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We have lots of buttons! Ask for availability and please use title page name and reference number when inquiring !!

Here are some buttons we just picked up.


Ref Buttons 05

We got in a few Civil War/ Indian Wars buttons including a nice 1 pc. cast Confederate Infantry Button! Check them out below!

The Below RMDC Staff button has been sold!

Some of them are very early!

Ref Buttons 04

The Goodyear Buttons below are sold!!!

1732-1932 George Washington Bicentennial Medal Coin is near mint! $25.00

Ref Buttons 03

Here is an OUTSTANDING! Example of a George Washington Urn Brass Mourning Button from 1799 !!!

Ref buttons 02

Here we have a group of 7 buttons including 5 Indian War era military buttons along with 1 GAR button and 1 General Staff Button.

Ref buttons 01

Early 1850's Eagle Coat Button with recessed backmark of Scoville. Nice patina. ref-button 3 $15.00

Nice 1 piece Artillery coat button from the 1820's - 1830's. This one has the backmark of W.H.Horstmann Co. Phila. Very nice with full shank! ref-button 4 $45.00

Nice smaller coat size Eagle Dragoon Button with W. H. Horstmann & Co. Fine Gilt recessed backmark. From the 1850's. ref-button 5 $125.00

Early 1850's Scoville marked Eagle coat button with nice patina and no pushes. Scoville and Co. Waterbury backmark. Nice patina! ref-button 6 $15.00

Here's an early New York button from around 1830. This is listed in Tice's button book as NY100A9 and is marked Rich Standard on the back. This is a coin type button with a very nice patina. The shank is present but smashed flat. Still nice! ref-button 7 $45.00

Here's a very nice Civil War Navy Eagle button with a E.L.E.& Co. London backmark. Nice and complete! ref-button 7 $25.00

Here is a 1850's Eagle coat button with recessed backmark of Scofield Mfg. Co. Waterbury. Nice button ref-button 8 $15.00

Here's a North Carolina State Seal button probably from the 1850's with a steel back that is marked Goodwin's pat. July 27, 1876. Nice one and much cheaper than Civil War! ref-button 9 $20.00

Here's a very nice dug cuff sized Eagle Dragoon button complete with shank. This button has a recessed partial backmark of Scoville. Nice dark patina! Hard to find! ref-button 10 $110.00

Here's another very nice Civil War Navy coat button with the D. Evans & Co. Attlebury, Mass backmark. Complete and beautiful! ref-button 11 $25.00

Here is another hard rubber button with a beautiful woman on the front. This is the type that you sew on. ref-button 13 $15.00

We picked up some buttons here in Central Indiana. Here we have a lot of State Seal Buttons that are post Civil War but more affordable then the ones made during the Civil War and they look just the same. Some of what we have is NORTH CAROLINA, OREGON, WEST VIRGINIA, LOUISIANA, SOUTH CAROLINA, MISSISSIPPI, MONTANA, COLORADO, ARIZONA, ETC. all with different backmarks. Let us know what you are looking for as we may have it. ref-button 14 $20 each.

This is a hard rubber button that looks like it depicts the Sixth Corps Badge but I don't know.. It is made of hard rubber, one inch in diameter, has a brass shank and is marked on the back: "Goodyear's P=T 1851 N.R. Co.". The reference book American Military Button Makers and Dealers; Their Backmarks & Dates says that the Novelty Rubber Company used this backmark from 1855-1870. This is a near perfect example! ref-button 15 $65.00

Here are 2 Dragoon Buttons and they are marked with a 'D' on the chest area in the shield. The first is a large coat button and is in near perfect condition! The backmark on this one is W.H.HORSTMANN & SONS PHI and is the earlier recessed backmark dating it to the 1850's. This one is $150. LARGE COAT BUTTON IS SOLD! The second Dragoon button is also a coat button but is a little smaller than the first and is backmarked W.H.HORSTMANN & CO. FINE GILT. This one dates to the 1840's and has extra solder on the shank. Don't know if it was repaired or manufactured this way. ref-button 16 $125.00 Pretty!

ONE EAGLE I BUTTON BELOW IS SOLD! Here are 3 early buttons. There are 2 one piece eagle I's and 1 one piece New York button. The eagle I on the left is 3/4" it is dug and backmarked SUPERIOR QUALITY the 2nd eagle I is approx. 7/8" It is nondug and backmarked A.W. SPIES RICH. Both have straight shanks but show wear. The New York is approx 7/8" and backmarked RICH STANDARD It looks to have been dug and has a small ding under the eagle and a flattened shank. The 2 eagle I's are $25 each while the New York Button is $45.00 ref-button 17

Here's an Eagle Coat 'I' button with some original gilt left on the front. The b/m is D. Evams and Co. Attleboro, Mass. There is some corosion on the back and the shank is bent but still there. ref-button 19 $20.00

Here's another Civil War Eagle Naval Button in about perfect condition. This one is also a coat button and has the backmark of D. Evams and Co. Attleboro, Mass. Nice full gilt left. ref-button 20 $25.00

Here's a very nice post war but still 1800's Marine coat button. This one is in great shape with a Horstmann Philadelphia back mark. ref-button 21 $25.00

Here's a Eagle coat button with a nice patina but with a push to the face and some dirt on the back so it may have been in the ground for a short while. This is a Waterbury Button Co. button. ref-button 22 $10.00

Here we have a New York State Seal button. It has a tin back on it with no b/m. Nice shape but does have some very minor damage to the rim. ref-button 23 $25.00

Here's a small cuff button marked IR in cursive standing for a militia unit called the Independent Rifles. Plain backmark. Nice little button! ref-button 31 $25.00

Hre's a nice Rhode Island State Seal coat button. There is some discoloration on the face but not bad at all. The backmark is D. Evans and Co. Attleboro, Mass. ref-button 32 $50.00

Here's an Eagle Coat button. It looks nice but the back has a push in it. The backmark is superior quality. Still nice! ref-button 33 $10.00

This is a nice dug Virginia State coat button that was found at Richmond, VA. The face is pushed in and the shank is bent over but still there. The backmark is Superior Quality. Nice dug button! ref-button 35 $285.00

Heres an excellent Louisiana State Seal coat button with the Superior Quality backmark. The shank is there but bent over a little. I believe this one is post war. ref-button 36 $25.00 Nice!

Hre's a very nice Civil War Eagle button with no b/m present. The shank looks like it was soldered in my pic but it is. Coat size and in excellent condition. ref-button 42 $10.00

Here we have a very pretty Civil War Navy Vest button with the Scoville Mfg Co. B/M on it. This is a nice one! ref-button 43 $25.00

This one is a rare Wisconsin State Seal Vest button of Civil War vintage. This one is b/m'd Scoville Mfg Co. Waterbury. Nice one and hard to find!! ref-button 44 $100.00

This button is a coat size Civil War general issue Eagle Coat button with the Horstmann Bros and Co. Phila b/m. Nice shape. ref-button 45 $10.00

Here's another CW Naval button with Eagle over Anchor and is b/m'd D. Evans & Co. Attleboro Mass. There is a push to the back but the front is fine. ref-button 46 $25.00

This is one you don't find often! This is a Union Society Button from the Civil War according to Alberts button book but he does have a ? mark after his description. This button is in very nice condition with a Superior Quality b/m. The back has a push in it but the front is perfect. ref-button 48 $45.00

This next button is a very nice Mass. Volunteer Militia button MS34. This one has a slight push to the back. The b/m is Treble Gilt. ref-button 51 $45.00

Here is a very nice General Staff Cuff button with D.Evans & Co. Extra b/m. ref-button 52 $25.00

Here's a beautiful MS 30 Massachuetts State Seal button with low convex front. The backmark is D. Evans & Co. Attleboro Mass. ref-button 54 $125.00

Here's another very nice General Staff Cuff button with the b/m of D. Evans & Co. Extra. Nice shape with just a little green around the rim. ref-button 55 $25.00

This is a damaged US marked pewter War of 1812 cuff button. There is damage to the outer edge of the button but as you can see the US is quite visible and the shank is still present although bent. This button was dug near Westpoint, NY. ref-button 56 $45.00

Here's a Massachuetts 2 piece coat button which is MS 31. Nice shape with D. Evans & Co. Attleboro Mass b/m. Complete with shank. ref-button 57 $45.00

This next button is a fine example of the Independent Corps of Cadets cuff button. This fine example has a D. Evans and Co. Extra backmark on it. ref-button 58 $35.00

Here we have another of the 1960's centennial CS Navy vest or small type coat button. The backmark is Courtney and Tennent. Several of these show up every year. They are not from the Civil War era. ref-button 59 $10.00

Here's a beautiful post war Kentucky 2 piece State Seal button. The back piece is iron and is marked Goodwin's Pat July 27 1875. Excellent button and much cheaper than the Civil War era button! ref-button 60 $25.00

Here is an excellent little US Staff button with full gilt. The b/m is D. Evans & Co. Extra and it's just beautiful! ref-button 61 $25.00

This is a real nice 1850's Eagle coat button with the recessed b/m of Scoville Mfg. Co. Waterbury on it. this is a nice one! ref-button 62 $15.00

Here's a Maine State Seal Staff button with the b/m of Scoville Mfg Co. Waterbury on the back but unfortunately it's missing the shank. Still a nice button! ref-button 64 $15.00

This next button is a fine high convex California State Seal button with the backmark of Waterbury Button Co. on it. This is a great post war button and hundreds less than the Civil War dated one. ref-button 65 $20.00

This next button is an early 20th century US used Military button with square shank on steel back. I've not seen another but there must be tons out there. Complete and with a great patina! ref-button 66 $5.00

Here's a great Confederate Virginia Coat button that was dug near Richmond, VA. This button is most like VA261 in Tice's book. The backmark is SUPERIOR QUALITY surrounded by 2 circles and has 2 dots. The face has a push to it and the shank is bent over but all there. This button has lots of wear and exhibits a great patina! This button is somewhat crude and may be a locally made button. Guaranteed original! $285.00 ref-button 67


Here is a very nice Confederate Button! This is a Script 'I' infantry button made by HALFMANN & TAYLOR of MONTGOMERY (Alabama) and so marked on the reverse. The button is the coat sized button and is in nearly perfect aged condition. Nice! Nice! $375.00 ref-button 68


Here is yet another fine coat button! This one is for the Union Infantryman! The button has an 'I' in the center of the shield. The backmark is marked the same as the one above! This one is in excellent condditon!! $35.00 ref-button 70

Here we have several button card displays:

The first one has several buttons on it including Colorado, Montana, West Virginia, Oregon, Indian War eagle cuffs, Indian War era Naby , Indiana State seal cuff button, Kentucky, Culver , as well as others. ref-button 71

This next button card display has on it buttons from Ohio, Maine, Arizona, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, California, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Rhode Island Tennessee, South Carolina as well as Sons of Vets buttons and 1 Edward VI England button. ref-button 72

SOLD some of the GAR and SOV buttons! This next display card has buttons from Pennsylvania, New York, GAR, Sons of Vets, IW Eagle buttons Navy and Staff buttons. ref-button 73

This next display card has buttons on it from Nebraska, Missouri, Ohio, New Jersey NG, Washington NG, West Virginia, California, PA NG, Maine, NY NG, NY Excelsior, Illinois, New York State Seal, Virginia, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Arizona and South Carolina. ref-button 74

This next card has buttons from Pennsylvania, NY, Indiana, Cornell University and Indian War Staff buttons. ref-button 75

This card has buttons from Maryland, Ohio, New York, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Maine as well as an Indian War era Staff coat button and an Indian War Staff cuff button. ref-button 76

This card has buttons on it from South Carolina, coin buttons, unknown buttons, New York, Unknown navy buttons and a Zouave Ball button. ref-button 77

This card is almost exclusively Civil War Navy buttons except for one Indian War Staff Button. ref-button 78

The Peacock Military Academy Button from Texas below is sold!!!

This next card has come Indian War era Navy buttons on it as well as 1941 issue Navy buttons, Sons of veterans (Civil WAr veterans) and GAR - Grand army of the republic (Civil War Vets) buttons. ref-button 79

This card has some 1800's Police buttons on it, US Military Academy, Peacock Military Academy from Texas, Culver Military Academy, NY Yacht Club,GAR buttons, other military academy buttons and some unknowns. Heck, there is even one from the Havard Military School. ref-button 80

This last card has several State Seal buttons on it. They are West Virginia, Georgia, Virginia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland and Ohio. There is also one New Jersey National Guard cuff or vest button on this card. ref-button 81

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