / G1 mark near the tang of the buttplate. This mark is for Sinclair Hamilton Company. The guns that bear the (CROWN) / SH / G# mark are usually found with additional marks. The mark has five variants, with the number after the "G" being a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Sinclair, Hamilton & Company used five "furnishers" for their 2nd Confederate contract for 30,000 P-1853 Enfield rifle muskets. Typically a script cartouche will be found on the flat opposite the lock. All the iron parts are a rusty type patina. The lock is marked 1861 TOWER at the front of the lock with the crown only at the rear. The rear sight is complete as is the ramrod which still has the treaded end intact. The action works and the sling swivels are still present which is plus. The stock is in very good condition overall with the name W WORTON stamped into the bottom which is most likely the stock maker. Double 25's and proof marks are on the barrel at the breech. Also stamped there is R+ ?. The barrel is the original 39 inches long but has been long shot out! No rifling present that I can see. Who knows where this old piece has been ! All in all this is a good example of a complete mocel 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket that saw Confederate Use!! If this old piece could talk!! $2750.00


tc possible cs altered rifle/musket

New Arrivals 266

Here’s an example of making due with what you have! I believe this could be a CS arsenal refurbish using a Type III Springfield Rifle Musket, modifying it to take a LA Co. (London Armory Company) Lock dated 1862, installing a block rear sight and enhancing the front sight with a center blade of tin. Some collectors believe this to possibly be a post war blacksmith or gunsmith alteration but I know that there were thousands of surplus rifles on the secondary market that were being sold for pennies on the dollar so why would someone go to all this trouble? The alteration was beatifully done! This Stock is full length and marked US on the butt plate. The .58 caliber barrel is 40 inches long and has been long shot out but still solid. The eagle on the bolster looks to me to have been obliterated on purpose but I suppose it could just be rusting.. Look at the phot of that part and judge for yourself. There is some markings on the barrel just ahead of the word STEEL that at first I thought was NC but after further magnification and clarification I think it is J.L.C. but I am not sure. There is also the letters PM stamped on the bottom of the barrel under the stock. I took the piece apart as the lock was not working and found the mainspring broken. You can still get them if you want to fix it. The lock is clearly marked LA Co. 1862 with a Crown over VR on the tail of the lock. There is only one barrel band remaining but again you can get these parts if you want to fix it back up. I usually leave them as I find them. I got this from a gentleman who inherited it from his uncle so no story remains. The stock is in generally good condition with the modifications and a crack behind the lock on top that you can see in the pics. There are several dings on this piece so it was obviously used very much. It must have been in a damp corner for many years as the butt plate has quite a bit of corrosion on it but you can still see the US on it. All in all it’s a nice example of rehabbing a weapon for further use. As a side note it appears that the bolster Eagle was purposely obliterated-I can see a Rebel doing that. Remember, the Confederates were taking anything they could get and making things work again to put it back in use. Makes sense to me but you be the judge The only thing I don't like about this unique piece is the V.R under the crown.

Take a look at the pics! For this unique rifle $1250.00



New Arrivals 265

Here we have a Civil War Model 1854 Austrian Lorenz Bayonet in excellent condition! The Lorenz was the third most used long arm on both sides during the American Civil War, and no collection of bayonets from that war is complete without one. The bayonet is complete and full length with its original and fully functional locking ring. This bayonet measures about 22 inches long overall with 18.75 inch quadrangle blade. The bayonet blade is mostly smooth metal throughout with a pleasing, somewhat bright gunmetal gray patina that shows freckles and tiny patches of scattered oxidation and age staining. The socket shows slightly as well as some minor peppering and has a steel gray patina as the blade, with slightly more of the darker patina to the socket. The original Austrian inspection mark, a * is present on the reverse shank of the bayonet, along with some number of which I do not know the meaning. The quadrangle bayonet blade measures nominally 18.75” from the face of the shank to the tip. The socket is 3.21” in length and has a had a little pounding the blade end but not bad. As these Lorenzes are handmade guns the bayonets do not usually interchange without some hand fitting. This is a better than average Model 1854 Austrian Lorenz Bayonet! For this nice old bayonet $275.00



New Arrivals 264

Here we have a wonderfully simple Confederate Cap Pouch! This was part of a collecton of Peace Flasks and other Flasks that recently came in. A dealer from Gettysburg looked at pics of this flask and stated that it was a "Rebel cap box, nice reddish rivet due to copper content" and also "Love the simplistic design on this one". THe box itself is simple with a single belt loop on the back indicative of southern manufacture with a single reddish copper rivit to hold it in place. There is also a single reddish color rivit holding the closing flap on to the flap. Upon examination the finial appears to have been a small wooden finial sandwiched in between two pieces of leather and hand sewn into place. It is broken off which is no surprise since it is so small. The closure flap is not fractured but appears to have been used quite a bit. Take a look at the pics! This is a fantastic little cap box! $1,250.00



New Arrivals 262

This one is a full stock with the unusual 'MULE EAR' hammer on the lock. It's a percussion lock. The rifle is about 49 inches long with a 33 3/8ths inches long barrel with the name W. GARDNER-GENEVA stamped on it. In AMERICAN GUNSMITHS by Sellers there is a H. Gardner of Geneva New York that made a Pill Lock full stock and this is what they call this lock type. I call it Mule Eared like the Civil War Carbines . There was also a G Gardner that made the same kind of rifle with the same kind of lock from Geneva. The lock is marked W. GARDNER PATENT GENEVA so there must have been an entire family of gunmakers there. This barrel is heavy being octagonal with rifling being about 45 to 50 caliber. The ramrod is held in by 3 brass thimbles. The stock is walnut and has a few repairs around the lock and looks like the last 10 inches has been replace but they did a good job and it's definitely period. Hey, someone LOVED this rifle and kept it going! The cresent shaped butt plate is brass and so is the trigger guard. This is a single trigger set up. The lock and hammer is very nice with florals on it. There is a silver escutcheon on the top of the stock behind the barrel and there is a hole in the stock there as well so they may have used a tang sight at some point. There is a crack in the stock in front of the lock that terminates at about 2 inches out. You can see the repairs in the photos. There is a raised relief cheek rest on the reverse stock. This rifle weighs 12 #. It's a beauty even with the repairs! For this one $1,450.00


New Arrivals 261

Here we have a collection of two Civil War firearms and a small powder horn. I purchased these from the family and they came with a letter written in 1971 telling the history of the two pieces. The two pieces came down through the family. The brothers involved are Napoleon Bonapart Peterman, who served in the 8th Ohio Infantry Co, G from June 10th, 1862 to October 3rd, 1862. In September 1862, during the Maryland Campaign, the regiment and the rest of the II Corps hastily marched northward in pursuit of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. The two armies met near Sharpsburg, Maryland, along the banks of Antietam Creek. Here, the 8th experienced what to date was its hardest fighting of the war. Kimball's brigade repeatedly attacked Alabama troops under D. H. Hill stationed in a sunken road during the Battle of Antietam, taking 50% casualties but eventually pushing through the defensive line at a cost of 162 officers and men killed or wounded. Napoleon may have been wounded in that battle as he mustered out in October 1862 but sometime after that he may have served in Company L, Ohio 1st Heavy Artillery from August 30th, 1863 until July 25th, 1865. He had two brothers Joseph and William that served in the 21st Ohio Infantry we believe. The letter ties them all together at one time but I haven't yet been able to do that and sometimes family history is no accurate. I believe the story takes place in the early part of the War before 1863. The Grandfather talks about Napoleon finding the shotgun in a tree where the Confederate left it. He also talks about a powder horn which we have with the shotgun. The double barrel 12 ga shotgun is in good condition having on the barrel LONDON but having no other markers marks that we can see. This may have been one that came through the blockade. It still works but shows great use. The left hammer has been replaced and it has a more modern screw holding it on. Much engraving on this piece. The rifle is a model 1853 Enfield marked 1862 that, according to the letter, was being used by Napoleon Bonapart Peterman of the 8th Ohio Infantry. This rifle has also seen much use but is still a nice piece! There were markings on the right side of the buttstock but much worn now and I can't make them out. The are no other British proof marks on it except for the lockplate and the barrel. Check out the pics. The letter talks about a 'Mini-ball' being stuck in the stock but that is incorrect. It was a 'small' ball perhaps being a buckshot of the smaller part of the buck n ball loads. The relative told me that there use to be a small ball in there but it has since fallen out. The rifle is still in pretty good condition and looks great with the same attic patina on it that the shotgun has. Although I can see no clear markings on the stock or buttplate that indicates Confederate use it is missing the sling swivels, Confederates like to remove them, but that is not positive proof that it was used by the confederates. The ramrod, however, is engraved with 4 numbers indicitative of Confederate use. It's either a Confederate used rifle that was possibly picked up or the ramrod was missing and the Union Soldier scavaged whatever he could to keep firing. Impossible to know for sure! It's a great grouping of these 3 pieces! Take a look at all the pics as there are plenty! POR

And now on to the double barrel English 12 ga percussion shotgun!



New Arrivals 258

Here we have An ORIGINAL EAGLE COLT powder flask having a Copper body with Eagle impressed on both sides of the flask. The eagle is holding a shield with arrows in its tallons and cross pistols below. Overall length of the flask is 4" not counting the spout. The flask has a pleasing brown patina. No major dents and no splits. Mechanism works! Nice original! $325.00



New Arrivals 256

Here we have an original Peacock / Shell type rifle or shotgun powder flask. This is an original marked AM FLASK & CAP CO. around the top flap. The spout has 4 graduations and they are marked. One side of the flask has been cleaned somewhat but the other side is in the original patina and a couple of spots of surface corrosion. There are a few minor dents in the body on both sides but no splits or separations. The spout is complete except for the spring for operation. This one is 9 3/4 inches long including the spout and 4 1/2 inches wide at the widest point of the body. Great display piece!!! $225.00



New Arrivals 255

Here we have a whopper! This is a side release "10" gauge Hollis & Sons (England) rabbit eared double barrel shotgun! I. Hollis & Sons was a gunmaker in London from about 1861 – 1915. The piece looks great with ornate locks and matching hammers. The bores are just in fair to good condition in these 30 inch barrels. There is a slight wobble to the lockup but not too bad at all. The wood stocks are in very good condition with only a gutta percha forearm escrutcheon missing that you can see in the pics. It's a good looking shotgun with only a minor ding or two in the barrels. I know of no way to know for sure if it was made before 1898 so it will have to go to a C&R holder or an FFL dealer for transfer. Take a look at the pics!!! $1750.00



New Arrivals 254

Here we have an ornate 16 gauge double barrel shotgun made by Joh. Sigott, Ferlach, Austria in the early 20th century. This piece is C&R eligible. It's very ornate and works like a charm! The 29 inch 16 gauge barrels are in nice condition being very shiny within the entire length of them. The action works perfect. The receiver and locks are heavily engraved as you can see in the pics. The hammers match as often they do not as they wear out. The walnut stocks are in great condition with fine checkering present. The original metal buttplate is present as well. All in all this is a beautiful vintage 16 ga shotgun from a bygone era!!! $1250.00


New Arrivals 252

Here we have a nice DPMS Panther Arms Mod.A-15 multi caliber rifle in excellent condition topped off by a nice Daggen Defense Red Dot scope! The 16 inch barrel is 5.56 NATO and is a 1/7 twist. The receiver is a flattop receiver with a magpul rear sight. The positional stock is also magpul as well as the handguard and the front grip. The magazine is a Hexmag. This is a beautiful weapon and operates flawlessly. It is used but has had very few rounds fired through it! Check out the pics! New this firearm would sell for just under $900 not counting the red dot. For this weapon $695.00



New Arrivals 248

Late 1800's to early 1900's unmarked German Drilling! This 3 barrel longarm is in pretty good shape for it's age. The two shotgun barrels are 16 gauge while the rifle barrel is a little more mysterious. The diameter is the same as a .44 mag but the cartridge that fits in it is 2 3/4inches long. The shotgun barrels are fair to good while the rifle barrel, while being somewhat dark, is heavily rifled! The 27 1/4 inch barrels have much plum brown patina on them and a few minor shallow dents from use. All of the metal parts of this drilling show good age and use. The actions seem to work ok in the back action locks. The metal parts have engraving on them. The wood stocks have seen much use and the toe on the buttstock has been replaced as you can see in the pics. Any notable defects in the stocks are reflected in the pics. All in all this is a beautiful drilling and much less than one in better shape. The front sling is missing and the rear sight is missing part of it but other than that I believe this piece to be complete! The piece has a horn buttplate and a horn scalloped plate on the bottom of the pistol grip. Take a look at the pics!!! $1500.00


DH Browning 2005

New Arrivals 247

Here we have an excellent never fired 2005 Browning NWA National Whitetail Association MEDIALLION rifle A-Bolt in .270 WSM !! Here are the specifications for this rifle:

Action Length Short Action

Caliber 270 WSM

Barrel Length 23

Overall Length 42 3/4

Length of Pull 13 5/8

Weight 6 lbs 9 oz

Magazine Capacity 3

Twist Rate 10

Barrel Finish Polished Blued

Stock Finish Gloss

Receiver Finish Polished Blued

Chamber Finish Polished

Barrel Contour Sporter

Stock Material Black Walnut

Recoil Pad Polymer

Receiver Material Steel

Magazine Type Hinged Floorplate with Detachable Box

Drilled and Tapped for Scope

This particular rifle still has the tags on it as it was never used and in perfect unused condition! Sorry but no box. Take a look at the pics as it is absolutely beautiful !!!! $1200.00


DH Remington 700

New Arrivals 246

Here we have a custom Remington 700 Bolt Action Rifle in .223 caliber! Manufactured for more than 50 years and still in production today, the Remington 700 is America’s most popular bolt-action sniper rifle. Offering unmatched accuracy, it features a steel receiver and bolt, as well as a hammer-forged barrel, two forward dual-opposed lugs, a recessed bolt face, and a C-clip extractor.

The Model 700 is hailed by the company as being suitable for both military service and big game hunting alike and is available in a number of different calibers and configurations with various options and accessories. This particular rifle has a thumbhole laminated hardwood stock, timney adjustable trigger, accurate to 300/600 yards and more with the side focus scope that is manufactured by Pentax Gameseeker 30 6-24X30. The .223 barrel is near perfect as is the rifling. A truly great set up that is just waiting to be used!! The magazine is able to hold 5 rounds of .223 ammuntion. This piece looks new and unused! A real beauty! Check out the pics!!! $1300.00


DH Winchester Model 50

New Arrivals 245

Here we have a pretty nice Winchester Model 50 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun! The Winchester Model 50 was an American 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun designed by David Marshall Williams based on patents by Jonathan E. Browning in 1950 and produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company from 1954 to 1962. A high-quality shotgun, the Model 50 was Winchester's attempt to re-enter the semi-automatic shotgun market. By the serial number this firearm was produced in 1959. The piece is in good condition and operates beautifully! The wood stocks are deluxe walnut with checkering. There are a few dings from use but nothing bad at all. The shotgun is all original with the original buttplate and front bead sight. Bore is bright. This is a very nice old shotgun! Check out the pics! $500.00



New Arrivals 243

Here we have a nice 1902 Remington Rolling Block - El Salvador -7x57mm caliber. This rifle is commonly referred to as a 1902 Remington Rolling Block. It is also known as a No. 5 Smokeless Rolling Block. These rifles were mostly manufactred in 7x57mm Mauser for South American countries around the turn of the century. This model has screws in a lower configuration than earlier Rolling Block rifles. This paticular rifle looks as if it was carried alot but perhaps not shot a ton. The bore has good, deep lands and grooves but is a bit dark. The acton works great! The wood is in good condtion but does have a considerable amount of dings in it but no cracks or breaks. The metal is in the white.

Caliber Info: 7x57mm Mauser

Metal Condition: good to fair; no visible pitting at the wood line, mostly clean with factory finish all but gone.

Wood Condition: good; no crack in handguard (common on these rifles) and no crack in forearm. Buttstock is in Very Good Shape but does exhibit dings.

Bore Condition: Strong Lands and Grooves, but is a little dark.

Barrels: 29 inches long.

Trigger: Smooth

Stock: Fulll Length Musket type with Half Length Handguard; Straight Grip; Walnut; 2 Barrel Bands

Stock Dimensions:

LOP: 13 inches

Fore End: Smooth Walnut

Butt Pad: Curved Steel Butt Plate

Weight: 8 lbs. 4 oz.

Sights: Front: Inverted V Rear: Flip-Up Long Range Stepped Sight

Take alook at the pics! It's a pleasant looking rifle! $750.00


Jmf ww1 ammo and bandolier

New Arrivals 238

Here we have a well worn and mouse nipped WW1 bandolier with 55 rounds of 30-06 ammo in it for the 1903 Springfield and the 1917 Rifle. The bandolier is marked "LOT D 1267" as well as "H.S. Co. 10". The headstamp on the ammo is USC Co. which produced ammo from 1864 to 1938. A nice display piece! $95.00 Check out the pics!


Jmf ww2 holster and web belt

New Arrivals 237

Here we have a pretty nice M-1911 WW2 leather holster and web belt for the 1911 Semi Auto Govt Pistol! The holster is marked BOYT -41- (1941) and is mostly flexible and in good condition with no cracking/crazing, rips or tears. The holster is a little hard at the barrel tip end and a 1911 doesn't quite slide all the way in but with a little oil it probably would. The web belt is adjusted for a small waist as were most boys who went off to war in 1941! The belt is in good condition! This outfit would make a great display item! Check out the pics! $145.00



New Arrivals 236

Civil War Spur

Here we have a brass, rather ornate, Civil War Private Purchase brass spur with steel rowel. This spur is a veteran bringback we believe but no history accompanies it. The spur is in excellent aged condition and has been formed to fit the boot heel area. We find no makers marks on it. There is a case blemish that we though could be a mark but I don't believe it is. $135.00



Civil war brass spur

New Arrivals 235

Here we have another smaller Civil War era Brass Spur being plain and not ornate like the one above. This spur is about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. It have a very nice dark patina and the iron rowell is still present and in good shape. The spur is bent a little leading us to believe that it was ripped off for some reason. We believe that this single spur is also a veteran bringback but alas, again no history accompanies it. I am sure there is a story here but lost in time. The only markings on this spur is what looks like a '10' being stamped on one of the limbs where the leather strap goes through it. Still a nice old piece and looks good in a collection! $65.00



Jailers Key

New Arrivals 234

Here we have a large Jailers Key. This key is 5 1/2 inches long and very heavily built. Hand forged. Nice old key! $45.00


Jmn H&R Sportster SS1

New Arrivals 233

Here we have an excellent Harrington & Richardson Sportster SS1 single shot .22 caliber break open rifle with 20 inch barrel and black poly stock! This rifle is in like new condition only being used slightly. The bore is great and the action works perfectly. Cosmetically there are no blemishes at all to the stock. The top of the barrel over the receiver is drilled and tapped for a scope mounting bar. No box or papers. This is one excellent piece! $450.00


Jmf Beeman

New Arrivals 231

Here we have a new old stock in the box Beeman Silver Bear Deluxe Air Rifle that was never used since being purchase years ago! This is a .177 caliber rifle that is lightweight and compact, ideal for general field use, precision rifled steel barrel and has a dovetailed receiver! It also has a monte carlo cheek piece, european sporter styling, recoil pad, deluxe walnut stain, harwood stock and automatic safety. It has the break barrel cocking method, shoots 650 fps with a single stoke for premium power, It also has a micro-click rear sight that is fully adjustable for windage and elevation! All of this for $125.00!! Check out the pics!!!



New Arrivals 230

Here is, what we believe to be, a one off - one of a kind Winchester Model 1885 Low-Wall Musket/Rifle! I do not know who did this or for what reason but here it is! The serial number dates it to 1905 but I do not know when the conversion was done. It uses an extended straight pull slide bolt that only has a long firing pin in it and the extractor. The rifle otherwise is used just as the original Low-Wall rifle was used. The buttstock has been altered to have the cheek rest raised to weld the face into it. The fore stock is full length and terminates into a hand case pewter nose cap. Under the stock is the cleaning rod for the .22 inch very nice bore. The front sight is a hooded sight that takes different targeting inserts which are lacking. The rear sight is a crudely cut "V" sight which is strangly offset. There is provisions for a tang sight which was on this gun at one time but now lacking. The action works correctly however I have not fired it as of this listing. The mottled brown patina is the same on the receiver as well as the barrel indicating that this conversion was done quite some time ago. Here is your chance to own a Winchester that no one else has a copy of! Check out the pics! $1500.00


Jmf L.C.Smith

New Arrivals 228

The L.C. Smith Hammer guns “Made by L C Smith, Fulton, NY” were produced from 1884 to 1887 when the company was bought by Hunter Brothers. The Hunter Brothers guns were stamped “L.C. Smith” on the lockplates, while the barrels were marked, “HUNTER ARMS CO.–MAKERS–FULTON, N.Y.” like this one is marked. Hunter Arms Company completed their Fulton, N.Y. factory in 1892 to manufacture these fine shotguns. In 1950 the factory was closed after changing hands a few times.

This shotgun is in very good condition with the usual dings from use. The stock is a French walnut. The 32” Damascus barrels have a fair to good pattern and fair to good bores. The action works just fine on this piece. The stocks are checkered and show considerable use with dings and the like but no cracks or breaks that I can see. The composite buttplate is present and in good condition. I believe that the lower barrel rib has had some repair as it looks a little rough but solid as a rock. Both hammers match as they should. The metal pieces have a kind of mottled brown patina to them. This piece would look great over the fireplace with an empty box of old shells for display and perhaps a duck decoy! Take a look at the pics! This is a classic! Curio and relic. This shotgun may be an antique but I have not been able to proof it. A nice old hammer gun for your collection. $2395.00


Jmf Parker shotgun

New Arrivals 227

Here we have an antique Parker double barrel 12 ga shotgun! According to Wikipedia Parker Bros (also known at various times as Parker Brothers Manufacturing Company, Parker Brothers Guns, and Parker Bros. Shotguns) was an American firearms firm, mostly producing shotguns from 1867 to 1942. During these years, approximately 242,000 guns were produced in various grades, and are widely considered the finest and most collectible American shotgun. For the first 20+ years of production, Parker Bros. used an exposed hammer design, but by 1888 the first hammerless guns were offered for sale. Parker Bros. was launched in Meriden, Connecticut, as Parker Snow Co. by Charles Parker, whose mission was to produce rifles for the United States Army during the Civil War. The company was among several entrepreneurial initiatives by Charles Parker, founder of the Charles Parker Company.

Over the years, Parker shotguns were exhibited in several national and international expositions including the Centennial International Exhibition, Philadelphia in 1876; the Melbourne International Exhibition, Australia in 1880-81; the World’s Columbian Exposition, Chicago in 1893; and the Sportsmen’s Exposition, New York in 1895, 1896, and 1897.

This particular shotgun is the side lever type with the exposed hammers reminisent of the early days. The wood is a nice walnut with checked wrist and forearm which shows use in the forms of dings but no cracks or breaks that I can see. The locks are engraved as is the trigger guard. The locks are simply marked "PARKER" on each side. The top rib on the 29 1/2 inch long barrels is marked "LAMINATED STEEL DAMASCUS". The bores are borderline fair. The hammers are a perfect match and work great. The metal parts including the barrel are a very pleasing dark brown patina. The Parker company was acquired by Remington Arms in 1934, and phased out of business by 1942.

This piece would look great over the fireplace with an empty box of old shells for display and perhaps a duck decoy! Take a look at the pics! This is a classic! Antique! A nice old hammer gun for your collection. $2950.00


JMF German Drilling

New Arrivals 226

Here we have a most wonderful 3 barrel German Drilling! Two of the barrels are 16 ga while the rifle barrel is 9.3 X 72r or 9.3 x 720 as both cartridges are within the ammo container located in the buttstock. The barrels are 27 inches long and all 3 bores are excellent! This gun has the back action locks and they work perfectly. The locks and may of the metal pieces are ornately engraved. The checkered walnut pistol grip stock has a fine cheek piece on the inside making this a firearm for a right handed shooter. The ornate buttplate has some damage at the top but still nice. Missing the front sling swivel but the base is still there. The rear sight is a flip down sight. I can see no makers name on this piece so just classified as a German Drilling according to the markings on the inside of the firearm. This piece is marked with a Crown over N, German Nitro proof (nitro is smokeless powder, instead of black), 1912 - 1939 so it is a curio and relic piece. It's a beautiful firearm! For this beautiful firearm $2295.00



New Arrivals 224

Product Description ••••• Here we have a new/old stock Springfield M1A Muzzle Brake / Stabilizer Kit (CA) that was never used and is new in the box. This kit will allow you to install the muzzle break and as such conform to California state laws. Springfield Armory has always been synonymous with quality. All Springfield parts and accessories are made to the highest standards in materials and workmanship. Feel safe in knowing you have genuine Springfield Armory parts. This kit includes:

Muzzle Brake/Stabilizer

Castle Nut Pliers

Hex Wrenches


Manufacturer: Springfield Armory

Note: It is recommended that all Springfield parts be installed by a qualified gunsmith.


Brand: Springfield Armory

Caliber: 7.62mm,.30 Cal

Finish / Color: Black

Firearm Type: Rifle

Material: Steel

Models Fit: Springfield M1A

Tool Type: Pliers

Comes in the original plastic case. Take a look at the pics. $69.95


New Arrivals to the shop jmf land grants

New Arrivals 223

Here we have 10 different old land grants from the early days of the USA! These are all secretary signed. We have 1 from James Buchanan, 4 from Martin Van Buren and 5 from Andrew Jackson! Here is a listing:

1. James Buchanan 1858 at Springfield MO for a War of 1812 Veteran Michael Williams

2. Martin Van Buren 1838 Crawfordsville IN for James Timmons

3. Martin Van Buren 1837 Crawfordsville, IN for James Chisum of Ohio

4. Martin Van Buren 1837 sale at Cincinatti but lying in Indiana for James Blacklidge

5. Martin Van Buren 1838 Crawfordsville, IN for Ezekiel Timmons of Clinton County, Indiana

6. Andrew Jackson 1832 Crawfordsville, IN for John Anderson of Clinton County Indiana

7. Andrew Jackson 1834 Crawfordsville, IN for Andrew Conarroe of Butler County Ohio

8. Andrew Jackson 1831 Crawfordsville, IN for John Anderson of Clinton County, Indiana

9. Andrew Jackson 1832 at the Land office at Crawfordsville, IN for John Miller of Clinton County Indiana

10. Andrew Jackson 1834 at the Land Office at Crawfordsville, IN for Thomas Buck of Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

All have folds, some have writing on the back, all have seals or imprints of seals. These will look absolutely beautiful framed! For each historic document $125.00


tc S&W

New Arrivals 194

Here we have a barely used Smith & Wesson SD40 VE .40 Caliber semi auto pistol in box with papers. The Smith & Wesson SD40 VE 40 S&W Full-Sized 14-Round Pistol features a lightweight polymer frame and a stainless-steel slide and barrel. The semiautomatic double-action pistol has a Picatinny rail and comes with two 14-round magazines. White-dot dovetail front and rear sights.

Features and Benefits From S&W


Plastic grip

Self-defense trigger

Semiautomatic double action with 14-round capacity

Polymer frame with a stainless-steel slide and barrel

Comes with two 14-round magazines

White-dot dovetail front and rear sights

Picatinny rail




Manufacturer warranty - parts: Lifetime limited

Trigger pull (lb.): 8

Action: Double

Metal finish: Black

Product weight: 22.7 oz.

Manual Safety: No

Barrel length (in.): 4

Handedness: Right

Grip: Plastic

Manufacturer warranty - labor: Lifetime limited

Product length (in.): 7.2

Front sight: White-dot dovetail

Style: Pistol

Magazine capacity: 14

Manufacturer warranty - general: Lifetime limited

Rear sight: White-dot dovetail

Caliber: .40

Rifle Ammo Type: Centerfire


This is a very nice pistol! No box or paperwork. For this nice pistol $295.00


tc ar-15

New Arrivals 193

Here we have a Smith & Wesson M&P-15 5.56mm MOE Mid Magpul Series Semi-Auto FDE Rifle! Also the rifle is topped off with an AT3 Tactical Red Dot scope. This rifle has been used little and is in great shape! It has a 16 inch barrel not counting the flash hider. M&P15 Rifles are lightweight and rugged embodying the best combination of function and form. Here are the stats on this rifle:

Model: M&P15 MOE Mid

Caliber: 5.56 mm NATO

Capacity: 30 Rounds - Detachable Magazine

Action: Semi-Auto

Barrel Length: 16” / 40.6 cm

Barrel Twist: 1 in 8” 5R Rifling

Front Sight: M4 A2 Post

Rear Sight: Folding Magpul® MBUS

Overall Length: 37” Extended / 33.75” Collapsed

Stock: Magpul® MOE

Weight: 6.54 lbs. / 2 966.5 g

Barrel Material: 4150 CMV

Barrel Finish: Durable Corrosion Resistant Barrel Finish

Receiver Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum

Receiver Finish: Hard Coat Black Anodized

Polymer Components: Finish Flat Dark green

Chromed Components: Gas Key Bolt Carrier

Take a look at the pics! Nice rifle! We do not have the owners manual. If you could get this from Sportsman Outdoor Superstore their price was $983.62 to $1,199.99, howver our price is $795.00!


Jmn SS1 1


New Arrivals 190

Here we have a Harrington & Richardson SS1 Sportster single shot .22 LR rifle! H&R 1871, LLC, or more commonly known as Harrington & Richardson, is an American brand of firearms and a subsidiary of JJE Capital Holdings. H&R ceased production February 27, 2015. This one is in the poly stock with an extended hammer and a scope rail on the top. Both front and rear sights are present should you not want to mount a scope. This is a break open model and is in just excellent condition! Looks virtually unused! The action is excellent as is the bore in the 20 inch barrel! Take a look at the pics! $450.00


Jmn Pardner

New Arrivals 188

Here we have a Harrington & Richardson single barrel 20 ga shotgun called PARDNER and it has a customized barrel being 20 inches long and done by a machinist. The original barrel was 25 inches long so here's your chance to own a one of a kind PARDNER which matches the length of the rifles. Action works perfect and the tube is nice and shiny down it's length! Take a look at the pics! $395.00


Jmn hr 1

New Arrivals 187

Here we have a very nice Harrington & Richardson Nickel Model 930 .22 revolver in the original box! This is a medium-frame 9-shot, double-action revolver chambered in .22 Long Rifle. A companion to the 929 was the Model 930, which was dimensionally and mechanically identical but came with a chrome finish. Manufacture ended in 1986. It features a bright nickel finish with some light, superficial scratches on the cylinder and barrel from cleaning over the years. The action is sound with good lock-up, the bore is excellent in the 2 1/2 inch barrel, and the grips are good with some very, very light scratches on the right sided grip where it was exposed in a holster. The overall condition is very nice and it comes with the original old box and papers! Bores are really bright. Can't get a good pic of that but guaranteed. Good shooter! For this old girl $270.00


Jmn hr 2

New Arrivals 186

Here we have a very nice Harrington & Richardson Nickel Model 930 .22 revolver! A companion to the 929 was the Model 930, which was dimensionally and mechanically identical but came with a chrome finish. Manufacture ended in 1986. This is a medium-frame 9-shot, double-action revolver chambered in .22 Long Rifle. It features a bright nickel finish with great action and a great bore down it's 2 1/2 inch long barrel. This is a medium-frame 9-shot, double-action revolver chambered in .22 Long Rifle. The finish is excellent and the grips are excellent as well. Bores are really bright. Can't get a good pic of that but guaranteed. Great little revolver! $350.00


Jmn hr 3

New Arrivals 185

Here we have a very nice Harrington & Richardson brushed Nickel Model 930 .22 revolver! A companion to the 929 was the Model 930, which was dimensionally and mechanically identical but came with a chrome finish. Manufacture ended in 1986. This is a medium-frame 9-shot, double-action revolver chambered in .22 Long Rifle. It features a brushed nickel finish with great action and a great bore down it's 2 1/2 inch long barrel. This is a medium-frame 9-shot, double-action revolver chambered in .22 Long Rifle. The brushed finish is good with a little mar here and there and the grips are very good with just a couple of little dings to the finish. Bores are really bright. The cylinder, 2 1/2 inch barrel, hammer and trigger guard are bright nickel. Can't get a good pic of that but guaranteed to be bright and crisp. Great little revolver! $350.00



New Arrivals 184

Here we have an Iver Johnson Model 1900 Target, Large Frame .22 9 shot revolver mfg in 1931. Serial number is 12438. This revolver can shoot .22 Short, Long & Long Rifle. This is a single and double action 9 shot revolver being side loading with a pull-pin cylinder that is easy to remove to get the cylinder out. The top of the frame is marked “IJ TARGET MODEL / FITCHBURG, MASS. / MODEL 1900 U.S.A.”. The underside of the trigger guard is marked “12439” The inside of the grip frame is marked C12439. is marked “C12839”. Barrel Length: 6” Octagonal with a great bore. The front sight is a curved blade fixed to the barrel. The rear sight is a “U” groove milled into the top strap. The one piece checkered saw handle style walnut grip has not been refinished being all original. Marks in the finish are apparent and visible in the pics. This is an all original revolver. The action functions correctly and the cylinder lockup has slight play. This is a large frame .22 Short, Long and Long Rifle Iver Johnson Model 1900 Target pistol. Introduced in 1925, this was an elegant little pistol, but its frame and barrel were too light for anything but casual target shooting. This example is in Good condition with 30% to 40% of its original finish remaining. It’s an interesting revolver! The Model 1900 was made from the turn of the 20th Century until World War II. Great little Revolver!!! $165.00



New Arrivals 183

Here we have a Colt Third Model Thuer Derringer, also known as the New Model Derringer, made circa 1875-1912. This pistols is chambered for the .41 rimfire. A Colt employee, F. Alexander Thuer, patented a Derringer that had a barrel that pivoted to the right on a vertical axis for loading and unloading. Instead of using a manually operated latch to open, his used a very positive, spring-loaded catch and detent that did not require anything but a firm twist of the barrel. This spring-loaded catch also acted as an automatic ejector, was very handy for a single shot self-defense pistol. These were sold alongside the other two models as the Third Model Deringer, but are now known to many as the Thuer Model. The Thuer was far and away the most successful of the three single shot models that Colt manufactured. These were very refined, very handy conceal and carry pieces all the way through 1912, when semi-automatic firearms took the lion’s share of the market.

The top of the barrel is marked “-COLT-”. The left side of the frame is marked “41 CAL”. This one features a brass frame that came nickel plated.

The overall condition is very good. The nickel finish is 60% +. The markings are legible. The grips are in great condition. The bore is mostly clean with good, but not deep , rifling. The action is excellent. The color on the barrle hammer, trigger and bottom screw are real nice. Here is a great little Colt for your collection!




New Arrivals 182

Here we have an antique Bacon Arms Company Pepperbox Revolver, made circa 1870 in Norwich, Connecticut. Only 1,000 are estimated to have been made, making this a very rare specimen. Thomas K. Bacon was the founder of the company and was also involved with the Manhattan Fire Arms Co. as the superintendent. He also had business dealings with Ethan Allen and Allen & Thurber. When Manhattan moved their operation away from Norwich, Bacon left the company to stay behind and work on his own firearms manufacturing company. Part of Bacon’s contract with Manhattan included a “no-compete” clause that he would have been in violation of had the heads of Manhattan had bothered to sign the agreement. Nevertheless, they still took him to court with no official judgement recorded. Bacon’s arms were popular on the commercial market and many made their way onto Civil War battlefields upon being privately purchased by soldiers.

This example is a carefully made and beautiful .22 rimfire revolving pepperbox. The pepperbox concept first became popular in the 1830s, but this model was new and improved to utilize the bored through cylinder to handle standard metallic cartridges, since the Smith & Wesson owned Rollin White Patent expired in 1869. The frame is made of iron with a fine silver plate finish but I don't think any finish remains. The serial number on this revolver is 857. The markings on the receiver are "BACON ARMS CO. NORWICH, CONN and it soes not have the Patent dates on it. "22 cal" is stamped on the frame below the cylinder. Barrel is 2-3/8 inches in length. The trigger has to be returned manually so I think a new spring is needed

Caliber: .22 rimfire

Bore is in good condition and the revolver is in good working order even though it needs a trigger return spring.

Take a look at the pics! This is a little beauty and it is RARE!!!




New Arrivals 181

Here we have a Hopkins and Allen Acme 1 1/2 .22 caliber "Hammerless" revolver with the serial number 954. Year of Manufacture: 1902-1916 in .22 Short or Long. Double Action Only (DAO) 7-Shot Revolver with Side Loading-Gate Cylinder Markings: The top strap is marked “Hopkins & Allen Mfg. Co. / Pat. Jany.5.86 Sept.26.93” and “Acme Hammerless No. 1 ½”. The frame inside the grips are marked 954 as well as under the barrel.

The Barrel Length is 2 ¼”. The front sight is a half-round blade fixed to the barrel while the rear sight is a very shallow “U” groove in the top strap. The grips are black checkered hard rubber with a checkerboard pattern inside a circle at the top of each grip. The grips show only very light handling marks. The checkering is sharp without maring. The grips rate in about Excellent overall condition. The finish is Nickel Plated with about 75% nickel remaining which is about normal. The finish is all original. The bore is a little dark but you can still see the rifling. There is minor erosion down the bore. The cylider is dark as well.

This handgun retains about 70% of its nickel finish. The markings are clear. Overall, this handgun rates in about fair to Good condition. The action functions correctly. The cylinder lock-up is a little loose. There is a top safety feature which still functions on this handgun. The cartridge door behind the cylinder on the right side is missing a little tab to open this piece for loading but it still works without it. As with all antique and vintage firearms before firing have them checked out by a competent gunsmith. We do not warrent this piece to fire. Take a look at the pics!




New Arrivals 180

Here is a nice old antique rifle / shotgun over / under combo! The locks are marked RICHARDS on both sides and they do match as well as the hammers. Westley Richards is a British manufacturer of guns and rifles and also a well established gunsmith. The company was founded in 1812 by William Westley Richards, who was responsible for the early innovation of many rifles used in wars featuring the British Army during the 1800s. It remained in the hands of the Richards family until it was purchased by Walter Clode in 1957. I believe this combo rifle to have been made circa 1840-50. The combo has the approx .44 caliber rifled rifle barrel over the 12 gauge shotgun barrel. Each barrel is about 30 1/4 inches long. Both hammers work but the left sided one is a bit sticky and probably needs some fine tuning. The walnut stock is in good condition with a ding here and there as normal. The wrist is hand checkered. The stock has a patch box located in it as well which is brass. The triggerguard is engraved and iron. There are two original ramrods being slightly different as one is for a rifle barrel and one is for a shotgun. The top of the rifle barrel is marked with "REAL TWIST" and the sides of the barrels have proof marks on them with some being Belguim. I cannot see down the rifle barrel but the shotgun barrel bore is good. The entire firearm looks fantastic! Check out the pics!!




New Arrivals 178

Here we have a Bersa Thunder 380 pistol with one magazine and it's nice! The Bersa Thunder .380 Semiautomatic Pistol features a plastic grip, a blued steel barrel and a 2-position safety. Steel front sight and a fixed rear sight. 7-round capacity. Includes one 7 round magazine. This pistol looks great and operates flawlessly! The bore is like new!




New Arrivals 176

Here wehave a small Hymn book entitled "The Patriot's Hymn Book" dated 1862. The book is in overall good condition for a book that was obviously used often. There is some foxing an staining as normal for a used book and it consists of 95 pages. The owners name, Henry W. Gaumer ?, is hand written in the book many times on the inside front and back covers. There is a paper inside written in pencil which states That Henry W. Gaumer died at Nashville, August 13, 1863 and was in Co. K of the 60th Reg. and I am assuming Indiana since the book has in it the name of the town he came from "Flora" and the county "Carroll County" of which both are in Indiana and this book was found in Frankfort, Indiana which is not far from Flora. I did not find his name in and he is not listed in the 60th Indiana roster. Bindings are somewhat loose but still there. Historic Piece! 4 1/4 X 2 7/8 inch. Look at the pics! Worthy of research!! $145.00



New Arrivals 175

Here we have a Bible given out in 1864 by the Christian Commission in Indianapolis. The front cover is nearly detachec but otherwise in good used condition. There is an inside id to Charles Austin. There were two Charles Austins in Indiana Artillery. One was in the Indiana 2nd Light Artillery and one was in 25th Indiana Light Artillery. Needs the spline fixed but otherwise Historic! Check out the pics! $65.00



New Arrivals 174

Here we have an early wooden stirrup. The cross bolt at the top has a hex nut on it. The hex head was developed as far back as the very early 1830’s (James Nasmith) , and the square continued mainly in the production of agricultural implements. In Australia the implement manufacturers bought square mild steel bars and made their own into the 30’s (Depression). 1/4" Gutter bolts with square nuts are still available.

The common rule was that Square was used where the fastening was not required near the vertical member, or with tension, and then hexagonal were used so as to get closer to the vertical member. If you needed to get even closer, then an Octagonal nut was used – Some of the early steam engines used octagonal nuts, again in the early 1800’s. so the notion that all hex nuts are modern are not entirely correct.

This old wooden stirrup was found with a Civil War spur but that does not for certainity make this stirrup Civil War but it is old. The stirrup shows cracks in the wood at the bends which would be where the stress would be after this piece was heat/steamed into shape. Makes a good decorator from the old west! $25.00



New Arrivals 173


Here is one of a pair of Civil War Era Breakaway Safety stirrups! These stirrups were know to be used on Confederate Officer's saddles during the Civil War and are well documented on page 290 of The American Military Saddle 1776-1945. Two specimens are known to have been excavated from separate battlefield sites, and a pair of these stirrups are attached to a documented Confederate Officer’s saddle. On pages 95-96 of Craig Caba’s Historic Southern Saddles is pictured the Virginia manufactured saddle, fitted with a “CS” marked pommel shield, that was owned by Capt. W. Stuart Symington, a staff officer who served with MG George Pickett. This saddle is equipped with stirrups identical to the one offered here. This particular stirrup measuers 5 1/2 inches tall and is 4 1/2 inches wide at the tred. This iron stirrup featured a split stirrup strap loop and a hinged tread plate that would allow the stirrup to “open”, releasing the rider’s foot, should he be thrown from the saddle. This iron stirrup has been plated. We believe this to be an English imported stirrup and plating was used in England when modern plating methods were introduced. Electroplating is a versatile finishing process that’s been around since the early 1800s. Simply put, it’s used for applying a metal coating to a substrate using direct electric current. If you look at the bottom of the stirrup you will see where the middle bar was heat forge welded on the solid end. This process was done before welding with current. This stirrup is as found and has not been cleaned in any way. The stirrup is hard to open and could use some lubricant to make it easier. For this single stirrup $145.00



New Arrivals 172

Here we have a nice 1/6th tintype of a family unit from the 1860's showing a Mother flanked on either side by her son and daughter. There is no identifing marks on the inside. The tintype is nice and clear! The case is a full leatherette case and has the original leather hinge intact. Nice image out of central Indiana. For this piece $65.00



New Arrivals 171

Here we have an empty album must missing the latch. The inside leaf has the inscription in it of "Lizzie L. Herrick" "Rockford, Ill". It's a CDV album with 12 pages in it so it can accommodate 24 cdv's. Moderate damage to the first page but only minor issues thereafter. The album measures 5" X 3 1/2" X 1" deep. Leather covered and marked album. For this piece $25.00



New Arrivals 170

Here we have a pretty nice 1/6th plate TT in full leatherette case with repaired spline an image of a stately gentleman holding a book. There is some solarization to the tintype but it's still nice. No id here but came out of Central Indiana. For this piece $45.00



New Arrivals 169

Here we have various figures of President Lincoln as well as General Lee and General Grant, Eagles, a Doctor and a soldier. Let me know if you are interested in any one of them and I will provide you with particulars. Thanks!



Here we have some copy coins.

New Arrivals 168


A. This is a copy of a gold 1854 $20 dollar gold piece. Excellent in a plastic sleeve. This 1 oz. copper piece is plated in precious 22k gold. $9.95


B. This is a 1913 Liberty Head V-Nickel REPLICA Coin being heavy and being about 1 3/8ths inch across in a circular plastic case. Nice! $9.95


C. This is another copy of a gold 1854 $20 dollar gold piece. Excellent in a plastic sleeve. This 1 oz. copper piece is plated in precious 22k gold. Plastic case $9.95


D. This is a 1984 Double Eagle Presidental Coin picturing President Ronald Reagan on the front and double eagles on the reverse. About 50 cent size. In plastic case. $1.95




Here we have some Confederate Copy coins.

There were no circulating Confederate coins. There were a few half dollars made at the New Orleans Mint with a Union obverse and a Confederate reverse but this coin can only be considered a proposal. There were dies made for a Confederate cent by Philadelphia engraver Robert Lovett but only twelve pieces were minted. _____________________________________________________________________________

A. This Confederate half dollar does not have COPY but after comparing it to known CS Half Dollars I believe it is a copy so you can have it for $9.95.


B. This Confederate half dollar does have COPY on the reverse and the coin looks like new. Nice! $9.95


C. This is a copy of a Confederate 1862 dated $5 coin about the size of a cent or just a little bigger. Nice! $2.00


D. This is a 1861 Confederate one cent coin in excellent condition. $2.00


E. This is another 1861 Confederate one cent coin in excellent condition. $2.00


F.This is another copy of a Confederate 1862 dated $5 coin about the size of a cent or just a little bigger. Nice! $2.00




New Arrivals 167

A. The Civil War Centennial Commission 1961-1965 bronze medallion coin. One side of the coin has the images of Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant on it. Let us have Peace Consciousness of Duty Faithfully Performed In honor of 100 years. Dated 1961 Coin is like new with the both halfs of its soiled box. Inside box is marked Metallic Art Co. New York. This piece measures 2 1/2 inches across and is very heavy. $34.95


B. Here we have a very nice commemorative medal honoring the 100th anniversary of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument in Indianapolis, Indiana dated 1902-2002. This medal is modeled after the G.A.R. Membership medal. Nice one! $19.95


C. Here we have a silver dollar sized Abraham Lincoln-Gettysburg Address coin which is very heavy. The entire Gettysburg Address is on the reverse of this coin. Take a look at the pics! $24.95


D. This 50 cent sized bronze coin has Abraham Lincoln on the front and the Eagle and banner on the reverse which is the State Seal of Illnois. Minted in a brass alloy with an antique bronze finish. In a protective sleeve. $10.00


E. GEORGE WASHINGTON PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 1789 Engraver: Pierre Simon Duvivier Reverse The reverse of the medal features the “PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP” symbol with two hands clasped in token of amity. On the cuff of the left wrist are three stripes with buttons, each button carrying the American eagle; the other wrist is bare. This restrike is about the size of a 50 cent piece. $14.95


F. Here we have a SHARPSBURG MARYLAND MONUMENT 100TH Anniversary 1867-1967 1-1/4" MEDAL with some tone spots. $9.95


G. Here we have a Fort Sumter Centennial Key Chain 1861-1961. Excellent condition! $9.95


H. Here we have a 1/2 dollar sized George Washington Security Id'd tag coin-unused. This actually represents a "dog tag" used in the Civil War but this one is a restrike. $9.95


I. Here is a quarter sized or slightly larger Abraham Lincoln souvenir Coin that commerates his Springfield Illinois home. $9.95 _____________________________________________________________________________


J. Here is a silver dollar sized Bronze Historic Commemorative Medal entitled THE HIGH TIDE AT GETTYSGURG JULY 1 -3 1864 on the front and text on the back of the coin. Check out the pics! In plastic hard case. $19.95


k. Here is a silver dollar sized silver Commemorative Medal entitled United States Of America Blue and Gray Reunion 125th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg 1863-1988 in hard case. Excellent! $29.95.




New Arrivals 165

Here we have several parts for the Brazilian Light Mini Rifle that was imported into the states during the Civil War. The "Brazilian Light Minie Rifle" name for these Liege-made Light Minie Rifles that were imported during the Civil War was likely named thusly by pioneer Civil War arms collector and research William B Edwards, who discusses the theory that these guns originally produced for a Brazilian naval contract and were re-routed to American arms purchasers for Civil War use. I found these parts together in one lot and unfortunately not the entire firearm and no history accompanies them. The lot includes the DC anchor stipped lock place with the main spring still attached. the trigger grouping, band spring, internal lock pieces, brass buttplate and the hardest piece to find if you are missing it, the brass spread wing eagle with US shield in the center plate. I have seen several of these rifles that are missing this little brass plate and they are impossible to find on the loose but here we have one! Several parts are marked with the DC anchor marking. Take a look at the pics! Will not separate! All, including the rare eagle brass plate, for $350.00



New Arrivals 164

Here we have a nice heavy cup that is titled "Salute of Honor" and is artwork done by Mort Kinsler. This is the 2005 Lang 12oz Coffee Tea Mug in the original presentation box and has never been used. It's pretty nice! $9.95



New Arrivals 163

Here we have a medal that commerates the 4 boundry markers being placed around Camp Morton Civil War CS Prison Camp in Indianapolis. On October 25, 2003, the Ben Harrison Camp #356, with ceremonies at the Herron-Morton Place Historic Park located at 19th and Alabama Street, honored the twenty-one organizations and individuals who supported the creation and placing of the markers that now denote the four corners of Camp Morton, the Civil War prison camp for captured Confederate soldiers. Particularly recognized for their substantial contributions was the Herron-Morton Neighborhood Association and the Indiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This medals face shows a Union Lock and that same image is on the 4 boundry Markers.

History of Camp Morton

At the beginning of the Civil War the animal barns and stockades of the Indiana State Fairgrounds, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, were converted into a training ground for newly recruited soldiers. The camp was named after Oliver T. Morton, certainly the most famous, powerful and tenacious state governor of Indiana in that or any subsequent era. After Grant captured Fort Donelson in Tennessee on 16 February 1862, the camp began to be used as a staging area for captured Confederates who suffered northern winters in inadequate shelter, a misery further compounded by limited rations, promulgated by Commissary General of Prisoners as a cost-saving measure. From 1862 to 1865, the camp would reach a peak population of 5,000. During this period there were 1,763 deaths and more than 150 escapes—at times achieved by throwing stones to draw fire and then simply rushing the guards. After the war, despite the privations they experienced, former prisoners remembered Camp Morton with some fondness by erecting a statue of its 1862 commander, Colonel Richard Owen in the State Capitol. To learn more about Camp Morton, please visit the following web site:

These commerative medals never show up on the secondary market but here's one now! For this medal $45.00



New Arrivals 162

Here we have to framed General Orders in the 5 X 7 inch format. The orders are from the Left General Order No. 207 dated June 6, 1864 and on the right is General Order No. 88 dated March 8, 1864. Both are easily read and are original. $20 for each or $35 for the pair.



New Arrivals 161

Here we have a standard sized dinner plate that has a nice portrait of General U.S. Grant transferred onto it. The back of the plate simply has a sticker on it saying that it was made in the USA. No other mfg's markings are on it so I have no idea of who made it or even what it is constructed of. It kind of feels like plastic but it has weight to it so I just don't know. The plate is housed in an oval frame and ready to hang on the wall. For this piece $25.00



New Arrivals 160

Here we have a Union Hospital Image from Washington, D.C. with a chewed .58 caliber Mini bullet mounted under it that has been chewed. The story is that sometimes bullets were used for pain relief to bite on when anesthesia was not available. Hence, there is where the phrase "Bite the Bullet" came from. I cannot guarantee that the bite marks on this bullet are human bite marks as many critters bit down on dropped bullets as well. It makes for a nice display and an excellent conservation piece! $25.00



New Arrivals 159

Here we have a silk reunion ribbon that is marked North-Eastern Soldiers' and Sailors' Association Annual Reunion 1885 Flint, Mich. The ribbon comes framed and is not glued down. Nice! $15.00



New Arrivals 158

here we have a small riker case which three bullet projectiles, a NY dug button missing back and a smashed Union Eagle button complete with back and shank. Case is 4 1/4" X 5 1/4". From various battlefields and campsites. Sorry but can't be more specific than that. For the lot $20.00



New Arrivals 157

Here we have a really nice collection of 14 various Civil War projectiles from several different battlefields. Take a look at the pic. For all in 12 1/4 X 8 1/4 inch case $75.00



New Arrivals 156

Here we have a great collection Civil War Artillery related items and a Document box key. Great, stable condition for dug and labeled. 12 1/4 X 8 1/4 inch case. All for $95.00



New Arrivals 155

Here we have a large riker case 16 X 12 inches with 12 various items in it and all labeled. Check out the pic! $55.00



New Arrivals 154

Here we have an old 1800's percussion Shotgun cleaning rod. It's a 3 piece rod that measures 35 inches long and I don't believe it has ever been apart until I took it apart to shoot pics! The brass and wood on the inside of the connections looks brand new! The end cleaning part is called a "Worm". It's used to unload percussion firearms from the muzzle end of to hook a cleaning cloth in it to swab the barrel. If the cloth comes off you can easily just turn the worn and entangle the cloth back in the claws. Nice an dark walnut patina! For this rare to fine piece $65.00 Take a look at the pics!!!



New Arrivals 153

Here we have a heavy resin Naval Cannon on base marked "Puerto Rico". The base is 3 X 4 inches and the cannon on base measures 3 inches tall. It's very nicely done and exhibits well! Comes in the original box. Nice! $24.99




Here we have a beautiful pewter Chilmark sculpture entitled "FLORIDA THE SURGEON". This Confederate sculpture is perfect and beautiful being a 1998 edition by the artist Andrew L. Chernak, Sculptor. The base is 4 1/4 inches long by 3 1/8 inches wide and is about 4 1/4 inches tall. This one is 157 out of 2500 made. It is in a box but not the original box and we have no paperwork for it. Take a look at the pics!!! $95.00



New Arrivals 151

Here we have 2 small pewter photograph frames. One is circular in a wreath holding a photo about 1 1/2 inch across and in excellent condition! The other is square and holds a photo a little less than 2 inches across. Each $15.00



New Arrivals 150

Here we have 4 pewter figures of Union Soldiers. These figures are made by HUDSON and marked Fine Pewter. These fine figures are in very good shape with the exception of a bent pistol and bayonet but nothing is broken. Check out the pics! Copyright 1992. For all 4 $95.00! That's about 1/2 price!



New Arrivals 149

Here we have an excellent example of a Chilmark Billy Yank sculpture!! 2 1/2 inches across the base and 4 1/2 inches tall. This is a 1994 Special Event Edition art piece, #445. It does come with its original box This piece is outstanding! Original $95.00 but our price $75.00! Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 148

Here we have an excellent example of a Chilmark Johnny Reb sculpture!! 2 1/2 inches across the base and 4 inches tall. This is a 1993 Special Event Edition art piece, #289. It does come with its original box This piece is outstanding! Original $95.00 but our price $75.00! Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 147

Here we have an excellent example of pewter craftsmanship! Here we have a Coventry Pewter figure entitled "Lee at Sharpsburg". This is a special edition done in 2000 and signed by the artist Andrew L. Chernak, Sculptor. This one has a certificate that says 177 of 350 and it does come in the original box. 2 3/4 inches across the base and 4 1/2 inches tall. Fantastic! Originally $79.00 but our price is $49.99 Check out the pics!!



New Arrivals 146

Here we have an excellent example of pewter craftsmanship! Here we have a Coventry Pewter figure entitled "Angel of the Battlefield" "Clara Barton". This is a special edition done in 2002 and signed by the artist Andrew L. Chernak, Sculptor. No certificate with this one but it does come in the original box. Originall $79.00 but our price is $49. Outstanding quality and clarity! 2 3/4 across the base and nearly 4 inches tall. Check out the pics!




Here we have an excellent example of pewter craftsmanship! Here we have a Coventry Pewter E-4 Ambulance Corpsman of the Civil War for sale. 2 3/4 inches across the base and 5 1/4 inches tall. This one was produced in 2003 and signed by the artist Andrew L. Chernak, Sculptor. Also comes with the certificate of registration. This is number 71 out of 350. Original sold for $79.00 but our price is $49.00. Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 145

Here we have a really nice Diorama entitled "Chancellorsville House may 1863" by the Danbury Mint. The base measures about 8 by 10 inches and this piece is very detailed. Sold locally only! I do not have the original shipping box and I am afraid it may be damaged during shipping. For this piece $59.99 Check out the pics!




New Arrivals 144


Here we have a paid of 1850-1870 Militia Knights Head swords without scabbards. During the 1840s these militia style officer swords were a desirable weapon. The purchaser could go in and they could pic the option they wanted. You could buy the base model and depending on how much you wanted to spend you could add on anything that you wanted. Each sword is a little different. Both have cross guards with the stippled background detail. The original handles are intact on the swords and both have a pleasing look to the bone material. Many people mistakenly say these are ivory but they are not. At the top of each sword is the Knight's head pommel Design. One sword is slightly shorter than the other being 31 1/2 inches long with a plain blued elipitical blade. There is a small amount of rust near the cross guard and I cannot see a makers mark because of the langets that come down each side of the blade. The crossguard on this one only has the decoration on one side or the guard with just stippling on the other side. There is some minor damage to the crossguard but not bad at all. The grip is nice and tight.

On the other sword this piece is 33 3/4 inches long overall. The blued blade is engraved but it's light and so not easy to see. The crossguard and the Knightshead pommel cap are a little loose which is normal for this type of sword as the tang is peened through the pommel cap. You can peen it some more if you like to tighten it up but it's not necessary.

Both bone sword grips are nice with no breaks or chips and only a small chip out of the shorter one. The great book AMERICAN SWORDS AND SWORD MAKERS by Richard Bezdek on page 599 has a very similiar type of sword listed as Militia Noncommissioned officer sword c. 1850-1870. I knew Richard well and respected him highly. You could actually collect only militia swordsand have a tremendous collection of all different styles of this sword. Take a look at the pics! For the Pair $325.00



New Arrivals 143

Here we have an old Fraternal Sword and scabbard made by McLilley. Here is a bit of history about M.C. Lilley & Co.

From modest beginnings in 1864, the M. C. Lilley & Company eventually became world renowned as manufacturers of regalia. The company was founded by four leading citizens of Columbus, Ohio - all veterans of the Civil War. They were Mitchell Campbell Lilley, John Siebert and brothers, Charles and Henry Lindenberg. All four men were members of the Odd Fellows and published the “Odd Fellows Companion”, a publication of the fraternal organization. Through this newsletter they received many requests from people wanting to purchase regalia. They decided to produce the items themselves and thus a company was born. The Lilley Company produced swords, banners, flags, emblems and uniforms for fraternal societies and organizations such as the Masons, Odd Fellows, and the Knights of Pythias, Knights Templar as well as police and military uniforms.

Beginning in a small building at 253 South High Street, the Company eventually grew to occupy several large buildings at the corner of East Long and North 6th Streets. Items produced by the Company can be roughly dated by the changes in the Company’s name. From 1865 to 1881 the name was the “M. C. Lilley & Co.”. In 1882 after the death Of Mr. Lilley the name changed to “The M. C. Lilley & Co.” and remained such until 1925 when it was shortened to “The Lilley Co.”. The Company was merged with the Henderson-Ames Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1931 and the name was changed to “The Lilley-Ames Company” until 1951 when it was sold to C. E. Ward. It operated under the name of “Lilley Ames Co.” until 1953. It went out of business in 1965

Since this sword is marked M.C.Lilley & Company (worn but legible and I don't think there is room for the word THE) then this sword was made from 1865 to 1881 but probably closer to 1881 then to 1865. The sword shows quite a bit of age. The sword sports a Knights head pommel with a wooden grip and "Bow Tie" cross guard with the handguard of a Cross in a Crown on it. The brass mountings and drag are quite ornate. The scabbard body is iron. The blade is 28 inches long with is correct and has worn engraving down both sides. The blade exhibits a nice dark patina but no rust. The entire sword/scabbard shows great patina and has not been messed with or cleaned. The pommel has a bit of chain attached to it but about 1/2 is missing. The grip is loose but that is not uncommon as these swords were held together by peaning the tang on the end of the Knight's Head pommel and over time they work loose. You could tighten it up if you like by repeaning the tang but I personally would leave it alone. Take a look at the pics! $125.00



New Arrivals 71

Here we have a large D-Guard Bowie knife of the type popular with Confederate Soldiers. Unfortunately, I believe it to be a contemporary example, perhaps from the 1940's on. It came in with several items including WW2 items. The knife measures 16 3/4 inches long with a hefty nearly 12 inch long clip point bowie blade. The handguard is sheet steel and the grip is stag held on by two through the tang rivits. The tang appears to have been peaned over. The entire outfit is tight with no blade wobble at all. There appears to be writing done with an electric pen on both sides of the ricasso. One side says 28 while the other side just has initials. The blade is heavy, fairly thick steel and seems to be in excellent aged condition. Take a look at this massive piece! Nice Quality! $225.00


JMF new arrivals

New Arrivals 69

This is a Charles Daly Superior II O/U shotgun made in Italy!! This firearm was distributed by Outdoor Sports of Dayton Ohio and made before 1988 I have been told. It is a, 12 Gauge with 26" vent-rib blue steel barrels, 2 3/4" chambers, fixed full & modified chokes, front barrel brass bead sights with a beautiful engraved antique silver finish on receiver, blue steel triggerguard, single selective gold plated trigger, selector on tang safety, beautiful checkered walnut stock and forend with glossy finish, 14" length of pull/ The bores are mirror finish. There are a couple of very minor spots on one area of the barrel that is shown in the pics. Obviously this firearm has not seen much use! I have fired this piece myself and it works perfectly! Nice! Nice firearm! $895.00



New Arrivals 68

Here we have a small framed .38 Caliber Harrington & Richardson THE AMERICAN DOUBLE ACTION revolver! The Harrington & Richardson revolver called The American Double Action Revolver was made from the 1880s all the way up to the 1940s with only minor changes. It was made in several barrel lengths with the short barrels being the most common. It was made as a 6 shot 32 caliber and a 5 shot 38. This one is a 5 shot chambered in 38 S&W caliber with a 2 1/2 inch barrel. This particular revolver is nickel plated with some nickel lacking as normal. The aciton works great in both double and single action. The lettering is nice and sharp and the barrel exhibits a nice shiny rifling. The hard rubber grips are in very nice condition with no breaks or cracks. The serial number is 39645 but I have not been able to find out if it is pre 1898 so it will have to go to a C&R holder or to a FFL for transfer. Take a look at the pics! Very reasonable for $125.00!



New Arrivals 67

***Here is another small framed .32 Caliber Harrington & Richardson THE AMERICAN DOUBLE ACTION revolver just like the one above except that it is inoperable and one of the grips has a chip out of it. Also, The nickel is just not as good as well. This one is serial number 1000 so I am quite confident that it is an antique and no subject to Federal rules. This would make a great shadow box Old West gun for the office or den wall! AS IS, this one is $65.00.



New Arrivals 66

Here we have a very nice legible Civil War Document from the 12th VRC (Veterans Reserve Corps). The Veteran Reserve Corps (originally the Invalid Corps) was a military reserve organization created within the Union Army during the American Civil War to allow partially disabled or otherwise infirm soldiers (or former soldiers) to perform light duty, freeing able-bodied soldiers to serve on the front lines. The corps was organized under authority of General Order No. 105, U.S. War Department, dated April 28, 1863. Prior to The title "Veteran Reserve Corps" was substituted for that of "Invalid Corps" by General Order No. 111, dated March 18, 1864, to boost the morale. So this document dates after March 18, 1864 but no date is on the document. The document is as follows: "Articles of Camp and Garrison Equipage lost by men of Co. B 12th VRC. 55 Fifty-five Cap numbers".

"I certify that the foregoing number of Corps numbers were at various times lost by men of Co B 12 V.R.C. without any fault of theirs as they were a poor article and easily came off the caps." "J.S.Rossler Capt Co B 12 V.R.C." As a bonus there is a brass Co. 'B' insignia included with this framed piece. The frame measures 8 3/4 by 10 3/4" with the document matted to 5 X 7". The 12th V.R.C. was organized at Albany, N.Y., October 10, 1863 and Mustered out by November 25, 1865. Nice and clear! $90.00



New Arrivals 64

Good C&R Iver Johnson HAMMERLESS .38 S&W Revolver

Self-Defense Revolver Made Circa 1900

Here we have an Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Double Action Safety Hammerless Revolver, made circa the turn of the 20th Century in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. Iver Johnson & Martin Bye both started with Ethan Allen, then started their own company in 1871. The company continued to operate until 1993. This revolver was designed to be small and concealable for self-defense.

This revolver is chambered for 5 shots of .38 S&W and features a hammerless design, great for concealed carry in the 1920s. The top of the barrel is marked “IVER JOHNSON ARMS & CYCLE WORKS/FITCHBURG, MASS. U.S.A.” The grips bear an owl on each side and they are in great shape.

The overall condition is good. The original blued finish is still found in protected areas. The original blue finish on the trigger guard is 50%. The markings are clear and legible. The grips are fine with just a few dings on the bottom. The bore is excellent, sharp and shiny. The action is excellent. The front blade side is missing. The cylinder rotates freely until engaged by the double action. This is not a bug but a feature, Iver Johnson designed this revolver without a lock-up. For this 2nd model revolver $225.00



New Arrivals 60

A couple of older Double barrel 12 ga shotguns recently came into the shop. Here is the first one:

1. This first one is an I.Hollis & Sons 12 gauge Double Barrel shotgun. I. Hollis & Sons was a gunmaker in London from about 1861 – 1915. In that time they made everything from quality sporting guns to cheaper export pieces. Damascus or “ Damascus twist ” barrels are older shotgun barrels that typically were made before 1900. Iron and steel ribbons were twisted and welded together. Damascus barrels are weaker than modern barrels and are not designed for the high gas pressures created by modern ammunition. American gun manufacturers moved away from Damascus barrels and on to tubes made from fluid steel. Around the 1880s, Damascus barrels became an object of the past. British gunmakers manufactured Damascus steel barrels through the early 1930s and this is an English shotgun. The shotgun is in really nice shape but someone had removed the firing pins, probably for safety, as it probably hung over the fireplace for display. The double barrel shotgun is nearly 48 inches long with 32 inch barrels. The bores show some corrosion from using black powder but are mostly shiny. The other finish of the barrels is a nice dark patina. The top of the rib between the barrels is marked with the makers name and DAMASCUS. THere are a couple of minor dents in the barrels. The back action locks work fine and are ornate (check out the pics!). The hammers and hammer screws are correct and original to the piece however the right hammer hesitates back but doesn't hold. The wood stocks are engraved/checkered and in pretty nice shape especially for a firearm that is over 100 years old! The forearm is missing the little, probably gutta percha, wedge at the end. The original gutta percha or plastic butt plate is still present. Overall a very nice looking shotgun! You'll have fun looking for the firing pins! These Hollis shotguns can go for some really substantial money but this one, missing the firing pins, is $350.00 and again, check out the pics!!!


2. Sold!!!

This second double barrel 12 gauge shotgun is mfg by J. Stevens, thus it is an American Shotgun made in Chicopee Falls, Mass! The only marking is J. Stevens A & T Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA -Pats. Appl'd For- on left side of lock, and Stevens on early plastic or gutta percha butt plate. The name J. Stevens A&T (Arms and tool) was used from 1886 to 1916 when the name was changed to New England Westinghouse for the production of Mosin-Nagant rifles. In 1920 the name and company was bought by Savage Arms. The time frame for this brand shotgun is 1886 to 1916. The model number depends on whether it is a sidelock or boxlock. The sidelock had the hammers and cocking mechanism contained in the sideplate of the shotgun. The boxlock had the hammers attached to the receiver itself so this is a boxlock model. The boxlock model numbers were - Model 1877-225-235 This shotgun operates as it should and has nice bores in the 30 inch barrels. The firearm is 46 1/2 inch long overall. The wood is in generally good condition but could use a good stipping and finish reapplied. The forearm has a substantial chip out of it that you can see in the pics. Both forearm and butt stock are checkered. The metal finish shows a nice dark patina. The markings are clear. The right side hammer and screw is correct for this piece however the reverse hammer has been slightly lengthened and the screw is a replacement. Both locks lock back as they should and operate the firing pins as they should. C&R License eligible. Check out the pics! $250.00




Here we have a steel SKS 30 round magazine with 28 rounds of 7.62X39 Russian ammo. Sold!!



New Arrivals 57

Here we have an opened but all original 20 round pack of .30 Goverment (30-06) Model 1906 Pointed Full Patch-150 gr. shells. The box is in excellent condition. Ammo is headstamped WCC (Winchester) 45 (1945). Great Display item ! $45.00



New Arrivals 56

Here we have a Sons of Union Veterans insignia attached to a Maltese cross which probably means 5th Corps. This son may have had a father that fought in the 5th corps. There is an old attachment pin at the top. $15.00




New Arrivals 55

Here we have a Belgium Leopold II 1865-1905 Commemorative Medal. Awarded to commemorate 40 years of the Reign of Leopold II. No top pin attachment present. The medal has gold gilt on it. $25.00


New Arrivals 54



Here we have a very special item! This is a WW2 German Lugar captured by an Airman in North Africa!! This Airman is Staff Sgt. Howard Hoehn who captured this luger in 1943 in Tunisia. We have the original letter signed by Howard recalling the capture of the piece. He took it off a dead Motorcycle Soldier at a recent battle! A collector friend of mine purchased this Luger directly from Howard in 2002. Howard recently died in 2019 at the age of 98 so it's time for my friend to move this on as he is in his 70's as well. We have Howards' obit with this grouping as well. The Luger had one magazine and Howard purchased another but we have been unable to find that other magazine but if we do we will include it. Howard was stationed in Trinidad but was sent on detached service to a temporary Air Field in Tunisia, North Africa to assist in changing engines on B-24 planes which had been grounded. Howard and two other GI's went on a little sightseeing trip and ran across this battlefield in which he spotted a wrecked German motorcycle with it's rider deceased. They found his Luger still in the holster and fished it out then putting it in his pocket as they were not supposed to take souveniers at that time. Howard snuck it back into the country and it was never discovered. I have all of that info in his letter along with the serial number of the Luger. Now on to the Luger:

This is an example of a pre-WWII German Nazi Luger pistol that was manufactured by Mauser in 1935. 1935 was the second year of renewed Luger production, as the Nazis already had designs on Lebensraum in Eastern Europe and payback against the French. Fixed sights, with the "G" date mark on the chamber and "S/42" on the front toggle link. Straw colored small parts, checkered grips and a blued magazine with aluminum base. Minus the magazine, the numbers are matching. This 1935 pattern has by the following features: * Flat, checkered toggle knobs. * No grip safety (except for special models like the Mauser Banner grip safety and the Krieghoff grip safety models). * Stock lug. * Salt blue finish. * Aluminum-base magazine. * Six-groove rifling, 1 turn in 25 cm.The "G" Code denotes the last date of production as 1935. This was the last year that the germans concealed their production date on weaons of war. This pistol is all matching numbers not including the magazine. The Luger is in very fine conditionand would rate up there in condition overall. The straw parts are very strong with somewhat light wear on the inside of the trigger. The original blue rust is very nice and the grips pretty nice as well with a depression in the obverse grip at the top. The bore and chamber show almost no wear at all. Very nice! The aluminum toggle plug on the magazine shows the serial number of 2634 as well as what looks like an eagle over 63. Take a look at the pics! They pretty much say it all! Fantastic!!! Finding original WW2 weapons with signed documentation as to where and when this vet acquired it is getting quite rare today. C&R Eligible ! Take a look at the pics! They pretty much say it all! Fantastic!!! For this firearm and the history $7,500.00


New Arrivals 53

Just had a few Civil War books come in. These are all vintage books.


Jmf 458 ammo

New Arrivals 52

Here we have three boxes of .458 Win Mag ammo. We only have 1 full box of 20 each. We do have some once shot brass if you are a reloader. Check out the pic!

Jmf 300 win mag

Here we have several boxes of .300 Win Mag. We also have some once shot brass for the reloaders in this caliber. Check out the pic!



New Arrivals 51

Here we have a fairly new, hardly used Harrington & Richardson SPORTSTER SSI model .22 LR single shot break open rifle. Synthetic Stock/20" Barrel w/Rifle Sights. Excellent rifling in the barrel and the mechanics are top notch. The 22 rifle retains the patented transfer bar mechanism which provides unparalleled hammer down safety and comes with 3 tapped places for scope mount. Excellent condition!!! $450.00 Check out the pics!!!



New Arrivals 50

Here we have a handmade possibly blacksmith made knife with an extremely long pointed blade! The knife is approximately 13 inches long with a 8 3/8ths long thin blade. The small oval crossguard is brass. The grip looks like 2 piece of spiral cut ebony/ black wood held on by rivits which are magnetic. The piece was very well made and we believe possibly early 20th century. This thing could cause some serious damage!!! For this knife $225.00 Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 49

Here we have 2 scalloped type rifle powder flasks! The flasks are both Hawksley flasks. The first one to the left is about 9 1/2 X 5 with a full spout but missing the spring. It's quite ornate as you can see in the pics. It shows a hunter on horseback with knife and horned helmet hunting a European Bison! The reverse side shows Cross rifles and accroutrements. This one is $295.00

The second flask is smaller as you can see being 8 inches by 3 1/2 inches with a partial spout also missing the spring. This one is quite ornate as you as you can see in the pics. For this one $145.00



New Arrivals 48

Here we have two antique powder flasks for rifles. They look about the same as far as the motif. I believe these to be for the long rifles of the period 1840'- 1850's. The first one to the left is about 9 inches long with the spout and 4 1/2 inches wide. One side is pushed in but I have heard you can put in dry rice, add water and let nature take it's course to pop it back out. I do not see any markings as to mfg on this piece. For this old flask $175.00

This next old flask has the same motif and is 8 1/4 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide. The spring is broken and most of the spout is missing. For this one $125.00



New Arrivals 47

Here we have two large fixed blade knifes. The one on the top is a hand made fixed blade knife by Parker Cut. Co. and so marked. Extremely hard to find presentation grade huge "MY COUNTRY - MY STEEL ITS PROTECTION" Bowie that was part of the short-run 1982-1983 limited edition issue by Parker Cutlery Co. (Parker used this name from 1979 to 1983). The Bowie is in unused condition and it has not been sharpened or altered in any way. These large high-quality replicas of the famous Civil War era Bowie knives were manufactured circa 1982-1983 in Japan, using modern tools and high quality materials. Hand-finished by the Japanese craftsmen, each type was limited to just 1000 serial-numbered knives and this one is 093 - a great find indeed! Check out the pics! 11 inches long with a 6 1/2 inch long blade! $295.00

The bottom knife is a very nice example of an unused Civil War Era Knife with mother of pearl grips titled "SELF DEFENDER"!. Japan Mother of Pearl "Self Defender" Bowie Knife #137. This beautiful knife is in very good condition! The blade of this knife seems to have never been used or sharpened. The etching is just beautiful! The knife is 13 3/8ths inches long overall with a 8 5/8ths inch long blade. Take a look at the pics! Beautiful!! $395.00



New Arrivals 46

Here we have two large "Horse Head" clipped point bowie knifes commeratives! Contemporary Wostenholme Bowie Knifes with Horse Head 9 3/4" clip point blade, with cast guard, stag grips/smooth grips and cast horse head pommel. Ricasso marked 14/100 and 53/100 respectively, and blades with engraved with spread-winged eagle, eagle banner with "The IXL Bowie", and marked G. Wostenholme and Son, Washington Works, None Genuine But Those Marked IXL. No modern makers name on these knifes. The knife with stag grips shows more age and a little pitting near the ricasso while the other knife has a better looking blade. Both of these knifes are 16 inches long overall with the smooth blade knife having a sheath in excellent condition. The first knife is $425 while the second knife with the sheath is $525.00 Look at the pics!



New Arrivals 44

Here we have a Soviet Army Original USSR Russian M1895 Nagant Revolver Holster Stamped Unissued Military Surplus with cleaning rod. It's in excellent unused condition! $29.95



New Arrivals 43

Here we have a Parker Cutlery Company folding knife. The knife measures 6" closed and is 11" overall. Made in Japan. There are 2 blades. Master blade etched: New Orleans Knife and the Secondary blade has Eagle etch. This knife has beautiful Sandbar Stag handles with Nickel Silver fancy bolsters. It also has Nickel Silver long rectangular shield and Lower bolsters have the Louisiana state symbol which is a Mother Pelican feeding her young. In excellent overall condition with a couple of tiny spots on the top of the main blade that can be buffed out. The blades have not been sharpened. In the box with no paperwork. $225.00



New Arrivals 42

Here we have a Parker Eagle Brand Knife No. M-1467 11" open and 6 1/8" closed. Mfg by Parker & Son Chattanooga, TN M-1467 Folding Bowie Lockback knife. This knife has 1 blade. Etched: 1836 Texas Sesquicentennial 1986. Beautiful Sandbar Stag handles with Nickel Silver spacers and bolsters. In Near Mint overall condition with box. No paperwork. Stainless Steel. Made in Japan. It is a BIG beautiful piece and has never been sharpened! $249.95 Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 41

Here we have an older Sam Browne Military/Police Belt without the shoulder strap. Been used and shows age with some surface cracking and a nice brass buckle. No markings. $25.00



New Arrivals 40

Here we have a really nice old Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer Belt Model 5 shot revolver in .28 caliber. This is a Single aciton revolver with a solid frame with cylinder base pin inserted from the rear. The 5 shot cylinder hsa a roll engraved forest scene with deer. The barrel is a 3 inch barrel. The markings on the barrel are ALLEN & WHEELOCK/ALLEN'S PATENT JAN. 13 1857, SEPT.7 (1858) The 1858 is missing and the top of the 2 line address/information stampings is quite worn and only seen under magnification for the most part. The original finish was blue but most is missing and it's turning a darker metal/plum color. It has a case hardened cylinder, hammer and trigger with a combination trigger guard/loading lever with friction style laterally moved catch mounted on the rear of the trigger guard. The hammer is mounted on the right side of the frame. This piece works as it should and has the original grips on it. The serial number is 898 I believe being stamped on both the grip frame and one of the grips. They only made 1,000 of these small revolvers and they were mfg from the 1850's to 1861. Take a look at the pics. It's a nice early revolver!! $995.00




New Arrivals 39

Here we have an Imperial German Knife in Sheath. The entire set measures 15 inches long while the knife from tang to tip measures 14 5/8ths inches long. The blade itself is 9 15/16ths inches long. The blade has no markings on it that I can see but it sure is in the Imperial German Style. It's a flat blade on top and has an edge for about 3 inches towards the tip. The blade is in good condition and is still sharp with no sharpening marks. There is some minor pitting in the middle of the reverse blade. The fittings are brass andthe grip is stag. The grip is tight on the blade. The nice leather sheath also has good patinaed brass fittings on it with a frog stud on the top mount. This is a great knife! $350.00

***** __________________________________________________________________________________________


New Arrivals 38

Here we have a very large garrison flag that was altered by sewing loops at the top to hang on the wall although it has eyelets along the side as well. The 45-Star Flag: This Flag became the Official United States Flag on July 4th, 1896. A star was added for the admission of Utah on January 4th, 1896, and was to last for 12 years. The Presidents to serve under this flag were Grover Cleveland (1893-1897), William McKinley (1897-1901),and Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909). This flag was probably used during the Spanish American War of 1898! The flag measures 8 feet by 12 feet in length and would cover the entire wall of a normal home! There is some water staining on it and just one small spot of damage but otherwise it's a great example of a late 1800's flag! $350.00 for this one! Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 37

Here we have 3 more Military Brass Powder Flasks! The first one on the left is N.P.Ames 1838 Peace Flask and is entirely complete and in good condition with just a couple of tiny dents in the body and no repairs. The spout is complete and works as it should. The markings on the top are nice however the 1 in 1838 is almost gone due to a light stamp. The N.P.Ames stamp is deep and strong and there is the stamp "WS" by one of the Eagle heads on the body. There is wear on both sides from use. $650.00 for this one. Check out the pics!Mo<

Here is another Model 1851 Revolver powder flask that is marked on the top AM FLASK & CAP Co. American Flask and Cap Co. was in business in NYC from 1857- 1870. This one has seen use and poor storage but is complete and but is missing the spring so it's not functional as it should be. I have been told that these were for the 1851 Colt Revolver but it is not small being 7 3/4 inches long overall being dark with some dents so I believe it to be for a rifle. Take a look at the pics! $350.00

This last one is a N.P.Ames 1838 Peace Flask like the top one. It is missing the entire spring so it's not functional but still looks great! This one has a dent or two which is normal but no repairs that I can see. The inspectors initials "WS: is stamped by one of the eagles heads. $425.00 Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 36

Here we have two Civilian Used Powder Flasks from the 1840's or so. The first one is a James Dixon & Sons Sheffield (england) flask that someone has cleaned up a bit too much. It's pretty but no patina remains. It's 7 3/8th inches overall counting the spout. I do not believe that the spout is complete. The mechanism is there but the spring is missing. This one is brass with a silver plated medallion on the front showing a hunter leading his horse with a deer over the back of the horse and the hunter's dog is walking beside them. The top of the flask is marked with the Dixon info and also IMPROVED PATENT. There are no splits in the seams and the 4 small rings are still present for the suspension cord. There are a few dents as one would expect in the body of the flask. Here is some other info found on this particular style of flask: "This was a relatively expensive “medallion” style flask. These flasks were distinguished by the presence of a circular medallion which was applied to the surface of the flask after it had been constructed. Medallions were usually highly detailed and could be made from precious metals. The medallion on this flask is made of copper and depicts a hunter with a dead deer slung across his horse. Because of the copper material, this flask would not have been as expensive as other James Dixon & Sons items that were decorated with Britannia metal or silver medallions. The Sheffield business was well-known for its manufacture of high-end powder flasks throughout the nineteenth century." We have found a name "W Webber" scratched in the medallion as well as other info below it that we just can't make out. Could be something very interesting! For this fine old 19th century flask $125.00

This second flask is more for a pistol or for priming. The flasks is brass and measures about 4 3/4 inches long overall. The flask is fully operational and sports oak leaves and acorns on both sides. There is no damage on this one but does have the usual small dings and it is dirty. For this one $35.00

Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 35

Here we have two Civil War or before era Brass Military flasks. The first one is a dated 1838 N.P.Ames Peace Flask. So called because of the clasped hands on each side over the panoply of arms and US over shield beneath them. This flask is 7 1/2 inches long not counting the incomplete spout. The spring mechanism is complete and does function. The triangle rings are present and in good shape. The patina is very nice. The bottom of the flask has been solder repaired but has since broken loose. "WS" intitials are stamped by one of the eagles heads.This repair certainly shows character! For this one $395.00 Check out the pics!

This second flask is a Model 1851 Navy Colt Pistol Flask showing the Eagle, Cannon, Flags, and Stars. This is an original Civil War era Colt Model 1851 Percussion Navy Flask in nice untouched condition. The flask is all original but the top is incomplete missing the spring and the lever. The flask has an nice body throughout but is missing the three small top screws that hold the brass top on. The spout is still present and in good condition. This one is hard to come by in any condition. $450.00

Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 34

Here we have a pretty nice old Smith and Wesson No. 1 1/2 Single Action .32 caliber revolver! The Third Issue departure from the previous two models, and is actually officially termed the "Model No. 1 1/2 Single Action Revolver". Unlike the first two issues, this was a top-break design, consistent with the design of the Safety Hammerless or S&W .38 Single Action. It can be readily distinguished from the first two issues by the large hinge in the front of the frame below the barrel, and the lack of an ejector rod. The grip is rounded at the butt, and is similar in appearance to that on the 2nd Issue. Most importantly, this revolver marked the debut of the .32 S&W centerfire cartridge. This particular revolver was produced from 1878 to 1892. It has a 5 shot fluted cylinder with a 3 inch rifled barrel that still has good rifling in it. The grips are checkered rubber with one missing a chunk at the bottom of the obverse grip which you can see in the photo. S/N is 57245. I believe this is the first top break action for a Smith & Wesson. The barrel pivots on the bottom framestrap instead at the top like the previous models. This was S&W's first 32 caliber revolver with automatic ejection and made in the break-open style. This one has the strain screw located on the forestrap which allows for adjusting tension on the mainspring. The earlier models do not have this option. All in all this is a great little revolver of a time gone by and operates flawlessly! Check out the pics! For this piece $295.00



New Arrivals 32

Here we have Vols 1 & 2 of Casey's Infantry Tactics 1862! They are in good field carried condition, complete and bindings are tight. Vol. 1 has 279 pages of content + extra pages and fold outs while Vol. 2 has the same. Each is Id'd to the officer that carried them and they were owned 2 times by different soldiers! One was a Lt in the 75th Illinois Infantry and I can't quite make out his name. Here are those stats:

Seventy-fifth Infantry. - Cols., George Ryan, John E. Ben- nett; Lieut.-Cols., John E. Bennett, William M. Kilgour; Majs., William M. Kilgour, James A. Watson. This regiment was organ- ized at Dixon and was mustered into service Sept. 2, 1862. It remained at Camp Dement perfecting its drill until Sept. 27, when it was ordered south. It arrived at Jeffersonville, Ind., Sept. 29 and crossed the Ohio on the next evening. It was en- gaged in the battle of Perryville, the loss of the 75th in this engagement being severe. It participated in the skirmishes and battles of Nolensville, Knob gap and Stone's river, in the lat- ter engagement being in the right wing and during the entire battle it was actively engaged, losing 2 killed, 25 wounded and 21 taken prisoners. It participated in the battle of Lookout mountain and during the Atlanta campaign was engaged at Dalton, Resaca, Marietta, Kennesaw mountain and in all the skirmishes and battles of the brigade until Atlanta was reached and the campaign ended. It was in the battle of Franklin, where it suffered severely; was also in the battle of Nashville on the second day, charging through an open field on the enemy's line and capturing 223 prisoners and a large quantity of arms and camp equipage. Two officers and 6 men were wounded in the en- gagement. The regiment was mustered out on June 12. 1865.

and the other was a 1st Lt in Co. H, 59th Illinois Volunteers, Frederik N. Boyer. Here are his stats:

Residence Kansas IL; Enlisted on 8/9/1861 as a Sergeant. On 8/16/1861 he mustered into "H" Co. IL 59th Infantry He was Mustered Out on 12/8/1865 at New Braunfels, TX Promotions: * 2nd Lieut 12/23/1862 * 1st Lieut 1/30/1863 Other Information: Member of GAR Post # 667 (Hiram McClintock) in La Grange, IL died 11/12/1927

Fifty-ninth Infantry. - Cols., John C. Kelton, P. Sidney Post; Lieut.Cols., Charles H. Frederick, Calvin H. Frederick, Joshua C. Winters Clayton Hale; Majs., P. Sidney Post, D. McGibbon, Joshua C. Winters, Clayton Hale, James M. Stookey. The 9th Mo. infantry was organized at St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 18, 1861, by Col. John C. Kelton, formerly captain in the U. S. army. The companies composing the regiment had been raised in the state of Illinois and mustered in at sundry times, in July, August and September, and Cos. A, B and C, under Capt. Clayton Hale, had been on duty at Cape Girardeau since Aug. 6. On Feb. 12, 1862, by an order of the war department the name of the regiment was changed to the 59th Ill. infantry. On March 7 the division of Brig.-Gen. Jerk C. Davis, of which the 59th formed a part, fought the enemy all day at Pea ridge and the following day moved to reinforce Gens. Carr and Asboth, who had been forced to fall back. On Aug. 5 it moved to Bay Springs, Miss., and had a skirmish with the enemy's cavalry. It next fought at Perryville, Ky., losing 113 killed and wounded out of 361 men going into action. On Oct. 14 it had a severe skirmish at Lancaster, Ky. The regiment was deployed as skirmishers in the advance on Stone's river and drove the enemy before it 9 miles, until he was found in force at Nolensville. It took part in the attack upon Nolensville, from which the enemy was driven in confusion, and also was in the assault upon Knob gap. At the battle of Stone's river the 59th changed front to the rear, supporting the 5th Wis. battery and for a long time held the enemy in check. When it was withdrawn it brought off the guns of the battery, from which the horses had all been killed. It was then put in position on the Murfreesboro pike, which it held until Jan. 2, when it forded the river and assisted in driving back the enemy. It then held a position in the extreme front until the morning of Jan. 4, when it re-crossed Stone's river and the enemy evacuated Murfreesboro. During the siege of Chattanooga the regiment was constantly under fire of the enemy's batteries. It led the brigade in the assault on Mis- sionary ridge, from which the enemy was driven in confusion and pursued for 15 miles to Ringgold, where the 59th again attacked and drove him from his position. On Jan. 12, 1864, the regi- ment was mustered as a veteran organization, and on Feb. 6 started on furlough for Springfield, Ill., which place it reached on the 1Oth. Returning to the front, on May 7 it sup- ported the attack upon Tunnel Hill, and the following day com- menced the attack upon Rocky Face ridge, where it was con- stantly engaged until the 13th, when the enemy abandoned his position. It was warmly engaged at Resaca, again came up with the enemy at Adairsville, and thence to the time of crossing the Chattahoochee, was engaged at Kingston, Dallas, Acworth, Pine mountain, Kennesaw mountain, Smyrna camp ground, besides innumerable skirmishes. It crossed the Chattahoochee and presented itself before the fortifications around Atlanta, and from that time until Aug. 25 was under fire night and day. On Aug. 28-29 it was engaged in skirmishing with the enemy at Red Oak, and fought in the battle of Lovejoy's Station. It fol- lowed Hood into Tennessee, skirmished with the enemy at Colum- bia, was in the first line of the assaulting colunm at Nash- ville, and planted the first colors on the captured works on the afternoon of the first day's fighting, assaulting and carrying the enemy's works near the Hillsboro pike. In this battle the regiment lost in killed and wounded one-third of its number engaged, among whom were 9 officers. On June 16, 1865, the regiment left Nashville for New Orleans, La., and on July 9 arrived at Indianola, Tex., thence marched to San Antonio, and was stationed at New Braunfels, Tex., until Dec. 8, 1865, when it was mustered out and ordered to Springfield, Ill.. for final payment and discharge.

These books are quite nice! For the set $450.00



New Arrivals 31


New Arrivals 30

Here we have a Stevens Model 94F single shot 20 GA Shotgun with 28 inch barrel. I see no indication of what choke it has. It has a 3-inch chamber. Bore is excellent, bright and shiny. Barrel has turned a dark brown patina and ther is frosting over all the metal surfaces. Walnut stock showing very minor scratches with minor dings and wear, but no cracks or breaks. This shotgun locks up tight, and seems to function fine. Both stocks have checkering and the plastic buttplate is in good condition. The Stevens Model 94 was made in various letter designations from 1937 to 1984. The trigger guard needs repainted but other than that this is a pretty shotgun! Check out the pics! $195.00


New Arrivals 29

Need your help!

This oval photo recently came in to the shop. Looks like a, perhaps, 1930's African Explorer. It was sold or framed in Chicago, Illinois. Sorry for the glare and extra images in the glass. If anyone knows who this is I would certainly appreciate hearing from you.



New Arrivals 28

Here we have a very nice full stock 40 caliber octagon barreled rifle made circa 1850-60's in Lafayette Indiana by Thomas Underwood as evidenced by the lock plate markings. The barrel itself is marked A ROBERTS. Thomas Underwood is listed in the American Gunmakers book but no other info is available. The firearm is percussion and is about 51 inches long overall with a 34 1/2 inch long rilfed barrel. The color on the iron is a dark brown patina. This is a two trigger "set trigger" system. The set trigger system works but the hammer will not quite lock back so it needs a little tinkering. The stock is in good condition having turned black or dark brown in several areas over the trigger striping. There are dings here and there from use but no cracks or breaks that I see. The ramrod ferrels, trigger guard and buttplate are all brass. The brass plate on the bottom of the buttplate has a small section missing both fore and aft with only the center portion remaining but mainly just for looks. The ramrod, as usual, is an incorrect replacement. For this fine old rifle $1295.00 Locally Made!!! We consider these rifles pieces of Art!! Check out the pics!!!



New Arrivals 27

Here we have an excellent Savage Arms 116 Safari Express in 300 Winchester Magnum. This is a beautiful rifle. It has a muzzle break, flip up rear sights, and is built more for big game hunting. This excellent rifle is topped off with a TASCO World Class Plus 8X32X50 scope with the longest sun shield I have encountered on one. This rifle features a finely hand checkered walnut stock with a grip cap, forend tip and a solid recoil pad. The barrel and action is satin finish stainless steel. The 24" heavy barrel has a factory installed, adjustable muzzle break and exhibits a very nice bore! The checkered stock is fantastic as well. I am sure it's been shot but not much! I do have some ammo available for this firearm separately if so desired. For this fine big game hunting rifle $1500.00 Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 26

Here we have a pretty nice Remington Rider Pocket revolver. The Remington Rider Pocket Percussion Revolver was one of the first double action revolvers manufactured in quantity in the U.S. circa 1860-73 and the distinctive action was designed by Joseph Rider. This Remington-Rider Pocket Revolver has a sighted octagonal barrel, stamped ‘MANUFACTURED BY REMINGTONS ILION NY RIDER PT AUG 17 1858 MAY 3 1859’. With closed frame, plain cylinder converted to rim-fire, with chequered hard rubber grips that are in excellent condition. The revolver has quite a bit of original color on it. It has a german silver triggerguard and the distinctive trigger of this double action model. Serial number is 8591. These conversions were distinctive in the fact that it was designed so the original percussion cylinder could be put back in and utilized. We do not have the original percussion cylinder. The firearm functions just fine and looks great! Take a look at the pics! $650.00



New Arrivals 25

Here we have a Civil War Bible. It was printed in 1863 and has the owners name Jerome (Rome) Schutt and 1864 written in it. He was from Ottawa, Illinois. I found a Jerome Schutt in the Civil War Data Base in the 9th Illinois but I am not sure this was him. That Jerome didn't enlist until 4/12/1865. Binding is mostly tight and only a couple of pages are loose. Take a look at the pics! $295.00



New Arrivals 24

Here we have a tiny book entitled Goethes Gedichte and is written entirely in German. This little book measures 1 1/2 inches by 2 inches and is 1/2 inch thick 494 pages! This is the 1907 edition. I don't really know what it is about as I don't speak german and it's not too clear on the internet either. Book is generally in good conditon with the rear cover being about halfway attached, otherwise sound. Gold page ends. Unique! $45.00



New Arrivals 23

Here we have a Miniature 1st Edition Honey Drops Book Published 1855! It Measures 2 1/8" Tall x 1 1/2" Wide. It Is Cloth Bound With A Gold Floral Stamped front cover. This book is actually quite nice for it's age! Binding is tight and pages are white. Nice! $75.00



New Arrivals 22

Here we have an old copy of Hymns of the Episcopal Methodist Church dated 1849. The book measures 3 5/8 by 2 1/2 inches and being over 1 1/4 wide with 719 pages! This little book was meant to be carried along with whomever owned it. No names are written inside. This piece is still tightly bound but I won't open it fully for fear of cracking the binding. There is already one crack in the binding but the book is still tight. The pages are clear and easily read. Take a look at the pics! $75.00



New Arrivals 21

Here we have a book entitled "The Miniature Monitor" 1876 complied by Rob Morris LL. D. and it outlines all the monitorial instructions in Blue Lodge Masonary of Thomas Smith Webb. The book measures 5 inches x 3 3/8 inches and is 3/4 inches thick compiling 191 pages. Binding is tight. Book is real nice!! For this piece $35.00



New Arrivals 20

Here we have a small book from the Sunday School Union in New York circa 1830-40's entitled "Perhaps Not". Moral stories for Children. Book measures 4 1/4 X 2 3/4 inches and is thin consisting of 16 pages. In good condition for being so old. Marbelized covers with foxing on pages inside but not too bad. $40.00 for this copy. Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 19

Here we have a vintage book entitled "Natural Jewels, Washington, Lincoln and the Fathers of the Revolution" (1865) by the Rev. Andrew Manship 1865. Reverend Andrew Manship (1823-1892) was a clergyman born in Maryland. In 1843 he was admitted to the Philadelphia conference of the Methodist Episcopal church and two years later was made a deacon and later an elder. In 1856 he was appointed tract agent but in 1863 he was again assigned to regular pastoral work. From that date until his death he became engaged in missionary work in Philadelphia and set about editing the "Home Missionary and Tract Magazine". He was author of "Thirteen Years in the Itineracy" (1856); "History of Gospel-Tents and Experience" (1884); he compiled "The Patriot's Hymn-Book" (1862) and wrote a complete review of his life, "Forty Years in the Wilderness". This particular book was written in 1865 and has a page dedicated to Lieut. General U.S. Grant. There are 123 pages in this fine book that measures 9 1/4 by 6 inches. There are 3 pages in the back of proposed amendments to the U.S. Constitution written in ink. Also there is a ballot of the Indiana Constitution proposing different amendments. This book was given by the complier to Thomas H. Wilson. Still researching! Check back!



New Arrivals 17

Here's an over 13 pound weight heavy bench type rifle. This 1840-1850's percussion rifle is .38 caliber rifled. The percussion rifle measures 54+ inches overall with a 39 inch rifled octagonal barrel. The rear sight is a buckhorn type sight while the front sight is a simple blade sight. The barrel is signed with a sylish "H A" on top. The lockplate is maked T DAVIDSON & CO , CINCINATTI, O. Tyler Davidson & Co. became the largest hardware company in Cincinnati in the 19th century. The rifle is in very nice conditon with a set trigger that functions quite well. The barrel is pinned on the stock. There are 3 brass ramrod ferrels and a brass nose cap. I believe the ramrod to be a replacement as most are. The trigger guard is brass as well as the cresent butt plate. There is a brass moon escutcheon on the reverse side of the stock with the lockplate screw going through it and, as usual, there is a crack eminating from that screw outward toward the barrel about 1/2 inch. The stock is unadorned but quite nice with the usual ding from use and a little chip at the forward lockplate. This is a very nice rifle! Look at the pics! For this one $1950.00



New Arrivals 16

Here's a heavy bench type rifle weighing about 10 1/2 pounds. The 1840's .45 caliber percussion rifle is in very nice condition! This full stock rifle measures about 54 1/2 inches long with a 39 inch octagon barrel. The barrel is equipped with a simple V type rear sight and a simple pin front sight. The barrel is marked GILBERT over ROCHESTER. The wood stock is the rope burned stock to look like curley maple. The stock and barrel are fastened by three wedge type fasteners. There are three brass ramrod thimbles with a brass nose cap. There is a modern cartridge stuck over the end of the broken ramrod. The action works with only one click (no half cock) and the nipple looks fairly new with a piece of leather placed over it so I think this rifle was used sometime in the last several years. The lock is unmarked. The stock is adorned by a brass pattern and patch box on the obverse side. The reverse stock has a german silver oval place on it. The stock is in generally very nice condition with the exception of a crack terminating at the reverse lockplate screw and escutcheon. This is a very nice old rifle! Take a look at the pics! For this one $2500.00



New Arrivals 15

Here we have an approximate 32 caliber 1840's octagon barrel full stock percussion rifle. This one measures about 51 1/2 inches long from tip of brass buttplate to end of barrel. The barrel itself is 36 inches long and is stamped P RAMSEY. The octagonal barrel is rifled. The stock is solid but has had a break that you can see in the pics and is period repaired. There are some age cracks in the buttstock and there is what I call a ding crack with slight damage about halfway up the barrel on the obverse side due to stiking something at some point. There are 3 brass ramrod ferrels and a brass nosecap as well as a brass triggerguard and buttplate. The reverse has an escutcheon that harbors the lockplate screw that goes clear through the piece from one side to the other. The lock is unmarked. The trigger is a set trigger and it does function with one click back on the hammer. There is no half cock. There is a small piece of tin placed behind the nipple and in front of the top stock to try to prevent burning of the stock. The rifle has a typical buckhorn style sight on the rear and a simple blade sight up front. The patina is great with just a small section slightly cleaned on the lock plate to check for a maker I suppose. The stock does have a small cheekpiece on the reverse side. This piece was made and maintained with loving care! Found in Indiana. The ramrod is most likely a replacement as most are. For this full stock rifle $1250.00 Check out the pics!



New Arrivals 14

Here we have an old WW2 Photo postcard showing, what I was told, were wounded WW2 soldiers being removed from the train car. Some water staining on it but still nice and very Historic! $20.00



New Arrivals 13

Here we have a large ribbon with brass Indiana top attachment bar for the 15th Annual Encampment of the Department of Indiana G.A.R in Lafayette, IN on April 4th and 5th, 1894 at the site of the Indiana State Soldier's Home Near Tippecanoe Battle Ground! The ribbon still has most of the bottom tassels attached. Soiled and stained some but still here! An engraving of the Old Soldiers home adorns the top of the ribbon. There is some small loss of the silk on this piece however it has been backed up for strength. For this piece $85.00



New Arrivals 12

Here we have a LR-1 1988 GIFT PACK “300”. Six 50 rd. boxes of REM-19-LR-1 ‘Golden Bullet” High Velocity 22’s and a Remington pocket knife in a wood grain cardboard box with a clear plastic lid. Overall in great conditon with a tape repair to the clear plastic lid. Bridgeport Connecticut address. The graphics are great! For this Gift Pack $75.00



New Arrivals 11

Here we have a vintage set of THE GREAT WAR knives #328 in original display box. These knifes were made and introduce in 1980 by Smokey Mtn Knifeworks and the blades were made in Japan. The Knife store is located in Sevierville, Tennessee. These knifes were made to commemorate the War Between the states. The display is showing some age but never used and the blades were never sharpened. This is set #328 out of 100 made! Nice old set!! $140.00



New Arrivals 10

Here we have a brand new 12 piece set of MTECH bolts for a crossbow pistol! They are 6 3/8th inches long being premium metal arrows! For the box of unopened bolts $16.00




New Arrivals 9

Here we have two 10 ga Winchester Cannons! The originals were built from 1903 to 1958. Here is some history courtesy of THE CANNON STORE. Winchester 98 Signal Cannon The 10 gauge, Winchester Model 98 Breech Loading Signal Cannon was designed and patented by Charles H. Griffith for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1901. The cannon debuted for sale in the March 1903 Winchester Catalog. In addition to the Standard Black Model, Winchester added a Chrome Plated Model in the 1930's. The cannon was manufactured at Winchester's facility in New Haven, Connecticut until 1958. In the 1970's the Bellmore Johnson Company obtained the rights to produce the cannon and has added several other models to the line. Today, over a century later the cannon is still produced in southern Connecticut, just miles from the original Winchester factory. Go to this address to read about the history: clip and paste to your browser

The first one needed a little work to get the extractor unstuck but it's working now and in great shape! The wheels are replacements and the barrel has been browned and is darker than the pics show. The pics were taken with a flash. It is all original otherwise with the original japaned paint on the carriage. We think this one was built in the 1940's to 1950s as it has the WINCHESTER stamped on the barrel separate of the patent numbers which are on the other side of the barrel. Numbers on the barrel are 806. This cannon looks great and works great now! Uses 10 ga blank shells which are available on the internet. Look at the pics!!!

The second cannon which starts at pic no. 10 by itself is all original and also works very, very well! Nothing has been replaced or fixed on this one ! There is no Separate Winchester stamped on this one and all the patent info is stamped right smack on top of the barrel which is indicative of 1930-1940 manufacture so I have been told. As a matter of fact the first ones released in 1903 had on the frame W.R.A. Co. TRADE MARK REGISTERED IN U.S.A. while the later ones had W.R.A. CO. TRADE MARK MADE IN U.S.A. The older of these two has the first markings so it could be older than we think while the new one of these two has the later markings. Take a look at the pics! They both are fantastic cannons even though they have some pitting on the barrel, but not that bad, and definitely show age! For the one that's been repaired $1,450.00 (the repaired one is SOLD!) and for the older all original one $1,700.00



New Arrivals 8


Here is a Model 1873 Colt Single Action Army First Generation Revolver in the scarce .44-40 Caliber round! The caliber is not marked on the firearm but I am confident that it's a .44-40 caliber Here is some history of the 1873 Colt SAA Revolver!

The Single Action Army became available in standard barrel lengths of 4 3/4 inch, 5 1/2 inch, as well as the Cavalry standard, original 7 1/2 inch. The shorter barrelled revolvers are sometimes called the "Civilian" or "Gunfighter" model (4 3/4 inch) and the Artillery Model (5 1/2 inch). There was also a variant with a sub-4-inch barrel, without an ejector rod, unofficially called the "Sheriff's Model", "Banker's Special", or "Storekeeper".. From 1875 until 1880 Colt marketed a single-action revolver in .44 rimfire Henry caliber in a separate number range from no. 1 to 1,863. A "Flattop Target Model" was listed in Colt's catalogs from 1890 to 1898. Colt manufactured 914 of these revolvers with a frame that was flat on top and fitted with an adjustable leaf rear sight. The front sight consisted of a base with an interchangeable blade. In 1896, at serial number 164,100, a spring-loaded base pin latch replaced the cylinder pin retaining screw and by 1900, at serial number 192,000, the Colt Single Action was certified for use with smokeless powder. In 1920, larger, highly visible sights replaced the original thin blade and notch. The revolvers remained essentially unchanged from that point until cessation of manufacture at the beginning of World War II. From 1873 through 1940 (with small numbers assembled during and after World War II, the so-called "Pre-War, Post-War" model), production of the Colt Single Action Army reached 357,859. This is identified as the "Pre War" or "First Generation" of the model. Calibers, at least thirty in all, ranged from .22 rimfire through .476 Eley, with approximately half, or 158,884 (including Bisley and Flat Top Target variations), chambered for .45 Colt. The next most prevalent were the .44-40 Winchester Center fire (WCF) at 71,392; 38-40 (38 WCF) at 50,520; 32-20 Winchester (32 WCF) at 43,284 and, the 41 Colt at 19,676.[

Now on to this old Colt :

This old colt is in excellent condition with most of the original blue on it with some of it thinning out some and fading some. I have seen several with the frame blued, presumably over the case hardening, but most with just the case hardened frame. This one has the blued flame and it matches the rest of the weapon so I think it is quite old if it was reblued. This particular Colt was made in 1913 and is in excellent working order! You can hear the distinctive 4 clicks when you cock it and the cylinder locks up tight. The original grips are complete with no cracks or breaks. The 7 ½ inch barrel has excellent markings and an excellent bore. This is one beautiful revolver! Check out the many pics!! $2850.00 !!


Jmf vintage ammo 38 short

New Arrivals 7

Here we have a box containing 22 cartridges marked .38 CAL SHORT RIM-FIRE CARTRIDGES mfg by THE UNION METALLIC CARTRIDGE CO. in original box. The Union Metallic Cartridge Company (UMC) was an early manufacturer of cartridge ammunition for small arms. The company was founded in 1867 during the most rapid evolution of cartridge design to date. Following merger with Remington Arms in 1912, the company manufacturing complex in Bridgeport, Connecticut became a major arms supplier during World War I. The factory was Remington headquarters until 1984 and the source of sporting and police ammunition headstamped REM-UMC until 1970. This particular box of ammo was produced prior to 1912. The box is in fair condition and the ammo just has the lead dust on it. Take a look at the pics! For this box and ammo $75.00


Jmf mosiac match box

New Arrivals 6

Here is a very unusal mosiac match box that is made up of hundreds of tiny bone pieces to make a display! The box measures 3 1/2" X 2" X 1/2" deep and was designed for the longer kitchen matches. This particular box was made to carry in a pocket. One side has no damage at all while the other shows some loss of mosiac pieces which shows how labor intensive this would have been to make! The four 1/2 inch sides have no damage to them. For this nice match safe $65.00


New Arrivals 5

Civil War Hard Images, Volume 1 - Confederate by Christopher Anderson & Ben Pauley with the Foreword by John Sickles $65.00

Over 200 pages of full color photographs featuring original tintype and ambrotype photographs of Confederate soldiers in this hard back book with a dust cover and excellent quality, heavy, glossy pages. Each, of over 100 featured soldiers, offers detailed blow ups of weapons, buttons, uniforms, backdrops and more. Additionally, a commentary is provided for each soldier explaining particular items of interest associated with each featured soldier.

This is a brand new, excellent quality, large format book measuring over 11 inches tall by 8 7/8ths inches wide.



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The Authors are now working on their 2nd book entitled Civil War Hard Images, Volume 2 - Union, and should be released soon !!! IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!


Here we have the 2nd Edition of CIVIL WAR HARD IMAGES Volume 2- UNION by Ben L. Pauley and Christopher Anderson with Foreword by Ted Caldwell (yours truly!) I was thrilled to be asked to write the foreword for this truly fascinating research book by these two fine young men! This book is an extensive study of the photographs within. All are hard images and teaches us how to grade them with each image study getting an Image score. The vast array of different images is outstanding showing different types of Union uniforms, accoutrements and weapons! The authors went to painstaking efforts to identify the many different weapons shown in these images. The book is in large format being hardbound with dust jacket and utilizing glossy pages with color photographs! The many photographs are enlarged to show details. This is the companion book to their first edition entitled CIVIL WAR HARD IMAGES Volume 1-CONFEDERATE. These Volumes are truly outstanding and definitely belong in every Civil War Collectors or Student's Library! $65.00 each volume.


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Jmf what is it?

We need your help here. This recently came in the shop and we have absolutely no idea what it is. It’s heavy brass and seems to have also been something else. It has two threaded holes on one end and one threaded hold with a slot on the other end. There is a backwards swastika on one side and the word FUHR and Kal. 6.35 on the other side. If you have any idea just let me to at Thanks! Ted

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Here we have an original GUNMAKERS OF INDIANA softcover 1st edition signed book. This book measures approximately 11 X 8 ½ inches and has 284 pages of text, illustrations and photographs. This book is even signed by Albert Lindert, the author. The book is softcover with Brown covers and blacking lettering on the front and the spine. The Spine is worn along both egtes with some edge wear and a limited edition and if I am not mistaken a first edition of this great book done in 1964!!! Take a look at the pics! $175.00


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Here are a couple of dredged up cannons that a lady would like to sell. They are at her home and she wants $7000 or best offer for the pair. Her name is Genelle and her phone number is 678-231-5225. Give her a call if you are interested and she will fill you in on details. Thanks!


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